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  1. Actually... if you want the details. I offered to check the camera. The store manager told me to "take her with you". I gave the thief's name and street name (again didn't say which building or apartment number). The store manager got her phone number and handed to to the customer. I won't get fired over it. Absolute worst case scenario would be a warning. As bad as I am with doing things a little "not by the book", my store manager is way worse. He was like "can't we just get her address from the RX computer?" I was like "Um, dude... HIPAA. No."
  2. Never heard anything about this policy TBH. I mean, in any sense, there are gray areas on our side too - as a few employees still have her on Facebook, and still have her phone number in their cell phones, etc, etc... her information is no longer in our store system - so as a company, we have no access to her information. Individual employees however, do (in their cell phones, on Facebook, etc...) I got a laugh out of the victim when I said "I wish I could help more. Too bad I rejected her as a friend on Facebook about fifteen times." (And the sad part is, I wasn't lying.)
  3. (It's part of my cold sense of humor. Always root for the extreme case in everything when someone has something coming. I have a twisted fascination with the worst case scenario for bad people.)
  4. Yeah, I'm rooting for the highest possible Crime to Inconvenience To Victim ratio possible... (Meaning, extremely serious charges brought against the thief, at little to no inconvenience to the victim). Maybe if the thief uses the victim's credit card to buy drugs off of a South American website? Thief gets charged with identity theft, grand larceny, international and domestic drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance... etc... (I don't know what I'm talking about). But zero liability for the victim, right?
  5. I'm not sure on that. I showed her the tape, but didn't make her a copy. I'm going to wind up making a copy and saving it anyway - as it'll get purged in 2-3 weeks (I think) if I don't. I've never been told "not to give video surveillance to customers" - but then again you need a password to burn hard copies. I have the password, but I'm not so sure I'm supposed to... I can't see it being a law though, maybe just company policy. I wouldn't have an issue giving information to police without a report. To a customer, that's a bit different, depending on the situation. This customer is definitely not the type to "beat someone down". I know I have no evidence of that, but sometimes you can just tell. Also, I didn't give her address and apartment number; and urged the customer to get the police involved - and told her "if you show up at someone's house, you really can't know what to expect" (which is 100% true).
  6. I offered to call the police. The customer said she would walk over to the department, as it would probably be faster. I told her I'd help out in any way I can. I don't know if the store itself has a stake or an obligation in this whole case, but I (personally) would like to see the girl get her wallet back, and the thief get what's coming to her. The customer has my contact info regardless.
  7. Grey area, maybe. Say for instance a shopper in a store leaves her wallet on the counter, out of the cashier's line of view. The next shopper who comes to the counter sees the unattended wallet and snatches it up. Dishonest, absolutely... but is it illegal? Back story: A couple of years ago, this extremely annoying girl worked in the same store as I do. She was a compulsive liar and terrible worker. Some of her lies included: Being born with no immune system and recovering (the doctors had to "build her one", and now she can never get sick... ever). Being born with cancer and recovering. Having had cancer like six separate times in her lifetime, and recovering each time. Being pregnant (which turned out to be a lie to cover up her weight gain)... being a published author (she refused to say what her pen name was, because she didn't "want to deal with stalkers")... so on, and so on... The final straw was when she claimed that a co-worker pinned her up against the wall and tried to get intimate with her. Little did she know, I had sent that co-worker out to pick up our lunch. She was caught in her own lie, and walked out immediately. She never came back (as an employee). She filed harassment complaints with the company about a few employees, but they all wound up being bogus. Yesterday: I was working near the RX department, and this same girl walked by and said something to me. I brushed her off with a "hi" and didn't bother to look up. A few moments later, another girl comes in asking the RX staff if anyone turned in a wallet. Immediately, I was suspicious, so I took the customer to the security camera system, and we checked the RX register. Sure enough, she put her wallet on the counter, paid, and walked off without her wallet. The wallet was placed behind some stuff (from the cashier's PoV) so that he would not have easily noticed it. The next customer was the "dishonest ex-employee". She spoke to the cashier for a moment, and sent him to check on something inside the RX. As soon as his back was turned, she looked around, grabbed the wallet, rummaged through it quickly and shoved it in her pocket, then walked out. I provided the customer with the ex-employee's name, phone number and address (not street number, as I don't know it... just the street). I told her to contact the police, and that I would gladly be a witness. I know where the ex-employee's house is, and could even take the police there if necessary. The girl who had her wallet stolen is supposed to be taking an out-of-country trip in two days (actually, tomorrow now). I'm afraid she might be out a lot of money, as I'm pretty sure she would need her credit cards, driver's license... and possibly other important information in that wallet. Hoping the police can help her out - especially since I (and all the other supervisors + managers) can make a positive ID and a couple of us even knows exactly where she lives... Were her actions a crime? Is it stealing if you "found" it? Did you "find" it if you took it off of a checkout counter (where someone could easily turn it in, as opposed to say finding it on a street)?
  8. This has absolutely no bearing on anything I've actually experienced, but it was a subplot on an episode of King of the Hill. Two friends made a "joke bet" for $1,000,000. When one friend lost, he laughingly wrote his friend a check for $1,000,000. The friend (an salamander) was totally serious about the bet, and attempted to cash the check for $1,000,000. When he got to the bank, the teller informed him, "I'm sorry, Mr. Dautrieve's account has insufficient funds to process this transaction. He only has $429.63 in his account." The friend replied, "I'll take it." The bank issued him the entirety of his friend's account, and caused the friend much anguish. I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but can someone take less than the amount on the check if the balance doesn't cover the check?
  9. Subprime merchants, or subprime purchases?
  10. By all means make a minumum - but make a maximum minimum. I think this helps protect small merchants from huge fees (think people buying single bottles of soda and candy bars on credit). $5.00 - I think - would be a reasonable "maximum minimum" that would allow fees to be covered and a fair profit to be made, without "punishing" the consumer - but I don't know all the math behind it. $10.00 is a little bit excessive though, I think. ...keep in mind too, some items (newspapers are one of them, I think) are sold at almost no profit. They're in the store because if they weren't, people who want them would shop elsewhere. Having worked for a few retail pharmacies and sat in on some exec. conversations, the topic of "ethics of selling cigarettes in a pharmacy" has come up several times. It's not that the company can't do without the profit made by selling cigarettes... it's that if we didn't sell cigarettes, we'd lose a whole demographic of smokers to the competition... and they'd get their RX filled somewhere that DID sell cigarettes, etc... Err, getting off topic, aren't I?
  11. Fair enough, but if the merchant owns a "Qwik Stop" that sells 75 cent candy bars, $1.49 drinks, milk, bread and newspapers, no one is spending $300 or even $30 in there, unless it's on beer, cigarettes or scratch tickets. When you're in a business of pocket change, there is a very fine line between profit and loss.
  12. MB82x

