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  1. depends on the situation I have 30+ medical collections I started in mid November and TU has deleted all but EQ and EX has only deleted some I would say 6 months - 1 year but every person is unique
  2. the summary came back for TU they deleted all 33 medical accounts now just waiting for EX and EQ
  3. thanks hodap2001 I consolidated all 5 loans and my payment was listed as $0.00 for the next year.
  4. how do I start to consolidate my loans? with 3 different companies not sure where to begin
  5. I have 5 student loans (2 sallie mae, 2 AES/PNC, 1 deptednelnet) total owed about $8500 all currently deferred. Does consolidating help any in the long run besides making it just one payment? I want to start paying these down. thanks
  6. pulled EX back door the other day all accounts from UCB have been deleted and yesterday got a letter from UCB saying payment was paid in full (which I didn't pay anything) and that they deleted the account but that was only for one. Today got a letter from EX and all it says is "The consumer financial protection bureau does not require that the consumer credit reporting company obtain documentation such as the actual signed sales slips, signature cards, contracts, etc.,: nor does it require that consumer credit reporting agencies act as mediators or negotiators in account disputes." Does this mean they will not investigate or should I still wait the 30 days?
  7. since you are building you could always get that card to build your EX file and as it grows check the credit pull database for EX pulls and apply to those cards as you improve then those would help the others
  8. i will try to answer some of your questions I am sure someone else with more experience will help also 1) yes u need an individual report from each CRA that has a unique report # so u can dispute 2) yes you remove the old addresses before starting the HIPPA process 3) do not pay any medical bills to CA until it is verified...under Why Chats program you would pay the OC not the CA but that is farther down in the program 4) if everything is verified as correct you will pay the OC eventually for the removal 5) Experian does take disputes by mail also regardless of what that says I will try to answer better when I have more time but honestly all your questions are answered in Why Chats program
  9. is score watch worth the monthy fee or is there a better on to use? I am just trying to get the best bang for my buck thanks
  10. EX and TU received dispute yesterday EQ still in transport so now they have 30 days to respond from receipt correct?
  11. can B* happen with just 1 daily puller? I have read over 100 pages of this thread and either I missed it or it was never said thanks
  12. I am looking for a credit monitoring with a small monthly fee to keep an eye on my credit. any suggestions
  13. Thank you Why Chat I have been reading so much either I already forgot or I just missed that sentence. I will get them mailed out first thing tomorrow.

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