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  1. Update: Apparently, it is a bad time after all. Denied three (3) out of three (3) times. Official FICO 8 Scores: 817 (EX), 803 (EQ), 801 (TU) as of 04/02. Also denied CLI for Discover utilizing the love button. Perfect payment history. 24% utilization. $90k+ inc. Back in the cavern I go....
  2. That's great information-- thank you. And, admittedly, Wells Fargo was a bit underwhelming at first (and second) glance. They gave me $5k via Luna Flooring several years back. I only used about $2k for new carpeting in my house and I paid it off five months later... its been sitting ever since, so I figured I'd asked them for a "real" card. Full disclosure: I was looking to modestly add an additional $10-$12k (between 1-3 cards max), then go back into hibernation for a year or two. I'm presently at just under $34k (small potatoes, I know) and 24% util.... mainly due to one card hovering at about 60% (Citi/BestBuy). Went on a bit of a spree for flat screens, a few gaming consoles and other gadgetry for an after school center I own.
  3. Not to come off sappy, but your opinion means a great deal, Hegemony. That said, would you mind elaborating a bit more? Just looking for 2-3 decent cards/limits, preferably with rewards/miles, to add to my profile. Per my limited knowledge on the landscape, I had it previously narrowed down to: PenFed and an AMEX and Wells Fargo product.
  4. Really? Crap! PenFed was one fo the cards on my short/to-do list. 🥺
  5. I sincerely appreciate the candid input. Since my original post, I received an email/article from EX recommending that people consider tapping into their emergency funds/coffers or apply for new credit. The best/worst news I've read on the topic to date.
  6. The getting rejected part...😁 Rejections happen and we've all been there. But, being rejected because the bank is in a preemptive panic or the country is on the cusp of a recession, is a little different. I'd rather hold on that inquiry. I wouldn't mind, however, if it was somehow reduced to a soft pull due to the present climate.
  7. Hello, CB. Would anyone advise against applying for new credit (particularly credit cards) during the COVID-19 situation? I have decent scores (793 - 811 FICO), low util, solid income and a few inquiries. Wanted to apply for a couple cards in the coming weeks, but now I'm afraid that banks may be "recession/preservation mode" and may start cutting present card holders limits and rejecting new apps regardless of qualifications. Been trying to research this... and seeking knowledgable input. Best,
  8. So, to recap (updated): 1) Early Jan: App'd/approved 2) Early Feb.: CL began reporting 3) Never received the card 4) Late Feb.: Acct closed by grantor.; told I'd receive an LOX 5) Early April: Never received the letter 6) Still reporting... Perhaps, "illegal" isn't the term I'm looking for but it does seem like some part of this isn't exactly "permissible." Can't imagine if grantors could randomly follow suit without consequence.
  9. if you never used the card, the letter says they are doing this by default. Guess I should be ok then... I never got the card to begin with.
  10. Just called after a few weeks of waiting it out... closed. So, to recap: 1) App'd/approved early Jan. 2) CL began reporting early Feb. 3) Never received the card 4) Acct closed by grantor Are they for real??!
  11. IDK, $10k was pretty disappointing, but so far I like being a pimp. Boss! Fool with cv, you know he got it. For sure.
  12. IDK, $10k was pretty disappointing, but so far I like being a pimp. Boss!
  13. Hi and welcome to Credit Boards. If the debt is still within the SOL for your state, leave it alone until the SOL passes. Sending any kind of debt validation letter or query to the CRA's may trigger litigation unless it has to do with stolen identity, theft or it is not your debt. +1 Please post more details about the tradeline. Side note: I've beaten them. Twice.

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