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  1. Just to update, I REFUSE to live like a fugitive. THEY are breaking the law and I am stuck in a corner here, so I got a little crazy. I called my bank and had a stop put on all payments to oxford for 6 months. They have now tried to debit the account 5 times fraudulently and all I've eaten are the original two fees for NSF and one for the stop payment. They were using "Paymybill" to process the payments and I disputed the 3 x 12.50 charges in Oct. from them as fraudulent. I couldn't dispute the 600$ charges from oxford since they didn't clear. I filed a police report, and will continue to do so each time they try to charge me without authorization. F**k them. I'm keeping my bank account. I tried in good faith to pay them and they are stealing from me. I will make it their problem, not mine. I talked to a local lawyer that takes on debt collectors. He is drawing up the paperwork to sue them for their violations. He claims the debt will now be thrown back to Sallie Mae (once things get started) and I will still have to somehow work out how to pay the debt. Does anyone know what happens in this situation? Will Sallie Mae deal with us directly when that happens, or sell the account to a different CA? Will they retaliate by trying to sue? I want to contact Sallie Mae and tell them that this CA violated my rights but I still want to pay my debt. Would that be a bad plan for any reason? Any other sugestions? Due to the finacial meltdown are they more likely to work with people, or has it made them more likely to sue? This debt is BK immune so I would think it could go either way.
  2. I'm in a very very similar situation. My private loans were taken out in 2003, and even though Oxford is collecting, I'm pretty sure Sallie Mae still holds the loans. Go to sallie mae's website and try to log in to look at your loan account. Our payments go to Oxford but the payments show up in the loan account info section of Sallie Mae's website when I login. I did have to get the original account numbers to reset my login since I don't remember my e-mail from 5 years ago. I can also call Sallie Mae to ask questions about my loan...they still have all of my loans info up to the minute. They won't DEAL with my account or payments, but it's interesting that they have all the info. Leads me to believe they still hold the loans. My federals are now out of default and were bought by William D. Ford. They aren't on Sallie Mae's site anymore...just the private ones. Good Luck.
  3. No, they didn't contact me each time. HOWEVER, I did agree over the phone to the first three payments. There are really two situations possible as to permission: 1) They HAVE a recording of me giving permission for the first three payments (which would also make it clear that I was agreeing only to those months and show the fourth as fraud)... or 2) They DON'T have a recording...meaning they have no proof whatsoever of any arraingement. The debt is owed to Sallie Mae for private student loans. When I call them they tell me to talk only with the CA. I do owe it. I attended a tech school from 2001-2003 and didn't understand the difference between private and federal loans...I signed all the loan forms that my advisor told me I needed to cover tuition and paid books out of my pocket. I deferred them out of school and let them all go into default a few years back. When I entered into a federal loan rehab program in February I did not immediately realise that two of my 9 loans were "private" because they were all from Sallie Mae, and I thought they were all included in my rehab plan. In May I began getting collection calls from this place, but by then the past due was almost 12,000. Lessons learned BIG TIME.
  4. My wife got a pre-qual letter from them about 3 months ago with scores in the upper 500's. Got the card for 200. ALSO I dunno if this is true country-wide, but you can also use the JCP card at Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacys as if it were a store card there. She may have only used it once at an actual JCP, but it gets almost weekly use at Rite Aid
  5. Issue in a nutshell: early July 2008 - Agreed to 3 months of "Good Faith Payments" of $600. Was told that this would allow them to put us on "hardship payments" around $200/month therafter. Took out loan to cover this amount as we don't have anywhere near that in expendanble income monthly. July25- 1st $600 payment August25- 2nd payment September25- 3rd payment Early October- Call CA and get run around. No one remembers making such a deal with us and there is no "hardship" plan. I tell them I don't know what to do then and I will call back when I know how much I can pay this month. October27- They try to debit a 4th UNAUTHORISED $600 debit, charging me a 32$ check reject fee since I didn't have the cash to cover it (since I never authorised it). On top of that I eat a 12.95 PAYMYBILL fee which does debit from my account. TODAY- They try to run it AGAIN. I HAVE NEVER AUTHORISED THIS PAYMENT. I'm about to go close my checking account but I will have eaten over $100 in fees by the end of the day. Please please please tell me this is against the law...money is so tight right now it's not even funny and this just cost my kids a trip to the pumpkin farm tonight. Can they just keep charging me forever because they have my checking info? They have NOT sued me and they have nothing authorising anything other than three payments starting in July. What should I do? This is a private Student loan that went into default years ago. I posted more info to that forum but I wanted to post here since this is NOT a federal loan and is controlled by a CA.
  6. Also it can depend on the wording of your agreement and the timing of your payments via technicality. EX: I called to begin my rehab plan on the 25th of the month, but asked that my payment date be on the 5th of the month due to pay cycle issues. They said that was cool, but told me I would need to make the first payment in the next week. The second payment would then be on the 5th, two months out. All my paperwork said 9 payments, but AFTER 9 payments I was told that I still had one to go. Why? Because they have to be no further than 32 days apart. The first was about 40 days before the second so it didn't count at all. Also it's taking a while to fund so I'll actually be making an 11th payment too.
