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  1. Most of the internet seems to think that your AAOA will immediately drop when you close an old card. I know that this isn't true but there is always a little bit of vagueness to the amount of time a closed card will stay on the credit report. The general consensuses is that it's about 10 years but it what cases can it be more or less than that? Does it vary by the CRA or individual? Are there exceptions? The reason I ask is because my mother has just one 15 year old card and only wants to carry one card (I know that this isn't ideal). I'm helping her switch to the CSR but I don't want to damage her credit by losing the 15 years before the new card ages. Could this happen? Thanks
  2. I'm assuming this is true but I want to be sure: You can transfer UR points from other Chase Cards (Freedom, CSP) to the CSR right?
  3. OP, if by any chance this is Sixt, I had a similar experience and I found a high up employee that made it go away. PM me if it is indeed Sixt.
  4. Hi All, I've heard about CAs coming out of the woodwork after applying for a mortgage but I don't get exactly how it works. First of all, how do the collectors know that you've applied for a mortgage? Do they need to soft pull reports to find out or is there some public database that they check? Is the debt all of a sudden more enforceable for some reason? Can you expect this to happen if you the debts are past the SOL and off the reports? I have about 4 debts that I let age off mostly because the CAs were particularly nasty - the rest I paid off. These debts are about 15 years old now. What can I expect to happen if I apply to a mortgage? Thanks for your input.
  5. Here's the notification for those that are curious. I'll post an update after I speak with a rep From: Customer Satisfaction Department Date: As of June 1, 2015 Subject: Credit Card Account Information Account No. ending in: xxxx Thank you for being a valued customer. This letter is to notify you that the Annual Fee for the above referenced account will bill on your July 2015 statement. The purpose of this fee is to support the ongoing maintenance of your account, as well as the wide range of benefits available to you. Such benefits include: - Global Acceptance - Your card is welcome at millions of locations-overseas, at home, or online- including resorts, restaurants, jewelry shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and Internet retailers. - Customer Satisfaction - Call us anytime, day or night-or visit us online. Rest assured that you will receive the highest level service in the industry, which includes additional cards for family members or others you trust; quick decisions on credit line increase requests; quick replacement of lost or stolen cards; merchant dispute advocacy; electronic scheduling of your credit card payment; and the list goes on and on. Please refer to your Credit Card Agreement for a comprehensive listing of your account benefits. - Internet Access - Get up-to-the minute information about your account anytime-in a safe, highly secured environment-by visiting us online. You can find your account specific Web site address on your most recent statement. - Security - Use your credit card with complete confidence. Our Zero Liability Fraud Protection ensures that you will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases. - Cash Access - Have cash at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it. Your account offers you fast access up to your available cash credit line by using credit card access checks, by visiting ATMs or financial institutions worldwide, or having emergency cash wired to you anywhere in the world. - Balance Transfers - It's easy to pay off other credit card accounts. Visit us online at www.bankofamerica.com to see if you qualify to transfer higher-rate balances to this account. This account is issued and administered by Bank of America, N.A. ANNUAL FEE NOTIFICATION All account terms are governed by the Credit Card Agreement. All terms including fees and the APRs for new transactions may change in accordance with the Agreement and applicable law. We may change them based on a change in regulation or legislation, or a change in the interpretation of a regulation or legislation, information in your credit report, market conditions, business strategies, or for any reason. An Annual Fee of $29.00. The Annual Fee will be assessed each June if your account is open or if you maintain an account balance, whether or not you have active charging privileges. Your Annual Fee will Bill on Your July 2015 Statement: We will credit your account for the Annual Fee if you close your account by calling us at 1.866.282.4205 (open 24 hours a day) within 30 days of the mailing of the statement on which your Annual Fee is billed. You may continue to use your account during this period; however, if you use or maintain a balance on your account thereafter, you will have to pay an Annual Fee. You must pay the New Balance Total in full by its Payment Due Date for each statement that you may receive after you close this account
  6. I understand that it probably just comes down to the math and BofA trying to keep profits up on all their cards. I myself don't really care about such a small fee but why would they bother for 30 bucks? I haven't seen posts about cardholders that game the system getting fees tacked on and that's more common and hurts their numbers more. It just seems weird to me, especially since I bank with them and my company does and they make lots of money with those two accounts.
