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  1. This. Thank you. PS - I wasn't arguing, but it's very difficult to get a straight answer here.
  2. No they don't incorrectly assume any of the points you listed, at all, and Google would in no way have this answer anyway.
  3. No the entire premise is not an assumption in any way. This is an established course of events over many years.
  4. Predictions aren't that difficult when it's all over the business press. I'm not holding the property for 30 years so re-extension is a non-issue.
  5. Thanks, I'm aware of that. Can you also answer how long after the fed rate cut until it is reflected in reduced mortgage rates?
  6. I'm making a bet, but a pretty solid one, at least about September, which is pretty much a lock. While $200/mo is painful, it is worth waiting to see where the rates go over the next few months given how the reduction in percentage point would reduce the overall interest paid over the life of the loan.
  7. I'm definitely going to refi out of my mortgage which has PMI now that I have the equity. I currently have 3.99% 30yr but I want to refi to both lower the rate and get rid of the PMI. Pretty sure another 25 basis point reduction in September but I have also heard there will be several more cuts all the way up to April 2020. I'm trying to determine when the mortgage rates are likely to bottom out, so I can jump at that time. When do you all think they will bottom out, and how long after a rate cut announcement before they reflect in the commensurately lowered mortgage rates?
  8. Hi, I'm reviving this old topic, I didn't get very far with GW letter, but Chase has now opened retail branches in my area. I was wondering if anyone thought there might be a shot going in and talking personally to someone in the branch. I think these new "retail" locations are more for overall brand representation and overall customer service, so I'm thinking maybe a personal approach might help. On the other hand, I have only one more year with this baddie I wonder if it worth all the effort at this point.
  9. Well the Target card has a whopping $500 limit after they CLD'ed from $1000 me a decade ago at the onset of the financial crisis, I just made a $300-ish payment to zero it out. HSBC is a newish tradeline currently offering a 0% bt which I took advantage of, limit is $4200 I paid $600 on the 15th. I confess I have never been aware of such long CL holds after payment posting, come to find out Chase has 15 day, but I've never experienced it. I didn't know what was going on which is what led me to contact their CSR. Target CSR now saying they have to validate that it left my bank account (10 days ago) and to do a conference call. Not sure why the burden of proof is with me 10 days ex post facto or why in 2018 this electronic process should take nearly two weeks.
  10. Not sure where to post this but was just wondering if it's just me or is anyone else experiencing that cards are taking a much longer time to release available credit after posted payments? HSBC is taking their full 14 days, even after a half hour with their CSR and 3 escalations, Target card is doing the same, and somewhat related though not a CL, Cigna went from paying my retroactive claims in a week to now holding it for three months. Are short term interest yields up or something? It's never been like this before. Really hoping this isn't a new trend that becomes a permanent addition to bad corporate behavior.
  11. I do blame the banks for what happened (that's a whole other show). As indicated the basement room is for me only so I can still claim it as primary residence. I don't need to be code just for myself, the room is locked, and I have egress if needed. I checked everything.
  12. I think it is a good step in the process, to be sure. Just having the separate apartment and living alone like a grownup and being close to work helps immensely. I think the property management company is the next logical step in the process, making me more and more a silent investor, while gradually pulling out my personal effects.

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