  7. Back in July I agreed VERBALLY to 3 monthly payments of $600 to the CA collecting on my PRIVATE Sallie Mae student loans. I was told that after three $600 payments they would "ask Sallie Mae to put us on a hardship plan due to our good faith payments" which was how Private Loans get "Rehabbed" (according to them). I actually took out a different loan to pay the $600 payments. I called the CA after the last payemnet at the end of September and got the run around. Basically, the final rep tells me that they have no record of having told me anything, and that the payments meant zilch (went all to interest only), and that they can only help if I pay off the $30,000 balance in full. She tells me that paying the $600 for three months just PROVES I CAN pay that much each month (I really really can't) and they will accept that much towards the INTEREST monthly until such time as I can come up with a lump pay off (!!!!!!). So anyway, this was two weeks ago, I set up NOTHING because I have no access to that kind of cash and am debating what to do next, meanwhile they just tried to debit my account a FOURTH time which I NEVER authorised. WTF? I told my bank that I never authorised the payment and am not sure what to do next. Do these places keep the recording of when I authorised the plan? Because it was CLEARLY spelled out that this was to continue for three months only. Also, should I just give up and stop dealing with these people? Everything they tell me is a lie and now I have even more debt because I tried to get on good terms with them. Do I have ANY recourse? Any other options? Or do I just sit around an wait to be sued? I seriously feel helpless, which sucks because I worked hard and just this month finished rehabbing my federal loans. Any advise appreciated
  8. Sorry, not trying to hijack here, but how long should does a paid negitive have to age? Will your score go up a little after a few months? A year? Or only after it actually ages off your report? I was never clear on this myself...
  9. I will be officailly out of SL default in about a month here Assuming that would not take us out of the running for an FHA loan in the spring, here's some other questions: My wife has a couple of credit issues she is clearing up, but hovers a bit over a 600 Fico. It will likely be better in the next few months as things get corrected (recently looked at CR for the first time and found duplicates and incorrect info). She has no lates in the past year, and a couple old collections that will be paid in the next month. My situation is FAR worse in that I have defaulted student loans and no credit other than that (some old utility collections and such that have been paid but nothing current). I am fixing my situation slowly, but steadily. 1) Should we just have her buy the house? 2) Would she be able to? 3) If she held the loan for this house and I worked on my credit for the next few years would I be able to hold an FHA loan on a different house? Or is it still a no-go since we're married? 4) If we did just try to buy this house with FHA and decided NOT to keep it for income property, are we able to get a different FHA loan on a new house if we sell the old one? 5) Can you re-finance a home loan to NOT be an FHA loan once your finacial situation gets better? Would such a situation allow us to take out an FHA loan for a new primary residence property? Really we just want to find some way to buy a place with enough room. We'd like to keep this one for rental income if possible but that means we'd have to buy it first and then upgrade to a new place a few years later. We're hoping the next house will be in the range of 175K or more which would be doable much sooner if we were eligible for FHA. Any ideas? Or should we just let the rental property idea go?
  10. Well said. OP, have you read the GW thread? Ok.... I searched the newbie forum and the pinned topics and can't find it. Any chance of a link? I did research it before here but I don't know if you're referring to the posts I might have seen then.
  11. My wife has a CO from a wamu card she was joint on with her ex husband years ago. We got letter from Midland CA offering a very low settlement before finding CB and she paid it (this was in the spring). We just got the letter saying the debt is settled. Midland never showed up on her report AT ALL, BUT Arrow is there listed as an "assignee" of Washington Mutual (WAMU itself is also there as CO). Is it possible Midland IS Arrow even though it does not indicate as such on their paperwork? The only other thing I can think is maybe WAMU sold the debt to two places and Midland never reported and Arrow reported but never tried to collect...does that even happen? Is there anything here that we can use in a dispute? It'd be nice to have Arrow gone.
  12. I think I'll call them...anyone have any experiance with this? I just fail to believe that they won't remove a cluster of three lates from a over a year ago when our contract is up for renewal in a month.
  13. My wife has decided to tackle three lates on her bally record from spring 2007. They are the only lates she has in the entire 3 year trade history with them (She owns the contract and I am just an additional member so it does not appear on my reports). ALSO the account is up for contract renewal in October...so we figured we have a pretty good shot at Goodwill since they'll be wanting us to renew our contract soon (which we won't, but they don't have to know that). Anyway, she went with one of the goodwill letter templates here and modified it for the situation. Today we get a letter from them that is obviously a few pages thick. All it says is "Listed below is the payment history we have for your BALLY TOTAL FITNESS account:" And then it lists every single payment made since we signed up in 2005 (hence 3 pages). What does it mean? We pay on-line so there are a couple incidents where we were a day or two late and were assessed a 3 dollar late fee, but nothing major except for that three month period where my wife lost her job due to medical issues (she is now on disability). Is this just their way of saying "see you were late at other times too...you're out of luck"? Any suggestions?
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