  7. I'm an American that's currently living in Europe. Thanks to the great advise from this board (and the passage of time), I have achieved & maintained great credit in America because I'll likely be moving back soon with my family. I also run a business that's based in the US. My current cards are: BofA travel rewards (18K) Amex BCP (25K) Chase Ink Plus (22K) I only just got the Amex and Chase cards and used to use the BofA exclusively. What's weird is that about 6 months ago I got a notice from BofA that they would be adding a $30 annual fee to my card. A couple months later, I see the charge added to my statement. This was a surprise because it's a no annual fee card and I've been a good customer. I have a checking account at the bank and I've had the card for 8 years and have never missed a payment. Now I brought up the fact that I live overseas because it has to be relevant. I have never carried a balance. Moreover, the card doesn't have foreign transaction fees and I use the card overseas 80% of the time and get 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Add these things up and they are likely taking a loss from me. Maybe someone here has a better reason why they would do this? I think it's a silly thing to do but it also got me nervous which is one of the reasons why I got the Amex and Chase. I'm not going to fight it because it's my oldest card but I'm wondering if anyone here has thoughts on this? I was about to get the CSP as my final card (for the next 2 years) but now I'm nervous that my overseas spending will result in some kind of AA there as well. Any thoughts or input?
  8. Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback. Since I started this topic, my score already rebounded to 750. From a quick search, it looks like the best mortgage rates are given at 740 and everything above that isn't helpful. Income and debts/assets are the biggest factor. I'm assuming that even if I added another TL, my score would be well above that in 1.5 years and I'll be back in the 800s before I know it. If only Amex still backdated when I added the card - I missed the cut off. So now I have to decide if I should add the card for my credit strength or leave it be for my peace of mind. What I've learned after going through credit hell is what works for me is to keep things simple; live below my means with fewer cards and fewer payments. On the other hands, things are easier to manage these days with no checks to mail and auto-pay so as long as I have money in the bank, I can't miss a payment even if I try. I also love rewards and travel and Chase is king when it comes to that. Thanks again for the feedback. I really love this community and it has helped me tremendously. I'll update here when I make a decision.
  9. Yes, it's a FICO 08 and there is no negative information whatsoever, just the inquiries and added credit line.
  10. Hi all! So I only had one credit card for a while. At first I had just one because it was the only card I could get. My credit was terrible and the card was a secured card with a low limit. Fast forward 7 years, the card got unsecured then product changed to a Travel Rewards visa with a 20K limit. I never wanted another card and got a credit limit increase whenever I asked. I like to keep things simple and never understood getting 20+ cards. Three months ago my FICO hit 812 and I decided to get another card anyway, mostly for security (what if BofA closed my account). I specifically wanted an Amex card because that's where my bad credit began 10+ years ago and it would feel like closure somehow. I also wanted a Chase Ink Plus for my business. I applied for both and was approved with a Amex 25K line and Chase 21K line. I expected my score to drop but it went from 812 to 731!!! The drop was likely due to going from 0 inquiries to 2 and a 7.8 AAOA to 3.7 (the biz card doesn't get reported on my personal reports, just the inquiries) but I was expecting to lose 50 points at the very maximum. Is this drop a surprise to anyone else here? I know that I don't need a 800+ score but I don't like going backwards and it'll likely take two years to get there again. I also wish that I had chosen to get the Chase Sapphire instead of the Amex BCP. If I close the Amex, will the AAOA go back up? Is the AAOA only for active credit lines? I could simply add the CSP but I'm worried how low my score will drop then and I don't want another card to manage. I also plan to get a mortgage in 1 1/2 years so I want to be in good shape for that. And advice or feedback? Thanks!
