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  1. In most cases, not true. Love takes time. Making a determination of physical attraction, not so much. On the other hand, sometimes people start talking for reasons other than physical attraction (work, school, friends, mutual interest, etc...). Getting to know the person could result in developing a "like" and eventually love for them. If someone is totally repulsive to you, this won't happen; as people kind of put up a "wall" to this situation. I do know that when you love someone (at least in my case), they are the most beautiful person to you in the world - imperfections aside.
  2. Okay. You hate rap, but you use Ebonics. Did you learn Ebonics, so that you could understand rap when you listened to it???? Or did you learn Ebonics from listening to it? You know assimilation and all. That's how Berlitz teaches Ebonics.... That's not ebonics...
  3. I absolutely despise rap and wish it would go away. I don't think it should be banned though. I view most music that comes out now as trash anyway... can't stand all this hip hop, puffy, biggy, gaga crap... =/
  4. I hope she loses her job, is threatened with prison time and decides to flee to the US. Then I hope she racks up tens of thousands of dollars in debt and starts getting harassed by bill collectors. Then I hope she joins this forum to seek help with her credit problems. Then I can tell her what I really think of her.
  5. I'd be pretty angry. Also, soda (among other things) is going to be 100% off limits.
  6. you don't have kids do you? You know, upon rereading that, I realized all those things can be done playfully too... No kids of my own yet - just a two year old nephew who likes it when I pretend to be a monster and chase him around. Whenever I go over to visit, the first thing he asks is "chase me!"
  7. Whether or not you approve of hitting a child, I'll say this... you do NOT slap a 13 month of baby. You don't pinch its nose, flick its ears, bite its fingers or throw it at zoo animals. Babies cry because they're hungry, tired, gassy, scared, wet or otherwise uncomfortable. Figure it out, but don't slap, shake or otherwise physically upset the child. Random question that just popped into my head... do they make sleep masks for babies?
  8. I'm learning a bit that it's important to relax a bit too... which is why I volunteered to give up 4/hrs a week at work... Budget cuts, payroll cuts... my boss didn't want to touch my hours - but I "valiantly" offered to work four days a week, 9 hours a day; instead of five days a week, 8 hours a day. Loss: 4 hours of pay a week (less, considering I pickup time on Sunday) Gain: Three day weekends every week. Well worth the trade off IMO.
  9. Found it, thanks! Still, Facebook is kinda lax in terms of filtering stuff. Too much all or nothing.
  10. This is weird... your menu seems entirely different from mine. There's no sight of "Things Others Share" under my account menu... odd... I'm sure, I know wife/mother-in-law relationships can get really testy.
  11. I can afford this! Too bad in order to afford it, I need to keep my current job... in New England. I'd like to retire to another country when the time comes. Too much hustle and bustle, worry and woe in the US. Everything is work, work, work, go, go, go, buy, buy, buy... I don't stress too much, but it's evident others do - and they wind out taking it out on everyone else.
  12. I can't really find any setting like this. But what I want to hide is when I post on a friend's wall. The annoying process is as such: 1: Friend posts a picture. 2: I comment for whatever reason. 3: My mom sees that I've commented because it appears on my wall. (This is the lone thing I want to stop.) 4: My mom comments with something like "Nice curtains!" - which feels really awkward, considering my mom doesn't know the friend. (This can be avoided by eliminating #3). Is fully closing off my wall to her the only way? Good point... they must have nothing higher than "Friends of Friends". It's not me, it's her... honestly. A few years back I was planning a road trip with a bunch of friends. I was talking to her about it and she said "that sounds like fun, can I come too?" And she was dead serious. I told her "this is just a trip with friends", and she had a hard time grasping that. I consider myself lucky to have her as a mom, but even the coolest moms don't get invited on their 25 year-old son's road trips. I don't avoid posting anything because she might see it. And if there was something I didn't want her to see, I'd just set the filter to exclude her from viewing it. That's easy to deal with.
  13. It's not new, but I liked that Red Umbrella commercial... Old Guy: Why not swim across? Danny DeVito Clone: SWIM IT?!
  14. I've seen the name around - but I don't know him. As for the bad hair, dirty skin, etc... it's in large part because the people have ceased to care about ANYTHING other than getting high, and finding ways to fund their addiction. Why shower when that's time you could be using to either get high, or steal something to sell, so you can buy more drugs and get high? And the open wounds? I figure it's from accidents like falling down, walking into walls, etc... drugs mess you up. Another possibility is they tried to steal from the wrong person or the wrong store, and they got roughed up as a result.
