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  1. Chip + Signature cards are not the same as Chip + Pin cards.
  2. Last year I applied and got Chase BA Card with chip/sig feature and I converted my Citi Card to Citi AA Exec card which comes with chip. All these US cards are chip and sign technology.
  3. I dont think they care if you have other subprime cards. Credit is a credit. They look for the scores. I would say apply for it when you are ready.
  4. You can do product change after 13 months of opening the zync card to other products.
  5. Should I start closing some cards? I have some cards with low limits and AF. I am thinking if I should start closing them.
  6. Does the Walmart Discover charge the FETF? I know the regular Discover does not charge FETF. I am not sure about Walmart / Sams Club Discover Cards.
  7. I got 3 of those cards. I got them few months ago for my kids.
  8. This is very normal. They look at Credit Report and ask questions. Nothing to be worried about it. They just want to check you are the person who applie for so they can avoid the fraud.
  9. I applied for it but they declined my credit card application and card is not approved.
  10. I have FIA Amex issued under the Soverign Card Brand name. Hope it is not going to transferred to Elan. Last time when Elan bought Citi-Key Bank business card portfolo they CLD my account from 16.5K to 5.9K. I hope they did not buy my Soverign card account as I have $20k CL on that card. Also there was a talk few days ago Satandar/Soverign is going to issue their own credit cards and hopefully my card will be spared from being sold to elan.
  11. Amex has Oasis program where you pay off the old debt and they will issue a new card with CL of 1/2 the amount you paid. Call them and ask for info. will the new card be the same card as i had before? just half the CL? thank you for the info They will give you a card that says Optima on it. After maintaining the card in good standing for 12 months you can apply for the regular card.
  12. Amex has Oasis program where you pay off the old debt and they will issue a new card with CL of 1/2 the amount you paid. Call them and ask for info.
  13. I have signed up for the invite. Look to me it is a debit card sort of like billmelater and secured card.
  14. I am flying down to Houston tonight so I can get all the goodies from Amex. Just kidding. By the way I went to school in Houston from 1983-1984. Houston is a great city. I used to pay $4/credit hour. My complete AS Degree cost me less than $200. Those are wonderful years. There used to a skating ring in Galleria. I am not sure if they still have it there or not.

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