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  1. I had to go look it up because I'm stunned by his age. Mr. Brimley was an excruciatingly HARD 52 in those Quaker Oats ads.
  2. His shorts tell me everything I need to know about his track record with ill fated decisions.
  3. How do you plan on using the points earned for this card? When I was still traveling pre-pandemic, I was going to book travel using the portal but when I compared the pricing based on points to booking the flight through the airlines, US Bank was consistently higher.
  4. I called Wells Fargo and asked for a CLI on the Cashback Visa Signature card from $12.3K to $20K and they were able to do it with a soft pull. Hindsight being 20/20 I'm mad that I didn't ask for 30K to see how high they would go without a hard pull.
  5. If I was some sort of weirdo, the ASMR aspects of this gif would make me both hungry and turned on (assuming the snail is over 18). Luckily, I'm no weirdo. {checks Postmates for escargot delivery}
  6. My 6 year old car is still in diapers compared to the rest of these Jalopy's. I auto transfer the amount of my former car payment into a NFCU CD every month. While I like having the additional funds, I can't express how much I dislike driving a 4 cylinder car.
  7. Chuck Woolery announced his son tested positive for COVID-19 and promptly deactivated his Twitter account. You can’t make this stuff up.
  8. My self funded study found that everybody should keep their respective keisters at home or adequately socially distanced with masks on until the "24/7 coughing, aching, stuffy headed, fever so you can't breathe" virus isn't a potential threat specifically to me but more generally everybody else .
  9. You're such a nice person. I was on the same page and couldn't help but to think "one down".
  10. Taco Bell was the only Mexican food joint in the smedium sized Midwest town I grew up in. I was in college when I had my first taco without orange pebble meat.
  11. I don't have any tattoos. I can't think of anything that I would want permanently etched on myself besides eyeliner and it's still not that serious.
  12. The couple in the article sound like they are on track with what the experts say you should have at their age. I can respect that people have their own barometer for what works for them but people who die with a million dollars in the bank but walked around with holes in their shoes or a constant sniffle because they wouldn't use heat during the winter confuse the heck out of me.
  13. For the first time in ever my score moved more than 10 points. 716 =>787 BK fell off
  14. At the end of the day it's all fun and games until "the struggle to breathe, blood clotting, heart and lung damaging" virus without a cure or vaccine hits close to home because the hoax turned out to not be one. Despite his own Covid-19 diagnosis, Pinal County sheriff Mark Lamb says he still has no plans to wear a mask in public or enforce any future orders requiring one to do so. If wearing a mask guaranteed that I would not contract the virus from a non mask wearer then I would encourage every single one of the people who don't think this is a big deal to march mask free through a covid-19 ward or any enclosed venue and let nature take its course. Unfortunately, since the virus is highly contagious, I have a vested interest in the naysayers who spit all over the place yelling about being sheep not turning into an army of Typhoid Covid-19 Mary's. I really wish it was otherwise but 2020 has a wicked sense of humor.

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