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  1. (wow i have to enter a post) - call this first line a post then....... - nice evidently i can't steel your sig? Should i now go on to type some meaningless nonsense? - now comes the real post.............. That was a good one to dodge bud .. Many thx innovator .. - you are truly a super-king post.......................................................................................
  2. Backdating sure helped my score, - it was supposed to go away but - though i never opened up a card and tried to play the AX game i still have some enduring AU = overall age backdating types of things going down that hasn't done anything but help my credit score.. TY Buddy. **edit** thought to = though .. (can't slow the fingers down) - UG!
  3. BTW, Hegemony .. your still a card man .. (great to cya on the forums sucker) [/url]
  4. So Bob... how are you feeling Bob? ... haha... - good to cya ... - Hey empty your PM man .....%$#%#^$%^&%*%&%$ (apologies for the thread hi-jack) *edit* forgot the question mark
  5. Rentals.... DON'T QUIT! - PROOF. Thanks to Creditboards.com I build my credit up like a Sherman tank.. (you've all helped me so much) I have ZERO mortgage debt and all kinds of property .. - ***afterthought** though i do have a reasonable amount of CC debt, (not like SCM.. or anything) - certainly not a suicide mission............. (been paying bills and pushing the credit skills for a while now) - shout! Thinking about / trying to selling the house we live in (best one of the bunch) TBH .. (you know paying down the debt deal..) - have it listed as a matter of fact, and if it doesn't sell in 90 days then rent. (can keep this game up indefinitely) - far as I can see. Just wanted to connect with the others aligned with the cause and say thank you! - Creditboards + I'll try to be around more these days, - Just a fast check in, honestly its hard for me to post here .. some insecurities and such make me feel like an outcast, i'll get over it i'm sure. ('ive grown up some thought - i think...) so not too much to feel bad about. Great to be back posting. (truth - on all accounts)
  6. Nice .. Psss.. <<I usually tell them to hold the facon>>
  7. Hmmm - like i've said in the past EQ (while i've been a way for a while) - and i certainly have some catching up to do on this subject but... My personal experience with EQ is they are using the old school system and they only have so much / or so little - room on their antiquated (old school) system so in my experience they've always maxed me out (in - fact .. they say my file is too big for they're system each time i've called them) but ... they can only handle so many softs, - matter of fact - i've told you this before BW, at a certain point they just refuse any additional softs or hards on my report.. - hey but that's just me. I'm sure some are luckier than I. - or not - perhaps that is still just the bottom line and that is still their formula? BTW, - why do they not report new accounts in some cases? - are they full? especially AU accounts... (not like this is news or anything)
  8. OK that made very little sense .. But just the same - a guy has to get in on the action somehow... Dang i've sure missed you all.. TRUTH! Just disregard my last 3 post ( or is that 2 ) ?? NM... - hey anything goes right? ? ? bOOm
  9. It is only fitting that i post in this thread! The fun never ends at creditboards.com Amazing - now where is the fool that started this thread? Just wondering.... - whomever it is might be inspired that something they started would end up to be so profound (as far as goofing around - just for shiats & giggles, or even grins and kicks) .. Gee! i'm glad to see ya boy! (Armageddon)
  10. (Heads up) - This might seem like no big deal for some and for others interesting at the very least; either way - humor our cause, - it might actually be a sign of good things to come or a turn around - who knows. (lost of things happening with recent developments) - Discover is typical conservative with their lending, (maybe even stingy - at times) i've received several offers from them over the past 2.5 years especially, most have been silly, - this one far from it. So 18 Mo. 0% APR $250.00 cap. - WOW A CAP! (seems like old times) So if i have a 20K credit line then i could park it on 18 Mo. for $250.00 Whoa. .;. Not too shabby. Some silly peeps have been saying that these types of deals were a thing of the past .. - they are not!.. - Thx. Discover .. For this great gesture - Nice to see credit is alive and well ... Hiya Bob Wang,. Hiya Trevor, Breeze Radi, LKH, everyone .. Just wanted to share this.
  11. Awesome! - thanks for all the useful replies .. I'll probably try the Petzyme first then move onto some of the other suggestions if needed. You peeps are the best. (thx again)
  12. Was wondering what others have had success with? I've heard vinegar works, - i've googled and found some sites that have this stuff called OdorXit for $149.95 per gallon, - seems way over-priced and more like a scam or a gimmick. I've heard baking soda doesn't work. The capet cleaners usually just mask the smell for a while then it comes back, I know vinegar can neutralize so its worth a shot, just wondering if theres something else that anyone has heard of or knows about to try. I've also looked into Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh, OdoBan, & natures miracle. I'll be changing these carpets in the spring, that's the soonest, meanwhile i'm hoping to improve the problem especially for the sake of the kids in the bedrooms who have to deal with it. Some of the other message boards i've come across & read through have been any from mildly amusing to spooky, when people start talking about animal urinary tract infections and what not it gets really off topic & starts to getting out there .. deep deep cyberspace. I wanted to ask here because i know there are some sharp people here & some animal peeps who might have dealt with this issue. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  13. Sounds like a glitch of some kind possibly. Some suggestions & input: Contact them again, speak with a manager (take notes, names, extension number etc. for accountability purposes) I'd personally try the sugar approach first, if that doesn't work then you can always resort to the less friendly and more insistent approach. Ask the supervisor / manager if you can fax them a copy of the letter, explain it was obviously some type of unusual snafu and that you never wished to or intended to close the account and ask them if they can reinstate the account / retain the age, CL, etc. Also if you get a dead-beat then sometimes you have to politely say goodbye and start again with someone else who's willing to help, and or escalate higher and higher up the chain of command until you find someone who will take ownership with in the company and not treat you like a nothing. Its worth a shot. As far as the $19.46 that sounds like trailing interest, if you get a good manager they might waive that as well under the circumstances, while they are a sub-prime issuer they have some good people working there, i remember having dealt with them some years back there are some pleasant managers up the chain of command. Lastly as far as the account closed at borrowers request that's not a bad thing at all, IMO i'd rather have accounts report that as opposed to closed at credit granters request.
  14. Hiya Tang, yeah sucks .. glad someone can verify that its happened before and this isn't a 1 time fluke, fairytale, or a daydream .. (obviously theres something going on with this issue) sometimes i've had the best of luck where my credit is concerned, every once in a while i end up in the short-bus elite percentage though.
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