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  1. "Print YTD sales report", look for the "vs last year" column and see +4.6%... I don't wish bad against my corporation - I wish for the executives and shareholders to pull their heads out of their marigolds. If it takes a month of poor performance for them to realize "sales are down because we don't have any people putting products on the shelves", then so be it. Paper products, cold drinks and any grocery items on sale empty off the shelves in one hour flat. Every minute they remained unfilled, it's a lost sale. Their problem, not mine.
  2. I'll specifically add that my hours aren't going to take a significant hit - but no one in my location "deserves" to have their hours cut... it's just a case of bigwigs making a declaration of "make it happen", without regard to the people they have working for them. It's retail, for what it's worth. I ran the numbers today, and we're UP 4.6% in sales since last year, but got our payroll budget cut by close to 10%. The travel budget isn't used for clients - it's used for our executives to travel around the country visiting locations just to say "nice store" and "you have too many expenses" (oh the irony...) Made the schedule for the next two weeks - and we're horribly under staffed at this point (putting people on vacation as a temporary solution). The next two weeks are also two of our busiest of the year (there's like a two week street festival right outside - TONS of foot traffic)... lines are gonna be out the door. For once, I'm hoping our corporate line gets flooded with complaints.
  3. It's also a question of where the money is going... Putting up executives in $750/night hotel rooms, flying them first class, giving them $500-1000/wk dining budgets when traveling... The CEO is also a major shareholder, and is on the board of shareholders I think. If at a shareholder's meeting - news is brought that $5,000,000 worth of cuts need to be made - can't this CEO/shareholder make a "recommendation" to "cut payroll budgets" for all locations? He certainly isn't going to volunteer a paycut from $30M to $25M... How much "say" does a shareholder get in these meetings? What if the shareholder is an employee? Are shareholders even aware of the MASSIVE amounts of waste that occurs within their companies (i.e. insane travel budget for executives, etc)... How much of a stink can one shareholder raise?
  4. But leave to what? There aren't very many jobs out there. The CEO losing his job doesn't quite make up for the thousands who are suddenly struggling to pay their bills. No, I have no problem with being paid less than someone who doesn't earn their keep. It's not ideal, but it could be worse. A more appropriate question would be, if the slacker you mentioned negotiated a better salary, and to fund it - they gave me a 20% pay cut... would I be insulted/angry/upset? Hell yes. Would I try to stop it? Hell yes. Would I be right in feeling this way? I certainly think so. One can only hope... ; Are any of these guys really worth the money they earn?
  5. Can they? What's hiring? But the workers would still be out of a job. I'm talking about TENS OF THOUSANDS of people getting sharp pay cuts, and ONE GUY getting millions upon millions of dollars for his "leadership" which led to the company not meeting it's expectations. Oh, and he retires this year too. Hurray for golden parachutes.
  6. Well, last year my place of employment got hit with CRUSHING budget cuts. Our weekly payroll budget went from 950 hours to 800. It was a struggle to keep everything running smoothly, and we had a really rough year (working condition wise). People are burnt out, etc... Still, our profit has NOT taken a hit at all. We just got word today we're being cut AGAIN from 800 to 725. This sucks. It's already nigh impossible for any of us to take a vacation without making others work ridiculous hours. Even if it only comes out to $30/wk per employee - some of these workers only make $200 a week to begin with... that's a LOT of money to them. The reasoning for these cuts are: the company as a whole had a bad quarter or year or whatever. They need to keep the share holders happy. However, our CEO gets a 27% raise to $30 million this year. How does that make sense? My immediate boss told me that our company has the highest CEO Pay / Average Worker Pay out of any company in the industry. I know "that's life" - but this seems HIGHLY unethical, insulting and immoral towards thousands of employees who make daily sacrifices and keep this company running on a day to day basis - many of them getting paid peanuts for it. Is there ANYTHING we can do, or ANYONE we can file a complaint with? This crap shouldn't be allowed.