  11. Hey All, OP here. I'm still in limbo here with the account but I figured I'd post an update since this thread got a lot of attention. So as people have figured out by looking at my last post, there is still an old tax lien on TU but that's not related to this. As it turns out, they pulled all three for the personal card and approved me despite the lien since everything else is up to speed. I got denied for the biz card (that pulled personal EX and the business EQ) and I'm going to recon that because all the reasons they listed in the denial letter don't make sense to me. Another post on that later. It turns out that this is more of a technical error where my new card got incorrectly linked to another account. I can now log in and it shows the $25K CL and the canceled message is gone but the last 5 digits are different than my existing card so I guess they'll be sending me a new one. I think that my account was linked to someone that died because I Googled the number they gave me it was a number given to spouses of the deceased. I still need to talk to the rep again today to confirm that all is OK but it looks that way so far. I post another update once everything has been finalized. Anyway, sorry to scare current and potential Amex cardholders that have a rocky past. It looks like they do indeed deal with your history before issuing the card (and pulling your credit) not after; the way it should be. I was thinking about offering to pay off the old debt but I don't want to rock the boat. Any opinions on that? I was about to just cancel and go with the Chase Sapphire Preferred but I think I'll stick with Amex assuming it works out. Thanks all for your thoughts and the interesting discussion.
  12. Thanks everyone for the input and support. This is a great community. I'll call Amex tomorrow and update here when I get the full story. Maybe I should offer to pay my old debt and try again in a couple years. Then again, part of me wants to drop it and just go with another provider; they certainly aren't my only option. I made mistakes but this is a forward moving country and a nation of second chances and the banking industry should appreciate this more than anyone. I feel like I'm reliving a very difficult part of my past and I also feel mistreated the way I was cut off without the courtesy of a call or a chance to work through it. I wouldn't treat my customers this way. There are real people behind the plastic.
  13. So 20 years ago, in my early 20s, I had a financial disaster due do a failed business and I let some cards chargeoff - one being an Amex Gold. I'm guessing the amount was 3K but it was a long time ago and I'm not really sure. Everything was a mess. Anyway, fast forward to 10 days ago. Things are going really well with my career & credit and they have been for a very long time. My EQ FICO recently went into the 800s and for some reason I decided to apply for an Amex and was approved for a 25,000 limit. I setup the online account installed the app and they both read "member since '15" then a week later it switched to '92, the year I got my first Amex in college I guess. I then got the card in the mail and activated it without a problem. Today I was going to make my first purchase and decided to check the account first and there is a "critical notice" at the top saying that they account was canceled - and no credit limit displayed. So I can only guess they connected the dots two weeks after I was approved and decided to cancel the account. This does seems really unusual to me. So, I'll call tomorrow to get the story but does anyone have and advice or a theory of what could have happened? Thanks all for this great Forum.
  14. That all for your contribution.. The longer story is that I had terrible credit after bad choices post college 15 years ago. After paying things off, working my way from secured to unsecured and a good amount of time, two of my scores finally hit the 800s. Not my TU though because of an old tax lien that I'm still working on. Since Amex usually pulls just EX for safe bets, I went for it this morning. Holy sh1t on hitting that apply button. Many of you know that feeling of submitting and the intense anxiety waiting for the decision as the horror of your checkered financial past circles through you mind. And then I got approved for 25K..WOW. So the scary part is that when I applied for the the gold biz card, they pulled all three reports and I got denied, likely because of TU. I don't really care about not getting the biz card - it was just a bonus and I've had a fantastic day without it. What I'm freaking about now is what happens if they take away the approved app now that they've seen TU. I can log into Amex and everything seems fine with my credit limit displayed but maybe some post approval processing will get me declined again. Did I just blow it with Amex?
  15. When they say denied, there's nothing I can do right? I don't get why it would be pending and then denied when I call 5 minutes later.
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