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  1. I will never forget that skit he did with Chris Farley on SNL, trying out as a Chipendale dancer. That was a hoot. How he was able to keep a straight face with Farley gyrating next to him, really looking worried like he wouldn't get it, and then acting surprised when he did. I thought it was great he could make fun of his sexy persona. It made me like him even more, if that was even possible. I'll have to have a mini movie marathon and watch some of his movies. Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, and Ghost were my favorites. RIP, Patrick Swayze, you will be missed!!!
  2. Although there is something to be said about personal accountability...banks are out of control. According to some figures I read OD fees account for 3 quarters of the fees banks charge. Banks have been making a killing on these fees. They have really gotten sneaky in how to maximize the fees they can charge you. For your reading enjoyment. http://chattahbox.com/business/2009/08/10/...s-in-recession/ http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2009/08/23/e...overdraft-fees/
  3. UPDATE: I called and Citi rep says there was a recent security breach with Visa/MC. I asked who was affected and she said a majority of Citi credit card holders. It only affected credit card numbers, no personal information. Beyond that, she didn't know anything else, like when it happened or if it was just Citi that was affected or other banks too. She is sending out a letter explaining what happened because I inquired but I am surprised Citi isn't just sending out a mass mailing about this.
  4. I'm planning on calling tomorrow during business hours, so I'm not wasting my time talking to people offshore that may not be able to tell me the reason. I was just asking around because if a lot of people got the same message, it would lead me to believe it was a security breach of some kind. Thanks for all the responses.
  5. When you (or wife) gets a job, invest in good life insurance. That's the first thing we did just in case something did happen. We got just enough to pay debts & the balance on the house, planning that the one left would have to work. The recent work experience didn't affect me getting a job after 6 years out of the work force. And, our credit S-U-C-K-E-D when we got our jobs and we were still able to get awesome jobs. Again, YMMV in this market. YMMV is right. It depends on what she's applying for. Just because you were able to get a job with little recent work experience and bad credit, doesn't mean it shouldn't be a concern, especially in today's environment. You want to have every advantage you can trying to get a job. Even though the topic of death is a worse case scenario, you need to be prepared. That's why I think it's so important to be self-reliant, even if you are married. If that situation changes because of death, divorce, whatever, you're able to make it on your own. Ruining you're credit because you think you'll have your spouse's credit to fall back on is risky. Situations change.
  6. Well You don't have to open the door to get served. You're eventually gonna have to leave to do something. (Don't think private process servers won't wait for you) Not to be harsh either, but as a man, why would you have no concern about burning her credit. Call me old fashioned, but I'm from a school where men look out for their women. And before you flame, I'm not talking about how your unfortunate job loss. I'm talking about your cavalier attitude toward the fact thats it's all in her name. (ie it wont affect me and we don't answer the door anyway) In a lot of ways it loosely translates to better her than me. Piggybacking on what chanaz said. God forbid something happens to you, then she'll really be up a creek without a paddle. Then she'll have no income, recent work experience, or good credit history to try to reenter the workplace with. I would look for a better alternative. The worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand and hope the problems will go away.
  7. Anybody else get this message when they log in to check their account? Will call tomorrow if I get the chance but does anyone know what this is about? Thanks in advance. Important Security Message This is to inform you that your account may be at risk for unauthorized use. To ensure that it remains protected, we have: # Restricted Account Online access for this account number. # Issued a new Citi Card to you. When you receive your new card, please take the following steps immediately: 1. Activate it as instructed on the sticker on the front of the card. 2. Inform authorized users of this situation. 3. Notify recurring billing merchants of the new account number. 4. Register your new account number with Account Online for full access again In the meantime, to make payments online, change account information or use the Secure Message feature, call Customer Service
  8. Pay more in interest to them in the long run. That will show them!!! I hope you are not serious. I think paying them off and then closing the accounts or just not using them after paying them off will send a stronger message then allowing them to make more money off you by not paying down what you owe.
  9. Since my card is less than a year old, I have a 0% APR on purchases through the middle of next year. It will be interesting to see what they do to me after the promo period ends, since I always pay PIF.
  10. I'll look into the financial hardship. however, if I recall correctly, when I researched that last time, you pay them first, then everything else. So, if I can pay the mort, and loans, and nothing else, that's not considered financial hardship. My grace period ended years ago. I'm BACK in school. I will check the financial hardship again. Thanks. I didn't misunderstand you. My grace period ended years ago, as well. Then I went BACK and finished. There was a grace period from the time I finished school to when the loans were due. I would re-check that. Even if I'm wrong, it doesn't hurt to check and see what all your available options are.
  11. Like I had said, I'm not trying to be combative, I'm trying to be realistic. Realistically, I wouldn't survive a second job, not with school also. I know, I know, tons of ppl have worked 3 jobs, raised 10 kids, and graduated top of their class while attending full-time. I'm just trying to watch out for my sanity. As for DH getting a second job, my thought is, if he's not making the money, he needs to make it elsewhere. Right now, I'm bitter cuz I feel like I've done so much and given up so much and he hasn't done jack. Sigh. So yeah, selling would be a good idea, if it didn't put us 60k+ in the hole. I don't think we can sell for our loan and REA fees. We'd have to foreclose/short sale. I'm willing, but is he? Not really, he's more worried about how he'll look, and yes, that is one of the big issues. Sorry. I don't mean to cut my hubby down, I'm just in a bad mood. You might be able to hold off paying those loans by asking for a deferment or forebearance due to financial hardship, if you need to temporarily stop school for a while until you get your finances in order. Also isn't there some sort of grace period anyway when you are no longer enrolled before they demand payment? My loans gave me 6 months to find a job after I finished school before they started demanding payment.
  12. Illinois sheriff: No foreclosure evictions on my watch http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/10/08/chicago.e...ref=werecommend
  13. What does this statement mean? If you want a WAMU and are not prime, you should apply now while the door is still open (as they appear to still be business as usual, especially if you got a preapproval in the mail), but things on new apps should change soon. Chase will not be pursuing the rebuilder market that WAMU did (i.e. recovering from BK or bad credit). The rebuilder crowd at WAMU may not get great offers. Some may be closed or CLDed or rate jacked. Some will graduate to "near prime status" and be ok. Not to discourage anyone but I have several accounts with ok limits and APRS below 10% with Chase. I also have a $500 card with a 23% APR that started as an old First USA that was taken up by Bank One, which was then acquired by Chase. No matter how I beg or plead, they won't lower the APR or up the CL even though my scores have improved greatly since my First USA days and the account has always been in good standing. Just because you can get in the back door, it may be more beneficial to improve your scores and go through the front door with Chase. I think about closing the low limit card all the time but it is my oldest tradeline and 10 years of history is a lot to me. YMMV but that's just IMHO. ETA: I could of had it converted to a Chase Freedom but with the same crappy APR and credit limit. I got much better terms on the Freedom by just applying for it, rather than trying to grandfather it in.
  14. YODEE

    Co-Branded Amex

    a BOA AMEX is not a co-branded amex card... What is it then if it's not a co-branded card? Also what do you think about my initial question?
  15. You are basing a WORRY vs NO WORRY on 57 votes??? Yep. For now anyway.

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