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    Figures. I've just started getting back on track after a mini meltdown when Penfed unexpectedly closed our $8k cc two years ago (the darn thing was never late, high utilization and they apparently freaked when I fell behind enough on Discover for them to close my account...dumb, dumb shanagain). Anyway, managed to take care of some other stuff that's dragging me down (med collections that we didn't get billed for - they went straight to a CA) and have been checking soft pullers all over the place to see what's up... and woke up to 3 "new" inquiries. Boo. (Yep, in Texas.)
  2. No, unfortunately they are in a relationship. I'm sorry that it's all been so twisted and confusing (and my writing style doesn't help). So really what I'm concerned about now is making sure they use the $$$ I pay for these accounts, and not for any other balance I may owe to this hospital/doctor's clinic group. (As I've mentioned, this is a small facility, one woman handles the billing for the doctor's clinic group, ER, and hospital.)
  3. Darn. Back to the drawing board. They were billed to insurance - Aetna had just "archived" many claims older than 36months so they didn't show up when I downloaded "all claims." I just want to cry from frustration and confusion. So I guess I'm back to my first post above.
  4. Because up until a couple of hours ago I was working on the assumption that these were legitimately billed to my insurance and not balance billed. I was the one whose (husband's) file was merged with our son's file when I disputed (with pre-hipaa) other "low hanging" medical bills. That started all of this chaos. I hadn't yet used the pre-hipaa letter to the CRA's on this OC/CA (a local hospital and Borger Credit Bureau) because I was trying to get my ducks in a row because these accounts, thanks to insurance co-pay responsibility are reporting in a mishmash across my husband's credit report, my credit report and my son's credit report and didn't mind a long process as I started to sort this out (my husband's account is the only one that I've worked on - mine and my son's will wait until they're "settled" here). So I used the only pre-hipaa I've sent to a CRA on the low-hanging fruit from another CA, which were deleted, so that I could start from scratch with only Borger accounts listed. Then all hell broke loose with the merge, and I had NO control over what got investigated. Basically when they put the file back together ALL of the CAs were verified or deleted. Several lines from this CA were deleted, even though I didn't ask for them to be investigated. So what was left were three (plus the duplicates) accounts listed above that I assumed were legitimate based on the information I had at hand. Until now. So I'm going to assume I wait for EQ to (hopefully) remove the duplicates, then I'm going to wait about 60-90 days and do the entire process from scratch?
  5. Hey... whoa. Whoa. Whoa. These bills were never submitted to my insurance. I was looking through the printouts that the bookkeeper sent to me, and the ONLY thing that's listed in my insurance records AND in the records she sent are a payment due of .64. Nothing else is listed in my claims section. I'd been having trouble getting old EOMB's through my online access when I started doing this, and assumed the "credit" showed as "Aetna" on every printout/form she sent to me was the actual amount paid by Aetna. B I just noticed that you can d/l all claims, even if they don't have the EOMB listed anymore, and these weren't submitted to insurance. She's attempting to balance bill me, right? Billed amount - amount insurance would've paid = what they reported to CA. Now what?
  6. Too late to edit: I do realize the non-cash payment takes away all of HIPAA's teeth, I guess I'm just afraid she's going to force my hand to the point of filing a lawsuit, something I simply can't do as long as I live here. But even if I pay with cashier's check/bank MO, the biggest question remains - how do I ensure she applies the funds to the correct accounts (ie, those in collections, not a currently open account)?