  7. We rent - so I'm not too sure about swapping around themostats... How easy/hard is this to do?
  8. If anyone here knows much about furnaces: I live with four roommates. One is a complete baby about winter months. He routinely sets the thermostat up to 80~82 degrees. The rest of us routinely set it back to 68-70 degrees. It's a losing battle though, as he sometimes sets it to 80~82 in the middle of the night. He then proceeds to walk around shirtless. As a result, we had large heating bills all winter. It also made sleeping uncomfortable for some of us, and even gave me bloody noses here and there. He's pretty insistent about it, and is going to mess with the thermostat regardless. It's one of the manual dial ones - not electrical. The rest of us are curious... can a furnace be set so the heat can never go over say 72 degrees, regardless of the thermostat?
  9. We're taking up a collection at work also, to help her and her DH out when they get back, since neither is going to be working for a month. They just moved into a new place, and I'm a little worried if their landlord will be less sympathetic with the rent situation. Should I just assume her in-laws are taking care of it? I don't know her MIL personally, but she does work within our company - is it appropriate to contact the MIL to make sure everything is "being taken care of"? I, along with a few other co-workers, are willing to pitch in to keep her rent/utilities up to date while she's gone. I'm not sure how prepared she (or her in-laws) are to deal with this...
  10. ...how do you handle it? I went into work yesterday and learned that both parents of one of my co-workers was murdered in their home the previous day. Robbery appears to be the motive. She is only 21 or 22, and her parents live overseas. She has no brothers or sisters. She and her husband (thank God for him) will be flying overseas for the next month to tend to things; so I won't be seeing her until at least then. It's really crushing, and she's the last person in the world to be struck such a cruel blow. I hope she can overcome this tragedy - even though the thought of it seems unbearable. When I see her next, I honestly don't know what to say. "I'm sorry", "If there's anything I can do...", they just seem so cliche - especially since I really can't undo what has passed. Welcome her back like nothing happened? What do you even say to something like this?
  11. Sounds familiar... when I lived w/ my loser of a father, he was always hitting me up for money. I stopped lending to him when I saw the dumb crap he bought with it. Still, I had to pay him rent... every time I handed him the cash, he'd have chinese food, scratch tickets and a carton or two of cigarettes within the hour. He didn't work or anything - just leech of people. I told him to at least apply for welfare or w/e - he refused because he doesn't want to "play by their rules".
  12. This must be "lost wallet week"... Someone else lost a wallet at my job - but luckily I found this one before someone else did. The wallet had $350 cash and a check for $900 inside... when I called the owner, she didn't even realize it was gone. o.O
  13. Ha. Anyway - I did opt-out again... just now. But will that stop the Verizon invitations? I don't mind the magazines, as one is actually interesting... but I wouldn't pay for it.
  14. A couple of years ago, I opted out to stop receiving credit card offers. A few months ago, they started trickling in here and there, and now I'm receiving them in full force again, along with other junk mail. The top offenders are: CitiGroup - sending me offers for personal loans. AAA - Keeps trying to get me to sign up. AARP - A few here and there, but I'm 28... no idea why I'm getting offers to join. CitiBank - tons of different credit card offers AMEX - various credit card offers Verizon - Nearly daily adverts telling my current service (Comcast) sucks, and that I should sign a two-year contract with them. Also, I've been receiving two magazine subscriptions through the mail. I never ordered them, nor have I paid for them. They are addressed to me. Does opting out expire? Did I somehow opt back in? Tired of dealing with the clutter and sub-prime offers...
  15. I'm not sure why that was a question... The law is weird sometimes. I'm not sure how it works with stuff that is lost. I'm not sure if there is a legal difference between "lost" and "mislaid". I know there's a huge moral difference between finding $20 on the ground and finding a wallet, but the law usually doesn't concern itself with morals. Is taking $20 off the ground a crime? Is taking $20 off the floor of a store a crime? What if the $20 is on the counter, but the counter is unattended? There's always a line between something being simply dishonest, and something being illegal. There are instances where "taking something that is not yours" is not a crime. I'm not sure where a "lost wallet" falls exactly. It wasn't stolen from the victims person, or property. Is it dishonest? Absolutely. Should it be illegal? Absolutely. Is it a prosecutable offense? :shrug:, I'm not a lawyer. (Although since the cops are involved, I guess it is...) Basically, there are plenty of dishonest things a person can do, that should be illegal, that technically aren't.
