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  1. My Montgomery Ward would only report if I had a balance. Zero balance=no reporting also told me they will start reporting after 90 days. Call them and ask.
  2. not sure if this link will work. on the occ website they have listed a few $ amounts in the financial remediation framework. the payouts are as little as a few hundred dollars up to $ 125k . i called the number on the postcard. i was told i did qualify to receive a check,and i should be receiving one in the next few weeks. they were unable at the time to confirm how much i would be receiving. http://www.occ.gov/topics/consumer-protection/foreclosure-prevention/financial-remediation-framework.pdf
  3. our home was forclosed on about three years ago. throughout the process we felt that there was something amiss about the whole thing. but we were distraught/embarassed etc. and just let it happen. hindsight tells me we should have been more aggressive with our need for answers from all parties involved. now is my chance to put all of my questions/facts/shady responses down for someone to see. what will improve my chances for a good outcome. is there something in particular they are looking for? i would just like a complete deletion from the mortgage company.so in the future it can never be s
  4. i think you are looking for " great foam " or "great stuff" it comes in a can. it can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. "GOOGLE" it up....... happy crafting !!!!!
  5. online app for a victoria secret card issued by WFNNB.
  6. apparently NOW i have a presence of high fraud risk fcra verification indicators, i have no idea what this means. other than i was denied credit. and of course i am encouraged to contact equifax if i feel this info is inaccurate. any input will be appreciated !!! thank you !!!
  7. i just went through the same thing. I assume that being he has no assets there is no need to file a probate claim, thus if u collected his personal effects doesn't make u liable, i assume he had a bank account? if he did u will wanna start with showing the bank a death cert close it and collect whatever is in and the same applies to his last wages as well. How do u know if he didnt life ins? U can search MIB-thats a search engine ment just for insurance policy's such as life etc.. We did it and found 3 other life policys on my late father inlaw and no 1 knew! I hate to ask this but was the ca
  8. my father in law passed away saturday, he has an irs judgement lien against him. if we claim any of his personal effects or his last paycheck owed to him by the company he was working for will this make us liable for the debt. he has nothing in his name.....no property, cars, 401k , or life insurance. he was super irresponsible with his finances and now we are left to pick up the pieces. we cannot afford to bury him. we can have him cremated. the company he was working for will pay to transfer his body to us, he died out of state. we have been estranged from him for years and years, but we wan
  9. is there an example of a 623 letter i can use ? i have used the searched feature and i cannot seem to locate any ...... thanks !!!!
  10. it was a 1099c, hope that helps !!!!
  11. does this mean that the mortgage company will not come after me for any monies owed? bank forclosed on us last year, the house was sold with a deficiency balance of around 50k. lastly, can i send the 1099 to the cra's to bring my mortgage balance down to zero ??? or is this something the mortgage co will report ? thanks for all the help !!!!
  12. i have collection company of america(norwell, ma.) on my reports, i live in illinois, i checked to see if they are licensed to collect in illinois, and i am coming up with nothing, maybe i am wrong, can somebody else double check for me, this may be too good to be true !!!! thanks all !!!!
  13. long story short. dh goes to hosp 1/22/06 ins denies, after three appeals finally pays 6/1/08, yes two years later !!!! dh reports trashed from ca's having a field day with this one !!! yesterday i start calling all of the ca's to inform them it has been paid. they all say we will mark it as paid on the reports, just send in the info. my reply ( thanks to cb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) no thank you, you will delete these from the report immediately. ca reply, we cant do that ma'm i say, yes you can simply notify them, or i can have the hospital recall them. or i can start citing your company with f
  14. i sent a letter to all three cras with a copy from the licensing board website that clearly shows they cannot collect in my state, 2 updated with no status or na inserted in the tl, the third was deleted, im putting together my plan of attack right now on the other two for deletion. imo i wouldnt go after the ca right away, this gives them the opprotunity to sell or transfer the tl before you can get a deletion, just my 2 cents.
  15. thanks everybody, foad will be going out asap
  16. i am in illinois i was sol about two years ago, so can i just ignore it , and let it drop?
  17. 6/08 is the end of reporting for first pre/ arrow financial . today i received a settlement offer, first i have heard from these guys in years, im guessing because drop off date is 6/08. do i need to dv them, or just ignore, dont want to start clock ticking again, this has been on my report for seven years allready.thanks for the help, KNOWLEDGE is POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. i was successful with getting 2 paid jugements from dh reports using this method, i had tried, and tried just about everything, i think tu just got sick of hearing from me, because one day i opened my mailbox and there was my"golden ticket" as i called it, my tu deletion, fired off copies to the other two cras and they also deleted. it was my final last ditch effort, didnt even send it cmrr, i was tired of spending $ on this "tl"couldnt believe it worked, have had some other small successes using the golden ticket method, but more often than not ill get a "we cannot use the info u have sent us
  19. hi everybody long story short im almost 100% sure i have a split file with ex, how do i handle this with them ,dont want to mess anything up! phone call or letter or both? (and i thought my 11 baddies were down to 2 ) thanks for the help!!!
  20. csc sent me my report 6/10/08 the phone is 866-487-0264 fax 281-878-4999 good luck !!!!!!!
  21. memarybe


    this was for a dentist bill, sent to activity collection srvs, i have tried everything, dentist wont recall, ca validated, tried the hippa, ca is licensed in my state, etc. this has been almost a two year battle with these people, i usually dont fold this easily, but they really have given me a run for my money!!! if you have any more ideas/suggesstions for me im willing to try them, i just thought it wasnt worth the effort anymore, and would do a pfd, i have some much bigger dragons to slay, in the upcoming weeks, and i just wanted this one behind me. thanks again for the help !!!!!!
  22. memarybe


    i have come across a really hard collection, tried everything but to no avail, so i was thinking as a last resort sending a pfd, but including a copy of the money order for $47.00 in with the letter,leaving the pay to order blank, and blacking out the important numbers on the bottom. this is a legit debt i owe, so i dont mind paying, it is only $47. im thinking that maybe when they "see the mo" that i will send if they agree to my terms, they will be more likely to accept. like the carrot in front of the horse, what do you think?
  23. recd the same letter from rjm about a month ago, sent a copy of it into ex, asking them when they told rjm to use this date, that i thought they were encouraging rjm to re-age a debt, and they needed to provide me with the documentation to either prove or disprove my claim, because i really did not want involve their company in my impending lawsuit, but i would ask for this in discovery. about two weeks later ex responded with a no longer on file, which was what i was after all along. i never really thought i had a 'good' case aginst them, but i let them know otherwise. before you file, give t
  24. results came today, i could hardly understand csc report, had too call them to verify if what i was seeing was really real ! according to my new csc report vs. my most recent equifax report, 11 baddies have fallen off leaving me with 2 good tl and 2 baddies. and 1 of the baddies falls off next month. 4 ca's came off that i didnt even dispute(they were no where near the 7 yr dropoff), so whats going on here? csc rep told me what i see is also whats listed on equifax as of today. is this a glitch? should i expect these others to re-appear sometime in the near future? or have i been blessed once
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