  7. WhyChat, this is going to be ridiculous, please bear with me. And be ready to maybe let me go "off the rails" of your program. I'm down to "three" collections. This has been a nightmare, with some odd good and bad luck thrown in - things like a merged and split file (all corrected now), arbitrary name changes (this one is "fixed" on any given day) and ten accounts for $11 each deleted, kind of by happy accident. Finally, there are three collections I need to attack because they're showing as SIX collections. (I believe this is EQ's fault, not the CA. EQ managed to put the duplicates in there somehow after the merge.) I rec'd the results of the investigation about the duplicate accounts on the 24th, and they'd been deleted. By the next day or day after they were back. So I've got six collections the account numbers on each "pair" match, but the date reported is different. This is how it basically looks on my EQ hard copy: $288 Account 123, Assigned 9/11. $168 Account 456 Assigned 9/11 $158 Account 789 Assigned 9/11 $288 Account 123 Assigned 12/11 $168 Account 456 Assigned 12/11 $158 Account 789 Assigned 12/11 These duplicates (the ones "assigned" 12/11) weren't on my first report from 3/16. So, EQ says these weren't disputed correctly and that's why they came back. WhyChat, I was in the process of your HIPAA process when the merge happened (and all hell broke loose, apparently) and basically where I'm at now is with these "verified" collections. I do know that the OC and CA are related. Basically, I'd be ready to pay with insert A if all of this duplicate madness hadn't happened. I assume I need to wait until EQ clears them (again), otherwise I run the risk of having one set disappear, and the other sitting there as an unpaid collection. But when I "can" finally pay with HIPAA insert A, I have a HUGE concern. I have other (open, not delinquent) accounts with the OC. If I pay one lump sum, even with the account numbers listed on the front of the check, can't the OC just cash the cashier's check and use it toward my open accounts? I've considered using one of my credit card companies "access checks" (a check I can use that will go to my credit card account balance) because it would offer me the easy ability to kill three birds with one payment, and also Visa purchase protection protection. It also has a funny phrase written on the front that I don't think she'll Google like I did. On the front it has a phrase I'm not going to repeat so this doesn't show up in a search, just in case. But what it means is that it can't be converted into an ACH transaction. How it SOUNDS is "you can't convert this check." So it's not "cash" but it does offer the protection of the visa account. The bookkeeper (who I've mentioned thinks she's above any HIPAA laws where it comes to collections - we are in a TINY town and if I file suit against the hospital my life has the potential to be a nightmare - I just want this stuff gone) might think twice if I mention the check is covered under Visa protection and hipaa together. Is there any reason why this is not a doable plan? See what I mean by going off the rails? I really REALLY do not trust her to do her job correctly. She will get any payment from me with the insert A and say "Oh, you think you're so smart...." Seriously. eta: So you know, none of this was via online dispute - the only reason I've talked to anyone at EQ is because I needed to get the merge/split resolved quickly, and then the name on the report was spelled wrong. I called, assuming it'd be a quick call, and the agent asked if I'd noticed duplicates on the file. It is important to note that at no time did I even sent the pre-hipaa dispute to EQ for the above CA accounts. They were verified only because of the merge/split file issue. (I do know, and have known, this CA and OC have a current relationship.)
  8. Does TFC allow the CRA's 45 days if the dispute comes from annualcreditreport.com, or is it 30? I can't find it anywhere, the question ties google into knots of useless info!
  9. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mess with it normally, but it seems the dispute triggered the mix. Eq only mixed the file after the dispute, so I'm hoping to use it as leverage in getting some baddies off in the bargain.
  10. Hi all. I'm starting WhyChat's medical collections process and EQ managed to merge (or "mix" as they call it) my husband's file with my son's file. Long story/short is that they share a first name, last name, middle initial and now instead of a full file he's got no tradelines at all, and two medical collections (not the ones being disputed). So my question is, do they still have 45 days to investigate the original dispute (it was from annualcreditreport, obviously) or will this extend the timeframe? Basically, they rec'd the dispute on March 22nd and sent the investigation results noted above - zero tradelines, two CA, and just for fun, they spelled his last name wrong (think Smitth instead of Smith), show his correct address and social, but show my son's DOB. I've faxed all pertinent documents to their "Mix Dept" as soon as I rec'd the letter yesterday, but am now working on documentation of how they handle their screwup just in case we need to file against them. But in the meantime I can't help but wonder what this does to those baddies I was disputing. Thanks for any input! eta: Link to the letter I'm working on/thread over in the med forum.
