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  1. Just closed on a new house, so we applied for a Home Depot credit card. Hard pull, instant approval for $8000. Credit scores north of 800.
  2. I understand that .... just commenting on the APR. Wonder what the penalty rate is.
  3. 30.74 % Regular rate ... not even the penalty rate Wow
  4. Already have exposure to Citibank with a DC card. As I said, I have enough other options not to need a card with a 27.24% interest rate. Only a CL of 4k which hasn't changed in over 6 years. Isn't gonna hurt me to leave it as a Sears card, and when they do go belly up, I will still have the history and the souvenir.
  5. Got my conversion letter today: Account history stays the same, except a different account number. Gonna raise my interest rate from 26.99% ! to 27.24 % !! Used it a few times for appliances and such, 0% for 6,12,18,24 months but NEVER paid any interest. Had card since 4/12, CL of $4000 with no increase in over 6 years. Can refuse upgrade with a phone call, and will be left with a card with no stores in my area, although I guess I could use it at sears.com. But why would I ?? I have enough other options. By the way, all my Fico 8 scores are over 830.
  6. Yup. Still lurking and reading.(for over 10 years!) All three CRs show FICO 9 of over 840. Thank you so much to all.
  7. Or a six pack of PBR at Rite Aid Then you can use the card at the ED for your internal problems after drinking skunky beer,
  8. Just remember..... old truckers never die, they just get a new peterbilt.
  9. I think anybody that can blow you in for non payment should be required to report if you DO pay on time.
  10. And from what I've read, DR treats said employees like serfs. Not defending the guy, but I think he's gotten "best place to work for" in Nashville 8 or 10 different times. Not sure what that says about Nashville in general though. The friend I'm visiting in Palm Springs this weekend got his Ph.D. At Vanderbilt, and he doesn't have many positive things to say about Nashville... and he grew up in Weiner, Arkansas. Isn't that where Bill Clinton is from ??
  11. I am gonna get one of those pine tree air fresheners to hang from my rear view mirror. Hell, maybe I'll get TWO if :em !!
  12. With rich Corinthian leather even! KHHHAAAAANNNNNNN !!!!!!
  13. I guess That isn't much to love. I have free checking with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Huntington and Fidelity. I've never paid for a checking account anywhere. Ever. I have an $80,000+ credit card with Citi, $70,000 with Chase and well over $100,000 across my Amices. Among many others. I have no idea what the APRs are because it doesn't matter if you aren't carrying balances, which I would never do. Most of my cards have no foreign transaction fees, and my better cards (the ones I do not regret opening) pay competitive rewards that virtually no credit union can match. I'm not even sure the word "virtually" is necessary but I tossed it in just in case. My liquid savings is earning 1.15% at Barclays, which is 575% of the interest you would earn on the same balance at your CU. I have no car loan, but for now I have mortgages on both of our homes with rates that no credit union could touch. I shopped. Over the past 6 or 7 years I have started the mortgage process with at least four CUs of all sizes, and none of them could figure out how to manage to a deadline and get the loan closed on time. So I've never closed a mortgage with a credit union, I've only started the process. Each time I had to abandon them and go elsewhere. One of them took over two weeks to get my application - which I filled out on their web site - into their loan origination system. Another one couldn't get a HARP refi (that didn't even require an appraisal) closed in almost two months. So I went elsewhere and I was done in 13 calendar days, and ended up with a better rate and lower fees. I am not able to get the best of anything from a credit union. Credit unions are fine if you are content with mediocrity or less. I am not. I guess you and I just are content with different things. I don't need credit cards with $70 - $80,000 (or more) credit limits. I don't carry balances on my cards either. I have a couple rewards cards, so I don't use my CU credit card. It's for emergencies. I don't need six checking accounts (free or not) at six different banks. I guess I am afraid of the inconvenience of online banks, plus the fact that I have a very 70s oriented wife. Had a mortgage from hell with WF and Ocwen, but those are paid off. Foreign transaction fees don't concern me as I don't travel. I don't need a big bank with a national footprint as I don't travel. I guess what I am trying to say is that what you have works for you, and that's fine. What I have works for me, and that is fine, too.
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