  15. Can you just block someone from seeing the "MB82x commented on XYX's page"? That's the stuff that's bugging me. If I completely cut her off from my page, it'd be pretty obvious - and I'd have to cut off basically anyone she might talk to.
  16. I see it everyday. I work in a pharmacy two blocks from a methadone clinic (and I realize crystal meth and methadone are different drugs). Maybe those clinics do SOME good, but I can tell you that a large number of their patients are not following the program, and are just using it for the free drugs. They pretty much look like the people in these photos do... and tend to have the following characteristics. - They use food stamps to buy frozen foods and snacks from pharmacies. Not smart, considering the massive markup on these items. - They either mutter and croak out inaudible words, or obnoxiously yell across the store looking for whoever they went in with. - They LOVE Mountain Dew. - They also LOVE Spaghetti-Ohs. - They can become very emotional and cry over the dumbest things. One burst into tears because our freezer was broken and we put a padlock on it to prevent people from buying melted ice cream. Her exact words, while bawling were, "There's no ice cream.... Oh nooooooo!" - They like to yell into cell phones and talk loudly about their embarrassing medical inflictions and quality TV shows such as "Deal or No Deal". - Boston Junkies have EXTREMELY exaggerated Bostonian accents (Ah ya comin' ov-AH tAH-mAH-rAH? We'yah havin' Spaghetti-Ohs and Mountain Dew!) to the point that it makes me want to vomit. I hate anyone who says "Tah-mah-rah". It's "two-maw-row". "Tah-mah-rah" people should be locked up.
  17. Not really the same thing - but I'm 28 have my mom as a friend on Facebook. It was never really an issue (as long as I didn't post anything that would freak her out), until recently... The past month or so, she's been clicking every link that pops up on my profile such as "MB82x commented on MP85z's wall post" - and adding her two cents where it really does NOT belong (i.e. a friend or co-worker's page - where she doesn't even know the person). To make a point with a friend who said "it can't be that bad", I posted something on that friend's wall that made absolutely no sense. Within the hour, my mom replied "What??? I don't get it." So annoying. No idea how to stop it without offending her.
  18. The only students that should "FAIL" are the ones who choose to. I think there is a VERY IMPORTANT difference between a student who "just can't get it" and "doesn't care if he gets it". Two students fail a test - I think both should be allowed a make up test. Extra help should be provided if needed. One student doesn't bother to make it up - but the other does. The one who doesn't bother has earned his "FAIL". It is the student's job to learn, and the teacher's job to teach. The teacher has done his/her part. The student declined the chance to learn the material, and thus fails. The second student takes the test again, and fails again. Even still, the student has shown he is willing to work towards learning the material. Not understanding something isn't necessarily bad, not if you're making the effort to understand it. Why not let the student take the test until he passes? Studying is important - but it's worthless if the stuff isn't clicking. Some students need help to make things click. Others might not have the right environment outside of school to learn and understand new material. On the flip side of things, if a student does very well on a test (let's say 90%), and approaches the teacher and says "I'm not satisfied with a 90, I want a 100..." and then demonstrates that he/she now understands the incorrect questions - should that student then receive credit for it? Or maybe allowed to retake the test until satisfied? If a student insists upon getting an "A" in a class, aren't they also insisting on mastering the course material? One thing I disliked about teachers in high school were the ones that assigned major projects and made irrelevant stuff like "visuals" and "neatness" 15-30% of the grade. My skills with magic markers and making poster boards look pretty have very little, if anything, to do with Quantum Physics... As a pointless side note, I rarely studied for math tests, and rarely paid attention. I just took the tests cold and applied logic to the problems. That's probably why I was an A student in Geometry, but a C- student in Algebra.
  19. Unions are something I know VERY little about - and it's VERY hard to find an unbiased opinion of a union. Here's what I know... 1: Our company shoves anti-union videos down our throat - preaching about how they "care" about us and that unions are only out for themselves. If we unionize, we lose out, according to our company. Now, obviously - that's heavily biased. The company can currently dictate hours and raises - and other stuff. With a union - they lose a lot of that control. 2: Unions can go on strike if they don't get what they want. I don't want to ever go on strike. It's just a lose/lose situation. No matter how good the employees are - in retail you can generally replace the worker. They might not be as good, but they can still be at least functional with some training. I can't see retail employees winning in a union strike. Even if they can't replace my experience off the street - they could hire someone in my place for less money than I'd be getting if I was making a lot more due to being in a union. 3: The more hours are cut, and the less raises are given - the less loyal employees will feel. Less loyalty = more inclination towards unions. 4: Retailers have simply closed up locations that have unionized. All that said - I think everyone is happier when the employees and employers are on the same page - not at odds. We're not asking for raises, more vacation, better benefits, weird perks or anything like that... just to have reasonable staffing to allow us to do our jobs. The way they outlined the budget cuts were kinda questionable as well... like "the photo lab is budgeted for 45 hours now, but still keep it open 14 hours a day, seven days a week" and "we're cutting 40 hours from your Greeter position" when we never, EVER had a Greeter in our store to begin with. Cosmetics budgeted for 30 hours now, and again, they want someone there from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week... etc... It's like they just spit out numbers with no thought process going into it.