  11. WhyChat, I'm sorry to do this to you, but I need to specifically know if this will give the CRA more time to "investigate" - the pertinent details as to what happened after I sent the pre-hipaa to EQ (opted out long ago, old addresses are not an issue, mailed dispute via CM, basically, followed every rule of your program) are in the draft I'm working on regarding their merging/mixing of my husband's file (I usually just call it mine) and my son's. Husband is "John Jay Smith, son is John Jordan Smith, for privacy. (The only thing I did "wrong" was use annualcreditreport.com - I completely forgot it added 15 days to the timeline. Which stinks.) If you need clarification, please let me know. Dear Sir/Madam, Today, April 4th, 2014, I received the results of an investigation of a disputed credit file. The investigation confirmation number is 408xxxxxxx, dated March 29, 2014. A grievous error in reporting has been made, in that my file has been “mixed” and/or “merged” with that of my son, John Jordan Smith, in direct response to a dispute I had previously filed. This erroneous reporting occurred only after I initiated a dispute of unknown medical bills. This request was received by your offices on March 22nd, 2014, via USPS Certified Mail, Tracking: 7011xxxxxxx . The original credit file, Confirmation #4575xxxx, dated March 16, 2014 (attached/enclosed) did not include the merged and/or mixed information as listed below. Name: John J Smitth – Incorrect, My last name is Smith and has never been spelled incorrectly on any of my bills. 123 Oak st, Anywhere, TX – Correct. My sole address for over five years. Social Security: 000-00-0000 Correct DOB: 12-12-1991 Incorrect. This is my son's date of birth. My date of birth is 1-1-1968. Despite a lengthy credit history, the only credit information showing are two unknown collection accounts to BoogerDigger Credit Union. This is completely incorrect. Following an Equifax CSR's instructions, I faxed a copy of my driver's license, Social Security card, and water bill showing my current address to the “Mix Dept” at 888-826-0571 today, April 4th, at 12:45pm, Central time. My son sent similar files via fax as well after being assured these cases were handled and corrected immediately. Attached/enclosed please find duplicate copies of these pieces of identifying information for me, John Jay Smith. Also please note that though our names are similar, our social security numbers only share three digits, 2, 4 and 6. This is certainly not justifiable proof in showing any just cause in merging these credit files. Please correct your erroneous reporting of a “mixed” or “merged” or “split” file immediately in accordance with FCRA and Texas Finance Code laws regarding the importance of correct credit reporting and timely investigation of disputed information. Upon completion of re-creation of my intact positive credit line history, please proceed with the investigation or deletion of the following items per my initial dispute request. In accordance with the FCRA these disputes are expected to be investigated and/or removed by May 6th, 2014: TX Collection BU. $15 Acct 142XXXX $ 6 Acct 146XXXX Sincerely, John Jay Smith Is there anything specifically 'wrong' with this? Anything I could add/should delete? An addendum: BoogerDigger CB are the ONLY accounts showing on this incorrect file, and I'd love to get them knocked off somehow with this letter - BUT I have not done the pre-hipaa to the CRAs for that CA yet because I was hitting low-hanging fruit first. (I also happen to know they have a current relationship with the OC.) Any help is appreciated, y'all! I can't BELIEVE this happened.
  12. a 3rd party monitoring system report is not only inaccurate, it is worthless for disputing. I would guess that all your on line and/or telephone disputes have created a split file. Or, most likely you are looking at a "merged" 3rd party report. I've never disputed anything online or on the phone. Ever. It seems to be merged with my son's file (probably because they shared a joint account because my son was under our insurance and this CA put the collection on both of their accounts). And it came directly from Equifax as the answer to my pre-hipaa dispute - the only dispute I've sent to them in over 4 1/2 years. The faxes sent today weren't disputes, they were to the "Mixed Dept" and were copies of social/dl's/utility bills to get the two files "untangled."

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