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  1. No worries sadgirl, Ill get some answers sooner or later, im reading some searches ive done when i get time from working.
  2. I just got a letter in the mail from a attorney looking for money. He says he represents Pinnacle Fin.. but I think there one in the same. well they said they would so kind to Offer me this one time offer of 50% a debt on which I think is over the SOL. I did do a free credit report today and seen that I still have one judgement listed but its under (New Century) ...Is New Century and Pinnacle the same people???? anyway the letter read that i can dispute within 30 the validity of this or if i dont they will assume the debt is valid. or i can write to them asking for them to obtain verification of the debt or abtain a copy of the judgement and mail me a copy. Well if they are the same guys reporting on my credit report right now (new century) I have a piece of paper saying that in 2001 they dismissed my judgemet with prejudice and closed it...If I remember right it was because it was over the SOL.. but I think they reaged this one. ANY HELP IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO WOULD BE GREAT..
  3. Opened a HSBC account hoping to put 90K fast as they let me.
  4. I just opened a HSBC account, hope it goes thru quickly. I deposited 90k I needed to get out of a local bank getting .75% most of last year.
  5. Bret, Yes I dip into the money pot, I always have bills, some medical,some food, gas, casual spending etc. No, Im too proud to have someone pay my way, that why Im all worked up right now. I thought I better put it in a higher saving this week so atleast Itll be making money instead of me dipping into .75% at my bank now. I feel like im not in the right frame of mind these days with now money being a issue and finishing school so far away, school by the way is paid by the state from the accident. I wish that I never had fallen but the past is the past.Could have been worse. Ill try to get better figures together later. thanks again
  6. Where do you live? New Jersey Could you buy a less expensive house? Just bought this one a month ago at 185K which is cheap for our state, and only needing cosmetic work (new washer/dryer/frig/hot water heater a/c unit all a year old) Also, since it appears the car is paid for, could you sell it and buy something with lower insurance rates and maybe better gas mileage? Sell the vehicle(yes I could, right now I only drive maybe -100miles a week) summer more. Id probably lose money now its a 04. And about utilities: can you drop the land line and go wireless? Get a less expensive internet connection? Drop premium cable channels? Get a less expensive Netflix subscription? I have a deal with Comcast for 99$ for internet/phone/and TV i dont have xtra channels. I dont go to the movies, rent movies, most money is spent on eating on few times a week and its split. I cant move to another state shes a teacher and needs to live in this state Id like to move to Florida myself but you never know what the future will bring. medical Im on social sec disibilty(medicare with Atena) they pay the medical bills. Last I know what some of you are saying about cutting back somewhere, well Ive been hurt for over 5 yrs and for 2 yrs suffered with no Cable only rabbit ears meaning no TV, no Internet, canned food or someone made me something, I went into a bad depression because I lost my identity of who I was and how I was used to living. I dont smoke, drink and go or with friends. I do go fishing when its nice out and I can cope with the pain,but I lost who I was. I cant cut back on much else I do live with someone and she Im sure would like to watch Tv after working all day, Im not a big TV person, internet is more me. Could sell the vehicle might lose money since I just paid it off as per buying this house. As for going back into Radiolgy I have 3 yrs left, and now Im second guessing myself and hoping to feel healthier and get in the right frame of mind to think straight right now I feel like a loser, worthless and hopeless. I have good intentions inmy mind but doing it is another thing.
  7. What do you think of this Bank? not sure if there is any hidden things they hit you with after putting your $$$ in there. 6.00% 90 Day Bonus Rate No fees or Mins. FDIC. 5.30% APY with $30,000-$100,000 www.AmboyDirect.com Im going to look at HSBC savings right now to see what they offer.
  8. Risk.. Risk Im scared to take risks..I lost a job, body is falling apart and Im not in good mental health after being taken to the courts saying there nothing wrong with you MISTAKE ABOVE POST I DO HAVE DEBT, THE HOUSE BOUGHT FOR 185,000 AT 6 1/4% FIRST TIME BUYERS Ill be 40 this July No Kids Not Married yet but live with someone Monthly mortage $1600.00 monthly Vehicle Ins yearly broke down $130.00 month Utlilities $350.00 month Food/Fuel $400.00 monthly misc. expenses money coming in monthly $1200.00 for me these expenses are split with me and the fiance, food/fuel is bought when needed but i put a guesstimite in.
  9. I was in a work related accident and was awarded some money, Im on disabilty now and have been for a few years. After paying the attorney/workers comp. I was left with about 200k. I payed off all my debt bought a new vehicle in 04 and made settlement on my first house with my fiance. As of right now I have no Debt, but only have 90 to 95K left in my life savings (cash). All the while sitting in a crappy savings at .75% making me sick everyday, but I hope that some of you could simathize that this is all I have left in my world with no income other then a monthly check of 1200month. Sometimes I feel I have more outgoing funds then incoming and it scares me. I was just going to put it in a high interest savings and atleast Ill be making something on whats left. As for the future and me working again, I was in college classes for last 2 1/2 yrs going in the direction of radiography tech, but around the holidays with the cold weather the pains in my legs and back were getting worse and now I second guess myself in regards to being on my feet for long periods of time and not being able to perform to what the job will need me too. So, for the last month Ive been spinning out of control in a lil depression state with all this and losing my Dad day before Xmas. As for the Money I have Im looking forward to reading some of your comments on where I may start. Thanks
  10. Lighthouse84, I looked a few times I olny had one paper saying where to send the 1st payment and another saying youll have your book with the rest of the payments before your next one. So I sent that one I had and it was sent to the 1 st lender (Aurora Fin). Im going to the post office this morning hope that the account # is the same.
  11. Ok, I settled on my first house on Nov. 31st. 1st payment was due on January 1st no problem. I look thru the paperwork from settlement and see a form in the back saying send your first payment to Aurora Fin. So on Dec 27th I send the payment out (its local). Yesterday January 4th 2007 I get a letter back from Aurora Financial saying send the money to Dovenmuehle Mortgage in lake zurich Ill. No Im worring Im going to be late on my first payment and this morning I go to the Dovenmuehle Mortgage website and see a click on this (Late Payment) so I do and I give them my name address and reason why Im going to be late, noting I sent payment to the wrong place. Why didnt I ever recieve a letter saying it was sold to another lender??? what is the grace period usually on a mortage 15days? Im sending mine next day so they have it. Last, I did a search online and found Dovenmuehle Mortgage has NOT been the best lender to stay with, looks like they have some bad write ups about them. Anyone else hear anything or have anything to say about this lender so I can beaware of issues that might come up? thanks for your time reading my post I hope you guys can help me settle my nerves.
  12. I just got off the phone with Experion and she gave me a hard time updating my name to the correct one I use...I siad its my fathers name thats close and she said they have to leave it on there.. and I have 13 old addy's and after confusing her I hope I had atleast 6 taken off.. Now looking at my truecredit update..They have my dads name as the top listed and Me as a "ALSO" name???????? What the ^%%^%&& I cant believe this bull..
  13. Im feel his pain, They have me for about 15 different varing names also and crazy mispelled adresses also.. I hate squeezing a lemon into the wind...

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