  20. Yeah... humidity does suck. I actually went as far as to refer to this week as "Scrotum Awareness Week" - after walking home in 95 degree, humid weather. I was just... too... aware... of everything down there during that horrible walk home... with each and every step.
  21. I'm 5'5", 150 lbs... and a few friends have called me fat... even though I'm not. I used to weigh 115 lbs a couple of years ago, so maybe they're just going by comparisons? I actually feel better/healthier at 150 than I did at 115... I get colds less often, have more energy, etc... For all the bad press "extra pounds" gets - you're pretty much universally better off being "X pounds overweight" than you would being the same number of pounds "underweight"... Twenty pounds overweight? Might get winded running up a flight of stairs. Twenty pounds underweight? You're probably in the hospital for malnutrition or anorexia. Fifty pounds overweight? You're fat, but can still do normal everyday stuff. Fifty pounds underweight? You're either dead or dying. Eat healthy, exercise, socialize, keep busy and don't align yourself with negative people. You'll feel fine.
  22. It's a long way to get high enough before these problems "go away" really. I work five eight hour days, and was already told my hours aren't getting touched. I'm too "valuable" - and there's a lot of stuff only I know how to do. It's not about me - it's about my co-workers. Also (and this is another can of worms), I've been offered a promotion to a salary position for 45 hours. I'd make another few thousand a year for the extra hours - but at this point I'm not sure I want to... a lot of store managers force their salaried employees to work 55, 60, 70+ hours a week. If the employee refuses, they fire them and find someone who WILL do it. Again it's a crappy practice - and doesn't seem worth it if that's what I'm face with... I did the 60 hour work weeks a few years ago for hourly pay. Those were worthwhile. Doing it for salary... not so sure. At this point I'm leaning more towards cutting my own hours from five 8-hour days to four 9-hour days. I lose four hours a week, but gain three-day weekends. It sounds appealing.
  23. I'd actually give most of the credit for this to our own staff, not the CEO. While our location has had great success, stock prices have fallen from $38.xx to $29.xx in the past year. Again, I see way, way, way too much waste in this (and all similar) companies - even aside from the travel budgets - it's even in the products they carry. Example: Go to any pharmacy and walk into the pain relief or cough and cold aisle. Look on the bottom shelf. Eye level, you will find your Advil, your Robitussin... major brands. On the bottom, you'll find these antiquated brand names that haven't been popular since the 60s, used only by a few geriatric loyalists - but tucked out of reach and sight of those who would consider buying it anyway. These products sit on the shelf until they expire in two or three years. CEOs can take credit for global successes and take the blame for global failures. One locations success comes down to the staff of that particular place.
  24. Sounds like you're looking at gross sales... net income would be a much better indicator of the company's performance, along with dozens of other figures that might be influencing decisions of the executives. Sales being up 4.6% vs prior year doesn't necessarily mean profits are up 4.6%. Sales can be down and profits can still go up, sales can be up and profits can go down... there's more to it than just sales. You're right - I'll try to give some rough numbers later (not going to give exact ones for obvious reasons)... I will say our payroll expense is already WAY down from last year already. ...also, for the people telling me to find another job - that all depends. I really don't want to quit, because I like the location I work in, the people I work with, and in general it's a pretty good place to work (when corporate doesn't shaft us). At most, I want to cut down to 4 days and just get a job working 1 day a week somewhere else, but I'm not sure anyone will hire for one day a week.
  25. Oh no? Really? Your definition of "bad" is different than mine, then, 'cause I never want to hear complaints about my company. I don't consider that "wishing bad" upon the company. The complaint line is there for a reason - and if there's a problem I cannot fix, I urge customers to use it. I can't change the hour budget. As a result of the cuts, there will be longer lines and a lot of empty shelves. That's a problem. If people complain, maybe it'll get fixed. That's a good thing. For our location, yes. I can print out a report that details our sales budget, hours budget, budget for all sorts of things such as travel expenses, utilities, rent... they even budget in theft... something like $25,000 in "expected theft".

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