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  1. The download does not work in Safari 3 or Safari 4 for the Mac, but works in Firefox for the Mac.
  2. Sorry, should of clarified that the $100 is the new member signup bonus. After you spend $500 in the first 3 months, you get $100 + whatever cash back you've earned. So has anyone with a Discover card shopped at Ikea or Raymour? If so, would you be able to check your statement and see what these merchants were classified as? Thanks!
  3. Need to spend $500 in the next 3 months at Home improvement, department stores, and clothing stores to get $100 cash back on a newly applied Discover card. There's a mattress I'd like to purchase at Raymour and Flanigan and a platform bed I'd like to purchase at Ikea. Does anyone know if Raymour or Ikea count as department stores or home improvement stores?
  4. Congrats! What did you get? I got the Penfed Visa Platinum Cash Rewards. Only asked for a 5K limit and was approved immediately online. I have a 10K limit on the Citi card. As for FIA, wish I'd known, would of tried for the Schwab 2% card. Oh well. At least I've used all 3 agencies now. Thanks again for all your helpful responses.
  5. Thanks very much everybody. I was just approved for penfed. Going by the credit pulls database, it looks like I have used all three agencies, experian for FIA, transunion for Discover, and equifax for penfed. So I'll stick with these for 6 months and see how it goes.
  6. Thanks Hkbushido! I just applied for the Discover More card and was approved. Any suggestions for a secondary cash back card?
  7. Just applied for the Fidelity Investment Rewards AMEX and was denied in a letter from FIA Card Services. The reason was "do not have a sufficient number of credit references and you do not have sufficient number of established revolving credit accounts". I've had various Citi Mastercards for 12 years now, the most recent from 2006, and have paid them off faithfully every month. However, have only ever had 1 card at a time. Never paid late, and credit score is around 765. I spoke to FIA by calling 866-598-4971, was very polite to them, and they still couldn't approve it and abruptly just about hung up on me. Their only suggestion was to open another account with another credit card company and wait 6 months. Any better suggestions? Would really like to get this particular card.

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