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  1. Kedra, I would DV them (Texas DV style). That way they will either send you validation and/or possibly start racking up fines, normally you would ask they delete from credit reports after 30 days if they fail to validate but since it's not on there I am not sure about reporting. I also looked this company up on the Texas SoS site and found nothing in regards to a surety bond (you of course would want to call to make sure) which means they have no legal right to collect anything from you. This sounds like a JDB and possible scammer in my opinion.
  2. This inspired me to try the luv button myself (have tried many time and been denied many times) and was approved for 150 dollars on top of my whopping 700 lol. I saw beautyandcredit had luck with the chat so I tried that and asked for 5k and was given 3.5, guess i should have asked for 10 but am happy either way.
  3. I can confirm this. I have a Quicksilver 1 and just had my first "step", 500 -> 3500. I heavily use this card and have paid on it basically a couple times a week (always the balance + whatever extra it will allow), it's going to be nice only having to pay once per month now!
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  5. I had them on my file too, the are not bonded in my state which I was going to use against them but a simple online dispute made them go away (I was ready to go to war if needed though). I still get calls from 3rd parties they use trying to collect using the arrest/sue you scam but they can call as much as they want, I will never answer it.
  6. Hey Everyone, Long time lurker and have read and learned a lot. Now I finally have a question. I had a new CA show up on EQ this month called Enhanced Acquisitions, LLC (closed account). The date of first delinquency shows as 9/2010 and loan type is Factoring Company Account. I did some research on this company and the address they list looks like it points to a UPS store (3840 E. ROBINSON ROAD SUITE 353 AMHERST, NY-14228 (844) 592-4855) and doing a search on them for a surety bond in Texas shows nothing, it looks like they used to be in Texas as a company but forfeited existence years ago. In my searching I saw a lot of people picking them out as scammers (I have had the we are going to serve you b.s. calls lately) so I am looking for a direction to take, I don't want to waste money trying to CMRR them if it is just going to go to a UPS location. Should I send the DV (TFC 392) or just simply do a not mine with the CRA? I have no idea what this even is and want it off my report (score was getting good before this came along). Thanks!
  7. I ordered a 3 credit reports and scores at freecreditreport to check where I stand seeing as I need a new car and want to start building good credit. There is a couple things I could use some advice on. PALISADES COLLECTION L Account #... Account Type Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection Balance $308.00 Date Opened 10/1/2005 PALISADES Account #... Account Type Open Account Balance $308.00 Date Opened 1/1/0001 The first one is experian and the second is equifax, they have the same account #'s but were reported over 4 years apart. Can they do that? Then there is this. Account Name Account # ... Account Type Collection Account Balance $325.00 Date Opened 8/1/2002 This one is also equifax, there is no account name under this entry just an account number, there is a comment this is a medical bill but I don't recall ever owing anything for medical. I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to deciphering this stuff so any advice would be much apprciated. cheers

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