  16. Boss just called - the cops are involved and requesting the video, so no worries. The thief won't be killed in the dead of night. Now, if convicted - what is the thief looking at as far as punishment goes?
  17. Depends on wait times obviously... and sometimes traffic and train delays... Option 1: Walk to bus stop: ~1 minute Bus to train station: ~5-7 minutes Train Ride: ~10-12 minutes Walk to work: ~3 minutes Total: ~19 to 23 minutes, plus wait times Option 2: Walk to train station: ~12-14 minutes Train Ride: ~12-14 minutes (not the train station I'd take a bus to) Walk to work: ~3 minutes Total: ~27 to 31 minutes, plus wait times Option 2 is more walking and takes longer; but can be much faster if the bus in option one is not coming for a while.
  18. We didn't look it up in the store's system, and didn't give out the address. The only "address" I gave out was the street name - which has several apartment buildings, some with over 100 units in each. I've said already, and I've said it more than once. Even the basic information you gave out you had ONLY because person was ex-employee. You have also said you were/are not friends or acquaintances with this person. Therefore you are giving out information that belongs to the company... Not cool. Ex-friend of her had her number on his cell phone. They used to talk, not anymore (due to stuff I mentioned in the OP).
  19. Also, I want to add - I'd be more concerned about the safety of the victim than the thief, if I was to give out the address. If the victim went over to the thief's house and started banging on the door without the police - not only is she putting herself in physical danger (maybe), but she is also putting herself in legal danger (definitely).
  20. We didn't look it up in the store's system, and didn't give out the address. The only "address" I gave out was the street name - which has several apartment buildings, some with over 100 units in each. I've said already, and I've said it more than once.
  21. I didn't say it's okay. I think it's wrong to take cash from a wallet, even if you return the wallet. But if you lose the wallet, it's basically assumed the cash is going to be gone if you get the wallet back. Not saying it's okay, but it's just the way it is 95% of the time.
  22. What? Really?? That's not honest, a little tiny bit, at all. It's not honest, but it's a little more honest than just gaffing the whole thing. Either way, what I meant is - once you lose your wallet - you assume the cash is gone for good, but hope you'll get your wallet/cards/photos back. Heck, I consider myself honest - and my policy is: find a wallet on the street, and it goes back to the owner, along with everything inside... but if I find a random $20 bill on the ground, I'm damn well keeping it...
  23. We take all sorts of training, and get all sorts of memos on various policies - but this has never once come up. The company's favorite memo to send out is "don't talk to the media, refer all media queries to the corporate office". The video is as good as made though. Was planning on doing it first thing tomorrow. I didn't give her any specifics, other than to say "I'm not surprised" about the incident. I'm one of the supervisors. Three of the five supervisors (two had the day off) were present, along with the store manager, throughout the entire process. Could be pricey if she loses out on that vacation she is supposed to be leaving on tomorrow. Is there really any hope of her getting on a plane and taking her trip (out of country) if she lost her ID and credit cards? "Street law" for somewhat honest folks seems to be "turn the wallet in, keep the cash". I've lost my wallet before, and got it back - minus the $40 I had in it. It's to be expected, and you're usually just happy to get your wallet/cards/photos back. In this case especially, I wish the thief did this. Then at least the victim's vacation would be spared. Edit: To answer your question, we do have district and regional LP people, but they don't work in the stores normally. Sometimes they come in as undercover detectives. We don't like to get them involved though (unless it's serious), because when the Regional LP guy comes in, he usually gives us about 10 new forms and reports we need to review - daily... and we really don't have time for it.
  24. I'm honestly confused about what you deem a "gray" area. Facebook and personal cell phones aren't company regulated, so taking information from our own social networking devices isn't an corporate act, but just someone acting on their own?

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