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  1. I have Capital One at 16.3% for up to $24k (not looking to spend any more than that - probably more like $17k or less). Any other companies that would provide a better rate? Also, I have a ton of credit card debt ($6000 or more with interest rate at 20%) and $4k cash. I currently have a car worth about $16 and I owe about that. Private selling is always best but since it has 84K miles on it, that's a little difficult since most companies won't finance. If I trade-in, I do get a tax break, don't I? Can't really remember this part. At $560 a month, I'm wondering how long I should try to
  2. What stips? Trying to avoid a bunch of pulls, should I go to a dealer or can you suggest where to start online for a loan?
  3. Your Age? 38 Your Equifax Credit Score? - around 560 Your Experian Credit Score? - around 570 Your TransUnion Credit Score? - around 590 How many years have you been on file with Equifax? - 19 How many years have you been on file with Experian? - 19 How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? - 19 YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY Do you have an open auto loan? - yes Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? - hopefully not, will sell out right if possible How many late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? - 1 How many late pays wit
  4. I went from having pretty good credit a few years ago (after using the credit boards to get it that way) but the recession and a significant other (and my bad choices) were not helpful. Basically, right now, I have around a 500 score. I have two credit cards I stopped paying a long time ago (around $7k), a short sale on one home, and another that is waiting to foreclose (paid it for 3 years and gave up when it is now worth the price of land $40k and I owe $160k). Currently, other credit cards balances include: $733 - current, no lates /24% interest) $3696 - current, no lates / 18% in
  5. First, I haven't read on these boards about this acquisition - anybody in the same boat? I called BOA about the loan mod program in Sept 2009. I was asked questions and over the phone, they reduced the payment by $300 effective immediately (paperwork to follow to determine is accepted). I was told I would get default letters as long as it was the trial period but to ignore them. Around 5/2010, I received the paperwork which basically requested income information. Sent that in within the 15 day time frame. Soon thereafter, I received a letter about IBM's acquisition of BOA's mortgage dept.
  6. I applied around September 2009 at which time they reduced my payment by $300 a month and said paperwork would follow in some undetermined time. CS said meanwhile I would be getting default letters but to ignore them. In late April I received paperwork for last years taxes, W2s, etc which I sent in within the 15 day time frame. Heard nothing. Late May, I received a letter that my loan was sold to IBM and to begin payments to them on 6/1. I had a major hardship in February and have not made payments since that time. I'm not sure what to do now. What has happened with the mod? I guess I know the
  7. We own a home in Florida that is worth about 50k less than what we owe. Due to a job transfer, we moved out in 2007 and have had the house listed off and on without any success. At the current time, the home is almost 2 months behind. Just this week, we experienced a financial hardship that will mean another move for another job. Therefore, we have a second home (KY) we need to sell or do whatever. We plan to rent for a number of years until we can buy again but I'm not sure the best way to manage this situation. The home in Florida is definitely going to either short sale or foreclose (BOA).
  8. I would really appreciate some advice in my situation.... I am a relatively doc in the healthcare industry and have a great opportunity to open a practice. We moved to this state 8 months ago for my spouse's job. I was waiting on a job at the hospital to come through over the past year and have basically spent all of our savings and utilized all of our credit cards (I know bad situation but couldn't do much about it). It just hasn't worked out and I can't keep waiting. I am being offered a free office and lots of work in another physician's office so it's a no brainer to open up my own practi
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