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  1. OK Ill go ahead and PIF those two today to get them to go away - its only a couple grand. I didnt know that about Lowes. OK I'll do that!
  2. Yes they are updating monthly. They also call daily and I need to send a C&D (i think its called) out to get them to stop that. Its seriously only $200 theyre offering off for settlement. Like one good dinner out so if it may possibly at all maybe increase odds of drop at dispute it would be worth the gamble.
  3. 720 is not a high score. What else bad is still on your reports? You say your utilization isn;t close to maxed out, but what is it? Overall / highest card? How many cards with balances? Did you just get the Spark 3 months ago? They won't give you a decent CLI until it is 6 months old. They will go up to very high limits on the Spark, but obviously your overall profile has to support it. I got a $2K CLI on my Spark at 3 months, and then a $23K CLI at the 6 month point. How many new accounts do you have? How many INQ's? Why do you have 2 Citi and 2 US Bank cards instead of a more diverse portfolio? I have nothing bad on my reports. No lates, no collections. No. I got the spark like 7 years ago I think. I dont have any new accounts. I havent opened a CC in a couple years. My inquiries are from my mortgage lady. The ones before that were Aug last year for my BMW loan. I have a BMW loan of $24k. Student Loans of $42k (ouch) Citi (3500/10000) Best Buy (0/5000) USBank Business (3000/5000) USBank Personal (0/4000) Cap 1 (0/1100) Cap 1 Biz ($0/2400) Juniper (1600/3300) - Target (800/1000) Kohls (0/1000) Home Depot (0/3000) AU with ex and wont come off my report Lowes (0/3000) Care Credit (0/3600) Holy crap I have a lot of cards. I just realized this as pulling them up to post here. Am I wrong to expect store cards to be low limits? Im seeing around here people having very high limits with Target now. I always thought they stayed low. Im thinking of calling them. I planned to PIF all my cards as soon as my house closes. Not sure if that will help. Will take advise and see if I can switch that card to Quicksilver today.
  4. His scores are 640, 655 and 683 and yes we are having to pay due to his mid being under 680 but we won't have time pre-closing to do much about it unfortunately. I can't tell if his score is this way due to this collection or just not having much credit. His mid was 640 before opening his CC and adding him to mine as AU so he is gaining traction and points are going up... just slowly. Good to know PIF or Settlement won't matter. It's only a couple hundred bucks but Id like to save it! One other question - will paying this renew the account? Update it? Hurt him in any way? And thank you. I'm excited to have hit a milestone I set for myself.
  5. OK so clicking the "request CLI" button isnt the best thing huh. lol
  6. It's high from the 400s I started with and the super low (580 I believe) I had when I got the first one. 720 is high for me - these are actually TU which is 748 - I know ... nowhere near 800s. I was more wondering if these cards even offer higher limits since they are truly starter cards. I could probably have more available credit but choose not to open additional lines. Id rather work with what I have. $10k Citi, $4k Citi, $4k USBank, $6k USBank a few small store cards and then these two.
  7. I guess I had two questions and thought separate threads would be better. I have two Cap 1 cards from my credit building days Platinum MC - $1100 limit after a requested increase (think it was $1000 before - I had combined two $500 limits like 5 years ago) Sparks Biz Card - $2400 limit (increase just now from $1400. Was $1000 3 mos ago before CLI request) My scores are high (720+) - I have cards with $8-10k limits and not close to maxed out. $25k in avail credit. I make six figures. Should I just dump these jerks? Are these just baby cards that I don't need anymore and they won't ever give me a decent limit? I feel like having these cards empty with these low limits are just a waste.
  8. I should probably have a clue about this stuff since I was super active here years ago. Hi all! It's been a long time. I have some good news (me) and some sucky news (fiance). For me (like anyone remembers me... lol) - I have officially hit my milestone from when I came here. My ch 7 came off this month. All three scores jumped 40-70 points each. Im sitting at 720, 730, 748. YAY! Big time compared to me 400s. As for the fiance. He has NO credit. OK he has baby credit. A paid off car loan. AU on one of my paid off cards and his own $1000 card he uses each month for $50-100 and pays off. Then he has this - Portfolio Recovery. When I saw that I about died. The worst. Yucky. He had a card for like $600 with Citi and broke his leg after one payment. Couldn't work.. sent to collections...yadda yadda. This was in 2013. So... the question. We are buying a house right now. Mortgage broker said less than $2k and over 2 y/o leave it alone until after closing. OK. But when it comes to this debt post closing the house I'm wondering how we should go about it? We tried offering a PIF for delete and they pulled the whole "we CANT" Uhm yeah right. Any way to work with PR to get this thing gone rather than just paying. And if they won't budge and it comes to paying (its $945 now) should we PIF or take the settlement? Does it make a difference when it comes to his credit? I just want to do the best thing for this situation. Thanks!!
  9. OK thanks! So pay them all off and then use A card (maybe my USBank one since its my lowest interest) and charge it here and there and leave a few bucks on it at all times? Is that what you mean? Just want to make sure Im right!
