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  1. www.hellodirect.com has business credit terms and I do believe they offer plantronics
  2. I'll explain my comment: I stated: I joined and received my phone yesterday. I should have been more clear, I meant, I joined ( meaning 2 1/2 weeks ago ) then I received my phone yesterday. I never meant that I joined, received my phone, and my reference showed up in the same day . I mean come on ........ I'm being accused of all of this junk and all I did was post about something that I found that worked out good for me. Look, all you have to do is don't call them. Don't kill the messenger. I have been a member here for a long time. Do you think I'm stupid enough to say that a reference showed up in one day - even if I was just trying to sell a product I sure wouldn't insult the intelligence of everyone here on creditboards. I am so sorry I shared this with you.
  3. Well I have finally arrived! I just was instantly approved for $25,000 MC with citi. NO PG - I think it was due to my new credit reference that just showed up for $50,000, that gave me a higher "high credit" I have been working hard with this business credit and getting the usuals but I really needed a higher limit MC Thanks creditboards !!!!! (and thanks Globex Wireless for that higher credit reference - hehehehe)
  4. No, I signed up earlier, just received my phone yesterday thru UPS. I wish it was the same day!
  5. Pavlov - Its great coverage - they are on the Sprint backbone so anywhere Sprint has coverage is available. Also - free nights and weekends.
  6. Thanks Gregoryspag, its worked out well so far, I'm always open minded to innovative ways to get business credit! ( and hey - making extra money ain't so bad either! hehehe ) I will keep you posted - by the way - I just check my DNB eupdate and my 50K line is there ! hmmmm - maybe I'l try Citibank MC, etc etc etc etc etc
  7. Found a cellular service provider that reports business credit up to $50,000 for using their service. I emailed them and they report to DNB and Experian. I signed up and received my phone yesterday!!! OK - forgot to put the name of the comppany - http://www.globexwireless.com
  8. How about a business license or bank statements documenting your time in business. You can submit this kind of documentation to dnb and they will add it to your report. Or how about receipts for purchases like business cards or purchases from other vendors.
  9. Does anyone know who American Express uses to pull personal credit reports? thanks
  10. Rigirl - The fact on a shelf corp is that the original incorporation date remains the same - no if, ands, or buts. You can change the name of the corporation via articles of amendment, you can change the officers, again via articles of amendment , but the original date of inc remains the same. The problem is that most states will also state that the name or officers have been changed. YOu need to find a state that doesn't automatically state this. As far as how easy it is to get credit on one - is a debatable point. Probably a 3 year or so will fly below the radar. 5 year shelf corp will probably throw up a flag. However, again we are not dealing with dnb on credit builder. So taking it slow and using the initial vendors listed here will probably work, If you achieve 80 paydex using viking,nebs etc, then the creditors that use automatic scoring system will probably approve you - a lender actually viewing your dnb will probably question the reporting date listed. Its not a definite science but in dealing with credit nothing is. My thoughts are - if your goal is to get the credit listed on this board - you can do it with a new corporation. If there is something that you want to apply for that requires more time in business - then a shelf corp may be the way to go.
  11. Can someone give me the fax number for wal mart - I can't read it on the application Thanks
  12. Youandme - wrong again! 2 ways to report With a duns number - you can fax in your information - they will provide the form Or you can become a subscriber - in other words , buy reports on a contract basis and you can report via the internet. The first way is fine and doesn't cost anything. You just have to call them and they will put in the request and email the form to you.
  13. Bellsouth reports local phone service to dnb, does anyone know if SBC Verizon AT&T Or Sprint report local service? I tried calling but the reps that I kept getting really didn't know. Thanks
  14. Have you been able to set up an account? I keep sending in the app but no response.

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