    Care Credit?

    I was told specifically by the dentist's billing lady about "Care Credit" - and that it'd be 24 months of no interest, and after that, it's a 24.99% APR - not sure if that means everything is fine as for my qualifying... I hope it doesn't report as a credit card with a maxed out balance... =/ I also wonder what I can get CL wise... and how their borrowing works... My current high CL is $4000, pretty much exactly the amount I need (except it's not interest free)... Something I might look into... do CUs tend to offer their own version of Care Credit? Employers? Also, if I borrowed $2000 in July, then $2000 in October... would I have til 7/12 for the first $2000 and 10/12 for the second $2000?
  13. MB82x

    Care Credit?

    My research on it did seem to imply you must make scheduled payments... so I doubt it.
  14. MB82x

    Care Credit?

    I need some expensive dental work done. We're talking about $4000, possibly more. Technically, I can afford this out of pocket, but it'd be a HUGE chunk of my nest egg - which I don't want to touch. I was told there is a plan called "Care Credit" - which is basically an interest free loan for 24 months - which makes the $4000 very manageable. However, failure to pay off the full balance after the 24 months will result in an APR of ~25%. Questions about such an account: - Positive or negative on your credit report - or even excluded from credit report due to HIPPA? - Can they just turn it over to a CA even if I keep up with payments? I heard some horror stories of doctor offices sending accounts to CAs just so they don't need to deal with the billing....? - Other stuff I should know?
  15. My dentist isn't shady... he's actually very good. 4 Wisdom teeth extracted, no pain, no swelling... Way too much blood though.
  16. Yeah, that's the weird thing too... I had a molar pulled last month, no BP check... Cleaning today, BP check...
  17. I had a cleaning scheduled today, and before the hygienist got started, she asked me a number of questions. - Who is my PCP (primary care physician)? - When my last physical was. - A couple of others related to allergies and medication. The first two threw me off a bit - because I've been to this office a few times in the past year for some work, and they never asked me anything other than allergy/medication questions. Then she took my blood pressure. I asked why, and she stated they are now required to take blood pressure... and if it comes up over 160, they need to turn the patient away because they are at risk of heart attack. Is this some new law? Maybe office policy? It just seemed weird, especially for a simple cleaning. It has me a bit worried for future visits, also - because... 1: I walk about a mile to get there, which could spike BP (I think...) 2: Dental visits can be stressful, and can cause BP to rise. 3: I hate... HATE the feeling of having my BP taken. I think that spikes it up too... Usually when I get my BP taken, I initially get a little "stressed" about it... and it comes out absurdly high... they retake it, I take a few deep breaths, and it comes out normal or "a little high"...
  18. MB82x

    Buying a house?