  10. Thanks! So once this balance transfer is finished I will have these balances: Citi - $5,000/6,000 Amazon - $1000/$1000 Care Credit - $1600/$2600 I have good income coming in the next few months so Im unsure where to go from here. What should be paid where and what balances to keep out there. I can pay them all off by September but I shouldn't do that? Im guessing I should pay Citi in full since if I don't that interest will haunt me come 18 months from now.
  11. Thanks! I pulled all my reports and have credit monitoring through WF so if they do try to reinsert I will be notified immediately. Nothing funky on any reports. I cant think of anything that would have triggered them since I haven't done anything lately. My house was refinanced back in April 2012 but that was a year before they started calling. This is a brand new debt collection company so I think they recently bought a lot of pennies on the dollar stuff and started calling and harassing people - this is what I've gathered from looking online.
  12. First of all I have to thank CB for all the help they gave me years ago. Now that the initial credit frenzy is over I have new problems and hoped you could help me. Last time I posted on CB (looks about Nov 2011) I didn't get any replies so hopefully I'll get something this time! I have a lot of questions so feel free to skim and just answer anything you can. It's all been bubbling up for a bit. Im still fighting for decent limits even tho my Ch 7 was in Oct 2005. My credit has 0 lates, 0 negatives (other than bk). I have a mortgage and car loan but so many tiny little cards (with balances) that it's I know hurting my credit. I was finally approved for a decent limit through Citi ($6k) with 0% balance transfers for 18 months. I have moved all my little high interest (we're talking 25% on all these measeley cards) to Citi and now of course that sucker is almost maxed out ($5k). Im unsure what I should do from here. Here is what I have and I dont want all these cards sitting around so I need help on what to close. The opened dates are next to the card names. Cap 1 Personal (9/06) - $1000 Care Credit (8/07) - $2600 (this is a shared account with my husband) Target (5/08) - $1000 Juniper (7/08) - $1300 Best Buy Reward Zone - $500 (and has a yearly fee so I think this is #1 to go) Cap 1 Business (1/11) - $750 (Id like to get rid of this one too) Amazon (2/12) - $1000 Kohls - $500 (I really only have this for the 20% discount. I shop there. Pay with card and turn around and pay what I just charged in store with a check) USBank (6/13) - $1300 (I had hoped to get a decent limit like from Citi but apparently they hate me) Citi (6/13) - $6000 I've opened and closed quite a few cards while trying to build. Some bad ones like Allied, a $300 Macys (never used), Chase (who was WaMu and balance chased me down to $300 before I closed, etc), Home Depot. Im AU on my husbands Zales card (which had an $8k limit that was dropped to $2k) and his maxed out Home Depot card (I just asked to be removed as AU from that - will it come off my report now?!) Any help/ideas you can give me on closing any cards, what to do would be great. My experian score is at 694 (according to Citi, according to Wells Fargo credit monitering its 640?!) The other two according to WF are in the 650s. And completely off topic but on April 8th I started receiving debt calls from some scumbags called New Leaf (based out of Washington). These jerks did a hard pull on my credit report and started telling me how "bad" I am while looking through my credit (perfect credit BTW, just some high balances and my ch 7). They also started looking up family members to call and harass and naming them on the phone to me. They threatened my going to jail, theyre going to sue me and get a automatic judgment, yadda yadda. They had the nerve to send me a Facebook friend request. REALLY?!?! and sent me messages through my Facebook BUSINESS page. This is a debt that was discharged in my bk in 2005. The debt is from fraud in 2002 (someone printed fake checks with my name spelled incorrectly + my drivers license # and an old old address and wrote thousands of dollars worth of checks all over southern California (8 hours from me). They never sent a notice of collections and funny but on the phone one guy said they sent one and the other said they didn't. Then the guy who said they did stated they don't have to prove where they sent it or when. These guys are such bottom of the barrel scum. Anyway - I know I don't have to pay this and there is nothing they can do to me other than harass me. How do I get them to go away?
  13. I don't know if many remember me... I was a very very active member her post Ch7 in cleaning up my credit, building new credit, etc. I worked hard for two years and finally just had to let what was left be there and wait - patiently - for it to fall off. I think I posted here a few years ago shortly after buying my first home. It was exciting for me because at one point I thought it was something that would never happen. I did still have negatives (IIB) showing on my report but that was ok. I just pulled my credit reports for the year. As of Oct 2011 the last IIB/"baddie" came off. Other than my Ch7 (comes off Oct 2015) I have absolutely no negatives on my report. It is an AMAZING feeling and if it weren't for CB and the amazing people here I'd probably still be fighting random people coming after me. I looked in amazement as on the reports the place that says "negatives" was 0 - it was dozens before! Thanks sooooo much CB! Now - I just need some help... I have a business now (2 years in) and would like to build some credit with it. Where should I start that would be ok with the Ch7? I have a Cap1 business card, AmEx denied. Will not have anything to do with Chase/BofA/Wells Fargo. I did just close all my bank accounts and move to a CU - should I try them? (Golden1) or any other CU recs that may give me some much needed love!? THANKS! Bree
  14. If its 2 years old and your ONLY "baddie" its probably not hurting your score as much as you hope it is.

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