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  1. The debt is approximately $600. OC is Comenity Bank (Overstock.com)
  2. The advantage to finding a pending suit is that you can start your work before service is even perfected. In some jurisdictions, the pleadings are imaged and viewable online. Even if they are not, you still know who filed and who they filed on behalf of, which gives the head start on common things to expect... I'm reading as fast as I can and am so lost as to where to begin. The CA filing suit is Midland and I found in another thread a similar situation, and apparently Midland has a "consumers bill of rights" which says "We will suspend collection activities when a consumer demonstrates that he or she is experiencing significant financial hardship due to medical issues." and this applies to our situation! Do I draft a letter to the attorney explaining this and our situation and ask that Midland dismiss the case? This sounds completely ridiculous even as I write it, but it is basically what was suggested in the other thread. Do I let them know that if it's not, then I will request arbitration (the original agreement had an arbitration clause, I've already checked)? Where in all of this do I validate? I never got a chance to do that. Things have been such a whirlwind around here with our son that things just piled up. It was only today whenever I got that letter in the mail that I went digging through trying to find what they were talking about. Irresponsible? Probably, but life has been overwhelming this past year and a half, to say the least! I feel like I'm drowning!
  3. I was a regular member of these boards years ago and we got our credit cleaned up and bought a house! Unfortunately my husband lost his job unexpectedly 2/16 and was out of work for a year and a half! Everything was charged off and went to collections and we were able to hold onto our home because of a program here in SC. I got a letter from a collection attorney recently. Its still within the 30 days. Do I validate this just like I would with a Coll agency? Im worried that they are planning something. I received an ad in the mail today for a bankruptcy attorney and we have never received one of those before and Im very nervous! We dont need this. On top of a job loss, we lost a baby during that year and a half. The past two years have sucked!!!
  4. We do have renters insurance on it. I spoke with the broker over the seller's agent today. He was aware of the situation but didn't have much information that we don't already have. He did say that the sellers are hoping to hear something from Wells Fargo in the next 2-3 days so we should have some news. Praying it's good news.
  5. We did have several very thorough inspections done on the property which all came back fine. There was one issue we asked to be fixed, and it was. With all the clear inspections, we're not really worried about the condition of the house. We do know that the seller's had something very tragic happen in their lives two years ago. They lost a child in an automobile accident and that seems to have begun the downward spiral for them.
  6. The utilities are in our name. We are not squatting. We have a signed early occupancy agreement and a lease (for $0 rent). We didn't just decide to move in here without letting anyone know. This was done with the recommendation of the attorney and our realtor and all the legal paperwork has been done. And yes, I am thinking emotionally. We didn't have anywhere to go. Everything we owned was packed and on a moving truck and I have 3 small kids ranging in ages from 4 months to 5 years. And yes, this is our dream house.
  7. Someone has to buy this house, so why not us? We've already got approval for the loan and can close in 24 hours of the seller's finding a resolution. I'm not giving up.
  8. Long story short... My husband and I were set to close on the home of our dreams last Thursday morning. On Wednesday at 4:15pm, I got a phone call from my realtor saying we couldn't close because the seller's had gotten the figure they'd need to bring to closing and it was $10K more than anticipated and they don't have that kind of money. At that moment, I was sitting in my van with 3 small children in the back seat knowing that everything we owned was packed onto a Uhaul truck and we'd already turned in our keys to our landlord. Can you say PANIC! Turns out, the owners stopped paying their mortgage 8 months ago. They thought the bank (Wells Fargo) would forgive the interest and penalties that had been added since they stopped paying even though it was NOT a short sale. After talking with our realtor and attorney, it was recommended that we take early occupancy while they work this mess out, which is what we ended up doing since we had no where else to go. We moved in the day we should have closed and are living rent free until they work this out and we can close. The kicker is that we only have 30 days to get this worked out before our loan approval expires and we have to start all over. We were getting a USDA guaranteed loan and that process took 60 days the first time around. We'll lose our rate lock after 30 days as well. I've looked up online contact info for the Wells Fargo executive office and I've found some email addresses that I've fired off emails to. I know they won't talk to me since we're the buyers, but my hope is to get our situation in front of the right person who can expedite the process for us. I guess what we basically need is a short sale, but a quick one. Does anyone else have any advice? We just want this to be resolved and I'm trying not to stress about it, but it's hard. It's also hard to unpack a house that isn't "ours", KWIM?
  9. No, they are not medical collections. I did use Why Chat's method on a separate medical collection recently and got a deletion!
  10. Well from what I've read, it's not recommended to send an ITS unless I really intend to sue, and I really don't want to.
  11. I've got a few collections that are stubbornly hanging on like they're super glued to my reports. I need them off. I've tried all the standard methods, 1-2 punch, BBB disputes, etc. Nothing has worked. The CA's are verifying and nothing is ever corrected. I need a new approach because my husband and I want to buy a house and these are hindering us. (Of course I would never to the CA that) Acct 1: Collection from 2007, amount $2800, dates are reporting wrong on the reports, actually making it over 1 year newer than it really is. Past SOL for a suit so I don't have to worry about being sued, but not old enough to fall off reports yet. They keep verifying over and over and over. Acct 2: Collection from 2008, amount $780, balance and dates are reporting wrong. Have 1-2 punched this several times. Tried complaining to BBB but they wouldn't take it, said that they can't investigate it because FDCPA prohibits it. I think that's a load of crap because I have successfully disputed several in the past. Acct 3: Collection from 2009 that I don't even know what it's for! Disputing with CRA and CA didn't help. Its for $129 to a phone company that we didn't even have at the time, as a matter of fact, that company didn't even service the side of the state we lived on. Acct 4: Collection from 2008 for old power bill, amount $112. I remember paying this, but can't find records of the payments since it's from 4 years ago. ________________ I also have a few charge offs showing a $0 balance that I would like to get removed if possible, all pre-2008.
  12. If you need to clean up some Chase co's, try contacting this person in the Chase executive office. She removed a charge off for me with no problem whatsoever and even sent me a letter stating it was done. Just tell her you paid the co with the ca and wanted to know if there was anything she could do to get the account with chase deleted. Melissa Hagler. Her number is 847-488-6040. Email: melissa.m.hagler@chase.com
  13. Although I do feel like they've had ample time to resolve this. Their letter saying they would delete from all 3 was last October. That's why I was considering the ITS angle.

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