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  1. Nope, didn't work... Hence, I can't move the cursor to type my response after the "quote", I'm stuck typing ahead of it.
  2. Basically, I cannot see the cursor in the text box when I type. I cannot move the cursor to an earlier part of my post or highlight and delete words. I can only type, and delete things by pressing backspace. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know how to fix this? I post on other forums as well, and this only seems to be happening on CB. FWIW, I use Firefox.
  3. Bumping this, but it's not the happiest of bumps... Basically, this girl told me - through tears - she loves me, but she "can't go against her parents wishes". It really, really sucks - because honestly, she's perfect in every other way to me. She was obviously really upset about this, which made me feel crappy. Just kinda hugged her all night, and we made a bunch of promises to each other about different things. Could go into more details, but really not up for it right now. I've broken up before with various stages of sadness or relief, but being mutally in love with someone and it just being "unable" to work sucks a hundred times worse. ><;
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/03/19/...dex.html?hpt=T2 Cliff Notes: Lebanese man had a TV show. On the show he would make predictions about the future and offer advice to his viewers. In 2008, he was visiting Saudi Arabia as part of a pilgramage. He was arrested by Saudi religious police on charges of "sorcery". He has been sentenced to death, and is awaiting execution.
  5. It's been that way for years as far as I know... The school probably offers some sort of insurance. Barring that - can he (or you, or your husband - I don't know the employment situation) get a job at a store like Walgreens? I used to work at Walgreens, and if you are full time (30 or more hours/wk) - insurance only costs about $20-25 a week for a single person.
  6. Never had them, but maybe Aveeno shampoo will work? I'd look into it at least... Head and Shoulders is more for dandruff... psoriasis isn't really the same thing...
  7. No, but I have had people tell me I look like Matthew Broderick. Like it's probably getting close to 100 people. I am guilty of having "bad associations" with names. I tend to not like Adam, Joe, Brian and Mark to name a few. Andrew is another one. If I meet an Andrew, I usually wind up wanting to punch him. For girls, I never cared for Janet and Janette... Gina is another one. Nor Amy or Amanda.
  8. http://i37.tinypic.com/2wnsp6w.jpg Game, set, match.
  9. You are wrong...dead wrong. +1... As a three year old, I was out shopping with my mom. She was buying me some new clothes, and asked which pair of pants I liked better. I replied "These. They have more pockets. They're more practical." My two year old nephew recently told my mom, "I want to talk to Uncle!" My mom said "okay, we'll give him a call". He rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, "No, Nana! I'll type to him." He then ran over to the computer and turned it on.
  10. Just how good is government health insurance supposed to be? How costly (to sign up)? If we already have insurance through our employer, are we better off sticking with it, or getting government insurance? Also - to prevent lockage, please try to keep this thread as civil and fact based as possible. Addition question... - What will this cost the average tax payer on a weekly basis, if they do NOT use government insurance?
  11. Was the "cheesy credit card" Tribute? If so, dispute it. They won't respond to the CRA (in my experience).
  12. She's definitately a meth-head, but at least she has a firm grasp on things.
  13. Two questions come to mind: 1: What did they do to cause your husband's loss of "important items"? 2: Why are they there?
  14. I can't believe they'd be so stupid to cancel the prom over something like this. I can slightly understand not allowing the girl to wear a tux - and that's only if there's some traditional "prom etiquette" about dress codes. But even then... it's not like she wants to wear jeans and a tank. Canceling an entire promo over a gay couple going? Stupid, stupid, stupid. That's just asking for a lawsuit - and what year is this again? If a gay couple went to my prom, I would not have been phased one bit.
  15. http://www.htrnews.com/article/20100306/MA...woman-s-fingers Genius. Pure genius.
  16. How about 52 and single? IMJO(In My Jaded Opinion), the whole marriage/relationship thing is way overrated - Been there, done that, and am HAPPY being single I'd like to give the whole "relationship with the right girl" thing a try first. And I want kids. I've had people tell me my "standards are too high" - here and in person. I want to clarify a bit on that - and what I mean when I say I have high standards. Yes, I have high standards - but I am not shallow. Lowering my standards would be "settling" for something I'm really not looking for. I do know that I won't find the "perfect" girl - but I am able to understand and separate neat little quirks from things that are a must... Case in point - my friend was working late with me the other day. We were swamped at work, and he called to let his GF he would be home a little late. She flipped, put him on a ridiculous guilt trip and posted off the wall crap on her Facebook. And she's not the only girl I know who does that. I'm not looking for that - and wouldn't stand for it. Luckily, this girl I'm talking to isn't that type. She's got about 1,001 "what if" questions - and I'm not sure how to take them. She seems scared that our relationship would end before it started. I guess it's a good sign that she gives it a lot of thought - but bad that she has her doubts? Questions are like: What if you don't like my cooking? What if your mom doesn't like me? Stuff like that... And she's asked a few times - "if things didn't work out - would we still be friends?" To which I assure her we will. I'm not sure how to get her to stop worrying about the little things - I just want her to know everything will be fine.
