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  1. I downloaded the spreadsheet and am entering cards and trying things out. Thanks!
  2. DW and I got denial postcards from Asset Acceptance TCPA class action. Got online and found that 350,000 claimants received postcards with incorrect information.
  3. Thank you for the responses everyone. And yes, I am feeling much better. These services started in October 2012 with an emergency room visit that led to an emergency surgery and since then I have had 4 major surgeries in 18 months and 2 months of ICU after the last one. My last hospitalization was in Feb of 2014. There was medical coverage on most of this, but I had 2 months of daily treatment required that medicare would not cover and medicaid dropped me because I had a change in deduction that put my income $10 a month too high for their program. I will get to reading Whychat's stuff and hopefully get this moving in the right direction.
  4. I have medical collections, and the collection agency puts 2 items on my report every week, They try to call me on Monday, then the next day they hit the bureaus with 2 negatives. The same 2 accounts every week to the same doctor's office, This has been going on for 3 months now. Equifax notifies me with an alert every time I get dinged. Any advice for how to handle these? I cannot pay them. Medical bills at this point in the year so far are over 700k. This particular doctors office the bill is in the $400 range, but once my rent and utils are paid, I don't really have anything to work out a payment.
  5. Your employer may be on your credit reports. Have you applied for anything and provided your work info? Landlords, utilities, cell phones are likely, but your employer may have run your credit when they hired you. Tell them to stop calling you and to contact you by mail only. Read the stickied threads and go get them.
  6. I would fly if I were you. Asiana has an excellent record with their 747's.
  7. according to a collections industry website, Regent has offices in Overland Park KS, Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ, Denver CO and Murchison, Texas. Interesting that they don't list offices in CA, I also wonder if they are using some type of VOIP calling that has an endpoint in the local area they are calling. They have called me a couple times lately, and the number shows as a local call.
  8. My experience a year or so ago was totally different. The rep took all my info, told me we would get things rolling. I got a tracking # for phones. A week later, still no phones, called the rep and she told me I needed a PG. Maybe it is different now.
  9. I think what SC is asking, are the dunning letters threatening, or courteous?
  10. It is because you ladies all look so young!
  11. I know if my wife tells me I am not to buy her anything for her Bday, I damn well better buy her something. If I would dare follow instructions, I would be in deep trouble.
  12. Fairwinds Credit Union has not been using Chex lately.
  13. I have known Fred Phelps and some of his family from my time in Kansas. My oldest daughter was arrested for throwing urine on him outside a funeral last year. Tes, she should not have done it, but she was angry. His family is well infiltrated into Kansas and local government. This is a site with a little more information about his "church" I have no affiliation with this site.
  14. We bought the memory foam, and my wife loves it, and I hate it. I wish we could have afforded the sleep number. I can't handle more then 4 hours in bed or my back kills me the next day.

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