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  1. The latest scam came crashing down because he ordered prosciutto while posing as a -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin-. The devil is in the details.
  2. Allkindabroke

    Chase Sapphire Reserve

  3. He needs every square inch of his doughy ____ kicked.
  4. Allkindabroke

    Unlimited Data versus High Credit Score

    That is certainly one way of looking at the decision making process. I could take $1K from my DCU savings account and immediately forego $4* monthly interest for 24 months ($96) to purchase a new iPhone. If I signed up for a 0% 24 month payment plan using the same funds, a down payment (including taxes) of $200 has an cost of $0.80 in reduced interest for the first month and an additional monthly reduction of interest $0.15 until the phone is paid off. It's too early in the morning for amortization tables but using a payment plan to finance a phone means that I still earn interest from the source of funding. Opportunity costs are still costs. *approximate dollar/cents figures
  5. Allkindabroke

    August DCU FICO is Up

    711 no change
  6. Allkindabroke

    Unlimited Data versus High Credit Score

    The 24 month no interest payment plans that cell providers have for a new iPhone would be considered going into debt for a phone so I'm with the millennials on that point. The only way I would pay for a phone upfront is if I needed to make large enough purchases to meet a bonus incentive, i.e. CSR 3month/4k spend/50K points.
  7. Allkindabroke

    Unbelievable Credit News from My Life!!!

    What did you eat for $250?
  8. Allkindabroke

    Joined PenFed and NFCU - which products use soft pulls?

    Almost immediately after reading your post, guess what turned up in my inbox? Well aren't you just an unexpected good luck charm! I didn't even have to wait until January to get an offer.
  9. Allkindabroke

    Joined PenFed and NFCU - which products use soft pulls?

    I think that when "your" credit lines run into the several hundred thousand to million dollar range and "you" already have all the cards in your portfolio that you want it's a bit easier to shrug off the effect of inquiries. That aside, the free TU Fico score I get from SDFCU says "You have too many inquiries on your credit report" as a negative item affecting my score. I have 3 whole TU inquires reporting.
  10. Allkindabroke

    Joined PenFed and NFCU - which products use soft pulls?

    There are no balance transfer fees on the NFCU cash rewards card but interest begins accruing daily from the date the transfer balance hits your account. I'm not sure if it's a creditworthiness issue but I have never received any reduced rate transfer offers from NFCU and I've had the card for 2 years. I haven't tried a BT on my Penfed cards.
  11. Allkindabroke

    Where Was Your Card Declined Today?

    My Best Buy Visa was declined at Tokyo Central. I used another card and went on my way. BBV customer service said they had no record of the card being declined. Odd.
  12. It's true that restaurant gift cards are available in abundance. The difference between the Pasta Pass and a traditional gift card is that gift cards decrease in value after each use, whereas the Pasta Pass has the same value to the bearer whether it is used for one meal or dozens of meals within the period the card is active. My "needy" friends believe that they will be able to put their passes to good use.
  13. When I was going through the events that resulted in my bankruptcy, some began to notice that I wasn't going out as often or only ordering the cheapest available appetizer when I had scraped together a few extra dollars to socialize after long periods of declining invitations. Folks began snail mailing me gift cards with pre or belated birthday/Christmas (in March) wishes or notes insisting that they were never going to use and that I should do them a favor by taking them off their hands. A free lunch/dinner here and there during the lean years made a world of difference. I was only able to pick up two of the 8 week passes before everything sold out. A friend and a family member who are both out of work may take kindly to some unexpected stretching of their grocery budget. Even if Olive Garden is not on the spectrum of Lucullian delights.
  14. Allkindabroke

    I just love Navy FedeREAL!

    Congratulations! Do you use the account much? I use the card every other month for small purchases and they won't budge above $24K for me.

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