  17. Yeah - it's one of those things that makes perfect sense to me, but isn't something I should just do... When she was initially planning on going, she told me I should go with her for at least a week or two (she wanted to go a month). I was a little surprised at the invitation. I'd be open to going, but would be a little confused on the details... especially at where we stand now... and a lot can change between now and summer. Dude - Is the same girl that you were asking all those questions about co-signing for a student loan? Did you end up cosigning? I was talking to her about school - and she said she thinks her friend's uncle will co-sign. Other than that - she has "a couple of other people she can try asking". I told her if nothing works out - I'd help her. She was pretty shocked, and actually teared up a little. She is one of four people I'd be willing to do this for - two of whom don't need it anyway (the other three being my parents, and my sister).
  18. I have been to Nepal. Hot chicks and good cooks. Nice combination. 2 things. If she is a Sherpa she can climb mountains in a trice. Can be useful because she will carry your backpack as well. If she is a Gurkha she will cut your nuts off if you lemonade her off. So find out her ethnicity and behave accordingly. Is she a Vegetarian? She isn't a vegetarian, but does not eat pork (personal choice) or beef (religious reasons, she is Hindu). That's fine with me - I don't eat pork either (don't like it, it's not the best for you either), and I rarely eat beef. I could live without it - it's more of a craving food for me. I'm not sure of her exact ethnicity, except she is from Kathmandu - if that narrows it down. I haven't seen her truly angry, and she's generally EXTREMELY cheerful. The angriest I've seen her is giving a scowl that lasts LESS than a second and then saying "shut up!"... I haven't given her a reason to be angry, and really don't plan on it. I think I've made one girl EVER angry with me, and that's because she was psycho and I went out with friends to a movie and missed her 13 phone calls. I can handle myself and my backpack perfectly well in some mild mountain climbing. I haven't done any hardcore stuff, but I've carried myself and a heavy backpack up some decently sized New England mountains. I was in a class that took weekend camping field trips... and on the first mountain trek, one of the male interns (guy in his mid-20s) kept falling. We had to split most of his pack up amongst the students... I took a big chunk of the weight, despite being about 5'4" 120... At least Boy Scouts had me prepared for those trips. My teacher was amazed that I got a campfire going so quickly, and then pissed when it turned out to be a 7' high bonfire.
  19. Yeah - it's one of those things that makes perfect sense to me, but isn't something I should just do... When she was initially planning on going, she told me I should go with her for at least a week or two (she wanted to go a month). I was a little surprised at the invitation. I'd be open to going, but would be a little confused on the details... especially at where we stand now... and a lot can change between now and summer.
  20. Absolutely... I'd have to be extra careful in your case... I'm an Eagle Scout, and the "official" boy scout handshake is with the left hand. Oh, hey - I can randomly type apostrophes again. She hasn't seen her family in two years, and is here to stay. She was planning on visiting them this summer, but that got canceled due to her other job closing. She's pretty upset about it I think. I'd love to take her - and could - but I don't want her to feel like it's me just "giving her money" or anything.
  21. I should add that there would be no drama over this from myself, or my family. Heck, my mom even told me when I was about 15, out of the blue, she would not be bothered if I dated or married anyone of a different race, religion, whatever... as long as I am happy and she is not "taking advantage" of me. No idea why she said it at the time, but I guess it is good to know. I am totally okay with going slow - we are learning a lot about each other this way anyway.
  22. I don't understand the drama here. Go out with her. Keep it light and fun. Let her know up front that if it doesn't work out you aren't going to stalk her and that either way you would very much like your friendship to remain in tact. Tell her you are willing to take things slow. If you treat their daughter with respect then she will tell her parents all the wonderful things about you and they will come to like you as much as she does. No drama really - but it is her decision as much as it is mine if we go out - and right now she has conflicting feelings about it. I do not want to make her feel like I am trying to pressure her. We work together twice a week, and I usually walk her to her bus stop after work - and we talk. She calls me a lot, and a couple of times she has come into work on her day off to see me. I think the track I am on with her is at least making progress, even if it is slow.
  23. I have an update sort of... Turns out the girl who "shot me down" - did not actually "shoot me down"... Two of our mutual friends have told me she said she actually likes me a lot - BUT is not sure what to do about it, for two reasons. 1) She is from another country and is worried her parents would be upset if she dated an American guy. They live there, she lives here (obviously). 2) She has a few friends from her country who have dated American guys - and in every case it has ended badly - mostly due to the guys treating the girls like crap. She has said to friends "I know MB82x is not that kind of guy, but I am afraid I would lose him as a friend if things did not work out." I mean, it is obvious we both like each other at this point - but there is just those two things we need to overcome. She calls me quite often, and has even stated she would like to meet my mom. o.O Note: The reason I did not use any contractions in this post is because Firefox will not let me type an apostrophe. It is very annoying. I refuse to incorrectly type contractions by leaving out the apostrophe. Note #2: She is from Nepal, because I know someone will ask. Anyway - thoughts? As Forrest Gump would say - we are like peas and carrots - except we were cooked in separate pots.

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