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  1. Would I receive notification that they're going to renew? Or does it just pop up on my credit report one day? Lol
  2. That's what I'm afraid of...but, can't undo the past. I'm going to chat with a BK attorney soon and see what they think. Best case might end up being to see if I can settle for the original amounts or less... [emoji20]
  3. It is quite a significant amount... From two different creditors, > $10k each. I don't have the means to pay these amounts and don't currently have any real property. @cv, how would I research what the parties have done with other judgments? Would I search by grantee in the records? @whychat, I'm sure that there are recorded judgments against me, as they show up in the public record.
  4. I understand that nobody knows what will happen in my case...therefore asked if anyone has had personal experience.
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has personal experience with having a civil judgment made against them that then lapsed / expired. A family member is wishing to transfer property to me, but I am concerned due to a couple of judgments from the most recent recession. I know it's not the wisest route, but due to my circumstances at the time and several years following, I essentially did nothing (didn't respond to letters, people trying to serve me, etc., definitely didn't make any payments). I didn't realize until recently that judgments could be revived. At this point, I don't want to declare bankruptcy when it's almost been 10 years... I should have just declared BK at the time of the judgments but obviously wasn't educated. Any help / thoughts appreciated!
  6. Hey congrats! And I remember you here from way back, before I even registered with CB and was posting over @ AOC.... Anyway, this approval indicates just how irrational these TARP banks really are! Two years of history on a secured card plus you bank with WF and they can't unsecure with a 849 score? That is a real WTF moment. Then an instant $13K approval, defies total logic, was WF waiting for you 849 score to increase? LOL!! But the true moral of the story here is that there can really be an advantage to applying with banks & credit unions that you currently have an active ongoing positive relationship with. Your story reminds me of the many stories here on CB where someone can't even get a $500 CLI on a longstanding card, so they simply apply for a new card with the same lender and receive an instant new five figure CL! And many times they can re-allocate this new limit to the card that was denied the CLI, LOL! Makes total sense.... I am NOT in any way a WF fan, however in your situation, I would have done the exact same thing due to the existing banking relationship with WF. Have you thought about applying for a second WF card? If you got a second WF card, you could then just close the secured card and get your money back from the WF jail. There are also many, many credit unions that are strict Experian ONLY pullers! In fact, many of these CU's do not even have accounts with TU or EQ and could not pull these reports even if they wanted to!! Where are you located? That can help us direct you to some EX onlycredit unions. And congrats again! Thanks Rogue! I can't believe you remember me. Fortunately (or not), my secured card only has a $300 CL because I didn't want to give them any more of my money. I have just been using it to build credit. I want to wait 15 months before I apply for another WF card so I can get the bonus on it. I didn't realize that I could have just applied to the Signature VISA that has the 20K bonus points + 5x and that can be used for cash back as well. I really need to learn how to be more patient. Honestly, my first preference was Chase/BofA but that didn't work out, so WF works for now. I am located in WA. I was browsing Creditpulls and I don't know what only pulls EX in WA and was taking a chance that WF wouldn't do a double pull or some other CRA. I used to bank with BECU but my account was closed due to inactivity, I believe. I honestly haven't checked. But I think they pull TU so I don't know if they would be willing to give me a card.
  7. Here is the most current list of thoughts *against* getting a Discovery: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=586912&p=5668211 Perfect. Glad I did not go down that route. I was about to click "Submit" application when I did a 180 and applied for the WF Cash Wise.
  8. Wish I had thought of that a bit sooner. Sigh. Probably could have gotten Chase if I had frozen them.
  9. Since I am not a patient person (perhaps my biggest weakness, LOL), I decided to gamble and apply to the WF Cash Wise VISA since I am a current WF banking customer and my EX score on the WF app is 849. Instantly approved for a Signature Cash Wise w/ $13K CL! No need to go down the Discover route, I am happy with this until my TU and EQ get cleaned up and I can go for Chase Sapphire next year!
  10. Thinking about starting with a Discover card - any thoughts *against* this? Other than the limited acceptance of the card, it does have rewards and looks like the current monthly rotating 5% is on Amazon.com which is where I do the majority of my shopping.
  11. Is there *any* chance the debt could get re-aged as a result of disputing as obsolete? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Oh one more tidbit, I called Wells Fargo to ask them to unsecure my credit card and the rep said they can't do that, it has to happen on its own. And he said "it could take up to a year". I was like WTF, it's been 2 years and I've never missed a payment. Today has been a very frustrating day.

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