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  1. Hi WhyChat, I have opted out and have received response from all the three CRAs about the removal of old addresses. Transunion and Equifax have removed all the old addresses while Experian has only removed 2 out of 10 or so old addresses. Is there any way to get them to delete all of them? Regarding the next step as you had mentioned before, should I send the medical dispute letter to Transunion and Equifax or should I pursue Experian to remove all the old addresses before moving on to next step? Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Hi WhyChat, I started getting collection mails from a CA about 6 months back for a medical expense of $130 that was outstanding from a hospital visit in 2001. I had no idea about the expense and disregarded their mails. However when the CA reported it to the CRA, I contacted CA and paid off the debt in full. This was 3 months back. Now that this collection account is on all 3 CRAs, it has greatly damaged my credit rating. I want to get this account removed. I came across this website on the weekend and read a lot in last 2 days. I just wanted to verify my next steps to go about pursuing this. If I understood correctly: As I have already paid the CA, I do not have option of following the HIPAA letter process. However I can still send the “medical dispute letter†after opting out. I am hoping that CRA would not get any response from the CA or would not get any details and remove the account from my credit report. Before I do this, I wanted to get your expert advice. Can I do this after just 3 months of paying the CA or should I wait? What if the CA has not destroyed my records or any details that they have by now? Am I doing it right? Please help.

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