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  1. Should they show as credit card on credit report? And credit cards as installments?
  2. I have two inquiries showing for same loan one on 6/22 and one from 7/7. Does this count as one inquiry or two? And how much should or does it impact other creditor decisions that I may look at in the next few months?
  3. thanks Brian. Maybe I'm calling it a second when really is already is a Home equity Loan. MJ
  4. Are there any reputable lenders that will lend above 80% LTV on a second I don't want a HELOC we want HE Loan to get a fixed rate -- we are thinking of refinancing the second to take out additional cash? we live in San diego. thanks!
  5. which is better (if either) as far as showing on CR? Charge off or settled - paid for less than owed?
  6. No, I'm pretty sure she is - she's been working really hard to pay her accounts on time and she has with student loan, car loan, medical bills and one other revolving account. She would have asked me if she had received any kind of notice and wasn't sure what to do with it. I think the one thing she didn't do well in this case was to keep the receipts for the cash payments. She got her free credit reports today and they show charged off as of April 2017.
  7. there was never a phone call, email or mail recd. It is correct
  8. My daughter went to refi her car. She had a walmart CC that she had been making cash payments on by doing into the store - they did not apply all the payments and she is showing 7 months past due - and have now charged off the account. she may have kept some of the receipts - but what is the best course of action to rectify this?
  9. is it a soft or hard pull?
  10. It's been a little over 2 years. I had so much in CC debt - about 100,000. BOA closed my accts that had huge TL's. Citi slashed it, but kept it active. I worked really hard to pay it down. I now have about 1500 total spread over 5 cards. I just got approved for 3 new TL's in the last 3 weeks...Visa woth $4000 limit, Nordys Visa $10,000 and Union Bank Visa at $15000. Good times! thanks for all the help.
  11. So, I was asked by chase why I need a CLI - I am no where near the limit....what is a good reason that will get a better chance of approval?
  12. Maybe best to leave well enough alone, thanks
  13. These are not paid off - less than 5% util - active cards. Should I call and request the dispute be removed? "disputed by consumer" Thanks for your reply
  14. I have 4 accounts showing lates - they are not the same on all the reports.... if I ty to fix will this cause the other reports to have them added? North island shows 2 back to back 30 days in 2009 on TU, but only one on EQ and EX. Macys's shows on 30 day in jan 2008 on EX, but not at all on the others. Care credit shows one 30 day late on Ex and EQ from Oct 2008, but nothing on TU BOA shows one 30 day in Feb 2008 and one 30 day in Nov 2007 on Ex, and the same acct shows one 30 day late on EQ, nothing on TU What is the best way to handle these without making it worse and bringing it to someones attention?
  15. my CRs are showing two citi accts in dispute...I don't recall doing this - is this hurting my score? do I need to fix?

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