    Ugh, that sounds like it excludes most of the area I want to live in... (Boston), unless I live in a really bad area...
  19. MB82x

    Buying a house?

    I'm not exactly looking to buy a house right now, but I want to start getting ready for it now, so I'll be prepare in a year or two. What should I know first, strictly from a financial/preparation stand point (not so much about the property itself)? Right now I make ~$2600 a month, with little/no debt commitments. My credit scores are in the 680-720 range, with a paid collection as the only negative. Right now I have $6200 in the bank, and on December 31st I will have (at minimum, barring disaster) ~$11,500 in the bank. This estimate is based on my current savings plan of $150/wk that I do NOT touch for any reason. After bills are paid, rent is taken care of, and food is in my fridge, I toss whatever is left in my checking account into my savings. Sometimes it's $50, sometimes it's $500 - depending on what came up that month. Assuming tat the end of next year I'm making slightly more... say $2700/mo... and have say $20,000 in the bank... what sort of property would be affordable to me under those conditions? Credit score will likely be 720-750 by then... Debt commitments are just monthly credit card payments of my monthly expenses. ($100-300...)
  20. What about Massachusetts? The winters are dark and miserable, and the summers are muggy and ripe with pollution. Sure, it may not be 90 every day in the summer, but it's usually pretty darn muggy.
  21. I know it's wrong to wish bad things on another person... but I hope this azzhat gets hit by a bus. Seriously. That guy has a lot of nerve to take it upon himself to ruin the other guy's perfect reputation. THIS IS TRUE LUNACY!
  22. For me, personally - I'm okay with it, because I get pretty much anywhere I need to go easily - and for free. Still, I recognize it as a problem - not so much for myself, but I see it as a huge hindrance towards dating and eventually having a family, etc... It's one of those things too, that's really hard to bring up when dating... you really don't want to mention it, but when it does come up, it's kind of awkward... almost like you were lying via exclusion of information. Admittedly, the "no car/insurance payments" sounds like a cop out - and it basically was until recently... now I am saving ~1000-2000 a month straight into my savings account towards the future. One of my strengths is, I can look at a piece of paper, or a scene at work and almost instantly see everything that's wrong. If one thing was done incorrectly or is out of place, I pick up on it right away (not in an anal/OCD manner, it's just that I notice things). It's a huge strength at work, and in other applications - but in a car, it's horrible. The same things apply, except that the external stimuli changes every second - causing me to have an extreme focus on caution. It's not so bad on a straight road with NO cars and NO people, but even going around a sharp corner, you realize anything could be there... a dog, a car, kids playing in the street... etc... On a highway, it'd just be brutal. The major thing that causes this, is I realize that when driving a car, I am responsible for not only my life, but the lives of my passengers and anyone who happens to be walking or driving along that road. I have faith in my own reflexes, but recognize that cars DO NOT have reflexes, and other drivers may not be exercising the caution they should.
  23. It is kinda embarrassing at best, and socially crippling at worst. But here's the deal... When I was around 16, my friends started getting their driving permits. I had a LOT of apprehension about it, and didn't make an effort to get it. Eventually, my parents signed me up for Drivers Ed through my school - and I was extremely reluctant about it. I never felt comfortable on the road tests, and had a lot of anxiety about every little thing. On road tests, I would avoid streets with lots of turns - or even if the sun was in my eyes. If I saw pedestrians, I'd slow to about 5 mph, til I passed them - because I was afraid of hitting them. On one road test, I had to go downhill and around a bend, to find a garbage truck. Again, I was terrified because I couldn't see what was behind the truck, and around the corner. I stopped the car entirely. The instructor asked what I was doing, and I replied "waiting for the truck to move so I can make sure no one is coming". He was like, "dude, just drive". It was almost like a curse of being overly observant while driving. I saw every little thing that could potentially pose a problem, and reacted to them all. I'd break for a squirrel that wasn't even on the road yet. I once complained, "there are too many people out walking today"! Topped with the facts that I'm extraordinarily impatient and have somewhat poor vision and sensitive eyes, I never bothered to get my license after taking Driver's Ed. Still, I really don't want the car payments - or insurance payments - or to fuel up constantly - but this will eventually become extremely inconvenient to me... especially if I move away from a major city. All these problems I described took place in a small town, with very little traffic. I could see dealing with that - but the concept of driving on a highway seems completely out of the question (it's like there is WAY too much going on at once). Is this at all common? Anyone else ever dealt with this?
  24. I get the same thing, except maybe a bit too much... Last time I had to buy alcohol, I got carded. I was fishing through my wallet trying to find my ID - and after a minute or so, the cashier said "Yeah, nice try." I asked him what he meant, and he said "You're what? 16, 17?" I found my ID, slapped it down on the counter and said "28".
  25. I found a fix, sort of... Clicking this button when making a post seems to fix things... but I'm not sure how well/permanently it fixes them.

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