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  1. I just finished rehab about 3 months ago. SunTrust automatically picked up the loan, and are now billing me at an interest rate of 7.75%. Is there a way to get the loan transferred to my credit union or another bank so I can get a lower rate? or am I stuck with SunTrust? These student loans are from 1994.
  2. Thanks. I fought to the very end. The OC didn't even respond to my last letter.
  3. Update, EQ has verified the account again. I followed every step carefully in the Hipaa process, What should I do next? Should I send a goodwill letter next?
  4. Yes, I'm subscribed to EQ through Identity Protection. I usually check everyday, now its updated to "Paid".
  5. Yes, to all the questions. Would you believe this collection is for only $78.
  6. Just wanted to update, I sent the last letter following Whychat steps carefully, to the health care provider about a week ago. Today I received a letter stating " Your payment has been processed. Attached please find a copy of the payment made directly to the CA where the collection accounts was sent. I'm waiting for their next response.
  7. Another update, the OC accepted my payment but the CA updated to paid collection. What should I do next? Thanks
  8. Quick update, they medical provider has accepted the payment. Do I wait a few days to see if it disappears from my EQ report? or should I start with the other letters right away? Thanks WhyChat
  9. Yes, I started a thread on how to go about removing the collection. I should have continued on that thread but I forgot I followed the entire process. It's a new collection from Feb. so its my current address. I also received a letter from CA showing a relationship after my dispute with EQ, stating the amount I owed the medical provider, then I sent the Hipaa letter to medical provider with payment using insert A and haven't received anything.
  10. I have followed the WhyChat method to remove a medical collection. I'm on to the last step of the process, I have sent the HIPAA letter and payment to the medical provider approx. two weeks ago which I have proof they received but they have not responded or cashed the payment. Should I call or wait. What should I do next? Thanks!
  11. Update!! So far, TU already deleted. Hopefully EQ responds the same way. Thanks WhyChat!

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