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  1. Capital One hasn't turned down any of my friends with no tradelines, only the ones with no file at all (no inquiries either). And they had to apply for the "limited history" cards. All got $500 limits, and increases to $1500 at 3 months.
  2. 4 years ago was a different time than now. I had no credit history 8 months ago, the only way I got Discover, Citi and Chase was because I am a college student, and they gave me their student cards. NFCU and Capital One will give first-timers credit, BOA turned me down for a regular card, but gave me the student card instead. Just be careful with the inquiries. Only apply for things you will get, such as Cap 1 and NFCU, and the student cards mentioned (and yes, they do verify that you are a student)
  3. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that in some states the law says medical collection is private data, and is not to be used against you. When my sister moved to WA, she started getting turned down for credit and rental places because of medical collections that had been on there for a couple of years. She had never had a problem in Illinois.
  4. Assuming you are not a college student, I would follow the advice of joining a credit union and getting a card through them. Bank of America and Citi can be very lenient, and with the one AU account may be able to help you. If you apply for one of their cards and get denied - call one of the backdoor numbers in my signature and ask for reconsideration. Good luck!
  5. Alright, I'll just file the report. If whoever opened the account was being honest with their own info, they should get cleared. I'm still waiting for the phone call back from the Supervisor in the Fraud dept. How long should I give them? I don't want this to reappear again in a year.
  6. bump. any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. I find it interesting that he is sending her a credit repair kit. She never mentions once having bad credit.
  8. Last year, a credit card account was opened under my name - though not my social security number or address. I have a very common name, so I am not saying this is id theft - it very well may not be. Anywho... it showed up on my reports one day as charged off and 30 days later, NCO showed up on my reports and started harassing me. I called BOA because I had no knowledge of the account, and when I gave them my social security number they said they couldn't find the account. So I gave them the account # from my credit report and they found the account. They told me the social security number didn't match and that they could no longer discuss this account with me as it did not belong to me. Same with NCO. Little while later, the accounts disappeared from my reports. Fast forward to yesterday. I get a call from Creditors Interchange demanding I get in touch with them or they are going to sue me. I figure I just need to go through with the song and dance, have them verify the account is not mine and they'll send it back to BOA. Well, I realize now that giving one of the two, NCO or BOA, my social security number was a huge mistake. I call back the guy at CI and he asks for my social to look up the account. I give it to him, expecting him to say he can't find it. Wrong. It pops up. This time, it has my address, too. I tell him what has happened, and he tells me 'yea, ok, sure, did you want to do a BT from another account? we really need to take care of this today. I tell him I have to call him back, because this account is fraudulent, and somehow now has had my personal information superimposed upon it.'. So then I call BOA, thinking that maybe IC just looked me up in a database to get my social security number. Interestingly enough, this time when I give them my social the account shows up as belonging to me. The guy does a little research, and all of the notes from my previous calls are gone, but he can find where the account had the SSN switched to mine from whatever it was before. This is ridiculous. I have no idea what to do at this point. BOA is back on my reports with this account, and I'm guessing not too much longer before IC shows up. Help.
  9. In your situation, you were there. Burglary itself does not have to have the person there. either way, they are both scumbags, and neither should milk off my taxpayer dollars. Fry them both. We have a ridiculous system when criminals get slaps on the back of the wrist. I have seen kids get expelled from school for having sex in the bathroom and having pot in their car. At the same time, I have seen extreme violent attacks with blood and hair getting ripped out, clothes torn off, and bones broken. Want your one week in school suspension? That'll teach those EIGHTEEN year old middle school students . . . Complete injustice and lack of fair punishment. Sorry, but I will take the pothead and the sex kids anytime in my class over the violent thugs. Unfortunately, our system seems to think the exact opposite. I agree about some underage stuff getting taken too far, but growing up in the group of kids that smoked pot (and getting out) and watching plenty of the people I know fall into violent crime to feed their addictions, I think that drugs are illegal for a reason, and that kids should be punished to some degree and taught beforehand the consequences of their actions. With burglary there is the possibility that the person committing the crime could get caught during the act (which would include getting attacked by citizens or police) - this makes them more likely to have a violent side, whether they act out on it or not. Someone who embezzles money through their employer is more timid, even though some people consider them to be careless for what they do. The same person who would show their unclothed body to someone on the internet anonymously may be the shyest person you've ever met face to face. Point being, I don't want to pay the way for any criminal - white collar or violent, but since I have to pay taxes that pay for the incarceration of them, I'd rather lock up the one that could bust into my home and attack me and my family, and fine the other one to pay back the credit card company or bank that ended up getting screwed over the white collar crime. I'm not going to debate this issue any more, but I cannot believe that anyone could feel equally about violent crimes to white-collar crimes. I know plenty of people that borrowed without asking from their source of income when they were in trouble, and I know people who burglarize businesses and homes and sell what they take. I happen to be related to most of them (sadly), and though I certainly agree it's wrong of someone to take on extra tip onto a credit card slip, I'm not going to choose them to sit in jail over the one who made a family feel like they would never be safe in their own home.
  10. 8 Reviews for nearly 5 stars! http://www.amazon.com/Charge-Game-Michele-...r/dp/0979265606 What the bleep!
  11. If you experienced a home invasion (and you and your family were luckily enough not to be there when it happened); homemade credit cards would not look the same to you. I assure you. I have been burglarized. No different in my eyes. If a scummy breaks in my side door and steals my items when I am gone . . . or if scummy steals my credit card info (which I have also had done). Fry them both. I've been burglarized, at home and woken from sleep. When my wallet was stolen while I wasn't looking at a picnic, I was frustrated and angry, but it took about 3-5 days to get my life back to normal. I have never recovered from the physical attack, nor did anything ever come of the police report. I always have renter's insurance now, but I didn't when I was 18. I'd much rather see the guy who attacked me in jail than the lazy credit card thief.
  12. What's gone? The student cards are still online. Currently, Chase hawks only their +1 Mastercard as a "student credit card" online. It seems like they removed applications for other student credit cards once offered by Chase (previously accessible through FirstUSA.com via Google, if you knew what they were) Yep - was going to snag the student starbuck's card. I did find the student amazon card though, and applied on Amazon's site - but I just went back to get the link and now it's gone, too. I have the +1 - it's not that great. There are so many issues with the rewards - facebook link up. I should have about 300 points by now, but Facebook says I have 21.
  13. Citi Card Virtual Account numbers are assigned to a merchant, and can only be used at that merchant. Seems like a little bit better defense...
  14. The amazon student card was there last week, but I just clicked that link and clicked "choose a card" and it took me to the same place it did earlier today. I googled for the student cards and found them, in case any other students are interested and get taken to where I did. http://www.firstusa.com/cgi-bin/webcgi/web...&page=index They really are gone!
  15. Thanks guys - will call Citi today!

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