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  1. I use it. I also use Bank of America, and the have it set up so you can transfer money from your bank account directly into you brokeage account. I haven't tried doing it the other way yet, but supposedly you can do that too. I think the fees have recently been lowered to $7, although I haven't really paid attention. B of A bought Fleet, which owned Quick and Reilly, which used to own Suretrade, which is how I ended up with a BofA investment account. Anyway, I have no complaints. J
  2. MisterJ

    Old debt

    I understand the law, and I know how to look up whatever I want. I suppose my question was more along the lines of how often the scumbag old debt collectors actually break the law. For example, sewer service. Suing on a debt they know is barred by the statutue of limitations, etc. J
  3. MisterJ

    Old debt

    I was just wondering what the collective experience was of the board with respect to old debt. In 1993 I defaulted on a Diners Club card (Citibank). I lost my job and just couldn't pay it. That and a few other cards. Anyway, I just ignored it all and nothing ever happened, other than all the collection letters I just threw in the trash can. They're all off my credit report by now except for one account that was illegally re-aged in 1999 and will fall off in a few months. That account still shows up on Trans Union. But the other day I got a phone call and a letter from a collection agency about the Citibank debt. They're still trying to collect on a 12 year old debt. Obviously, it's past the statue of limitations in every state in the union. Still, that's an affirmative defense, and if they sued me in another state, it would be slightly inconvenient. I just hung up the phone when they called, and assume they'll eventually go away, but I wonder. J
  4. Voice quality with VOIP? Good. I'm happy. There is, however, the slightest delay in the voice transmission. You get used to it. Anyway, the price is right. J
  5. I have a cable modem and SunRocket VOIP service ($199 a year with two free phones thrown in). I haven't paid a phone bill since last March. It all works great. I've had my last land telephone line. J
  6. I got an email the other day from Netbank. They're having a special right now on gift cards. Reduced fee. The promotional code is "netbank." J
  7. I'd go with a medium priced computer. Not the cheapest one you can find, but not the most expensive either. If you're looking for a desktop, you shouldn't have to pay over $1K for a decent one. Pay attention to the monitor size. Big is better. Right now I'm using a 19", but I saw a 23" the other day that was awesome. Not cheap, though. Gateway has a neat 21" widescreen monitor for about $600. That seems reasonable. J
  8. Debit transactions? I wonder if there's a difference between using the card as a debit card, and using the card as a credit card? If not, maybe you'll just have to go to the bank to get a cashiers check or money order. I can't remember the most I ever tried to pay for with a debit card. Maybe $1500 at one time? J
  9. The guy is sort of an salamander. You'd probably do OK if you did the exact opposite of everything he recommended. J
  10. I got a 0% balance transfe3r offer in the mail today from B of A. It came in an envelope that looked like a Christmas card. J
  11. Furniture? Check out moving sales, estate sales, the Goodwill, etc. You can probably find decent furniture if you look around. For example, I may be moving out of the country soon. When I do I;ll sell my furniture. Somebody"s going to get a very good deal on some quality stuff. J
  12. $192 sounds good. Some woman at work yesterday was trying to tell me that Vonage was $25 a month. J
  13. I used to live in Scottsdale. If you'll have a rental car there's no real need to stay in Glendale. Of course, it's not all bad over on that side of town, but you have to be careful. J
  14. I have comcast cable modem internet, and Sunrocket VOIP, which works great and is cheaper than Vonage. It costs $199 for a whole year and they throw in two phones for free. With Vonage, you're just paying for the advertising. J
  15. I've lived in more places than I can count, or so it seems, including S. Califorornia, Scottsdale, NYC, Dallas, DC, etc. If you're looking for cheap, don't forget the job factor, assuming you need one. If you've got that angle covered and you want cheap: Louisville, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, anywhere in SC, Texas, but watch out for the property taxes, and Alabama. J

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