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  1. My first biz card was the Amex Gold for business since then I have acquired other biz cards and haven't been using the Amex that much. Usually, when I don't use a card I just forgot about it but with the Amex there is the $175 annual membership fee. I don't use it enough to cover the fee so I wanted to know if I should go and cancel it or convert it into a different Amex card with no fee? I also have some points on it that I didn't use.
  2. I believe the % varies on the gross income for the business. Somewhere between 15-20%.
  3. I believe they need 1 yr tax return because the LOC is based on a % of revenue.
  4. Have you tried Capital One. I believe they are no-doc under $50k only ask for tax returns for latest year no bank statements.
  5. Anyone know what cards have a 0% APR offer when transferring balance? I already have Chase Ink and US Bank edge. I checked BofA and Citi and those cards don't offer it. I would prefer a card that didn't report to personal.
  6. FYI, OnDeck issues a blanket UCC filing on your business with its BLOC product.
  7. Yes: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=532839&hl=%2Bbeekrock&do=findComment&comment=5124223 Do you need to open a bank account with Wells Fargo do get the LOC?
  8. Try Capital One. I think under $50K you only need to show business/ personal tax. Need to open an account with them. Has anyone tried Lending Club? I also heard of a company called Blue Vine that has a LOC
  9. I believe Chase Ink and US Bank have 0% promos. The age of your business might be an issue.
  10. I just heard of Bluevine. Haven't use it personally. https://www.bluevine.com/faq/
  11. Thank you, I called that number and they fixed the issue right away compared to calling the regular number about 3 times before.
  12. Does anyone know if there is an executive customer service contact for Citi credit cards? My issue is I balance transferred my balance out of my citi dividend card onto another bank's credit card. Citi received the check and cashed it but did not apply the payment to my account. I asked the other bank to send me the copy of the check and they did. I provided this info to Citi and they told me they will get back to me within 48 hours; well now it's been 4 days. Any help into this would be appreciated.
  13. Mouser Electronics has a net 30 account. Place an order and select net 30 as payment method then wait for approval. wwww.mouser.com
  14. That's my problem as well - my tax returns show a loss - so can't get a loan based on tax returns but am bring in sufficient income. Would love to hear about a biz loans - strictly based on personal credit scores - as those are close to 800. Try Captial One. They have an under 50K no doc LOC that you PG. But you still need to show your business tax because I believe the LOC is based on a % of sales. So if say you do $200,000 of sales they want to see that you are truly doing that.
  15. You're saying you don't show a profit on your business tax and LC didn't approve you? How much did you apply for?
  16. I'm in PA and, like you, there are no local branches anywhere near me. I have a CapOne credit card and sent a secured message through their website inquiring about how to go about apping for this. I'll post back when I get more info. Hi beekrock, did you ever get an answer? I applied a few weeks ago over the phone for both CapOne and Chase. Chase denied me without even asking me for docs or pulling my reports. I think it had something to do with my LLC being a real estate investment company. CapOne called me several times asking a thousand questions and asking for docs that I don't even have/use for my LLC. I decided to not even bother as I already had been approved elsewhere. Are you talking about Cap ONe LOC? They have no doc for under $50k.
  17. $1 million is cash flow a month! What kind of busines is that?
  18. Did you apply online or call them? Do they report? I placed an order online. I can't remember exactly but I think I choose the invoice option or put in a PO number. It takes a while for them to send an order confirmation. They do report.
  19. tetal

    WTF DNB?

    Is credit signal free?
  20. The Amex Gold business is a charge card and you pay in pull. You can carry a balance but I believe you have to let them know and also you would not be able to charge anything new onto the card after that.
  21. Check out fundera, lendio, ondesk, funding circle.
  22. I spoke to a banker from Santander, they have a no financial LOC. You need a FICO of 650 or better to be approved. The LOC amount is 10% of gross revenue and it doesn't report to your personal credit.

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