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  1. Thanks for the info...one less account that I have to log into my laptop to pay...
  2. I make almost $200,000 a year and I couldn’t imagine being able to knock down that kind of debt. Chase did u a favor...
  3. That letter and a $1.90 will get u a cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts...
  4. Hard to believe a business site could confuse "cache" and "cachet"....geez...well...it is a fox site so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised...
  5. cfmdev49


    Glen Rock
  6. I applied online and was approved for this card. Approval was fast...about 30 seconds or so. APR is 9.24% and the credit limit is $18,000. Got the card with the Chicago Bulls logo as I am a long time Bulls fan and follow all things NBA. So was glad to see this being offered. I didn't need this card and don't give a hoot about the rewards. I mainly want to show my love for the Bulls in particular and the NBA in general...
  7. I think BOA has a long memory...back in 2013 I applied for and was eventually approved for their BOA Cash Rewards card with a 15K limit...anyhow...I had to call in and they asked me one question: what did I a recall regarding a late payment on an account I had with them in 1998...the account had long been closed (don't remember why) but it was paid satisfactorily. I told the woman I talked to that I didn't remember anything about it...that was it...she said ok and approved me...but have always thought that was kinda funny...glad I never burned them in any way because I have since financed a couple of vehicles thru them went low interest rates...so best to stay in their good graces if possible...
  8. Take a look at Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card...it has chip technology and pretty good rewards...

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