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  1. Texas is well acquainted with terrorism. The state was one short of a bakers dozen of misguided regions that colluded with a terrorist organization back in the 1860's. I don't believe that activity is punishable by death in any U.S. state or territory.
  2. According to Chron.com Texas is giving Florida a run for it's money with bizarre and unsettling court cases.
  3. When ripped jeans > dead son the terrorists have won.
  4. Spoiler Alert: She had Apple Pay, crisis averted!
  5. You would think a dead son would be enough to garner sympathy.
  6. What a disgusting story. Hopefully there are no incels or MGTOW members on the jury so this waste of space can get the death penalty verdict that he's earned.
  7. It's a sound loan portfolio base. Immigrants like Melanija Knavs, who usually have long runs as independent contractors need avenues to establish credit when they enter the country.
  8. Allkindabroke

    Does Your Credit Card's Network Matter?

    Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Allkindabroke

    Does Your Credit Card's Network Matter?

    The best troll in all of The Twitter is a ginger with pigtails who slings square burgers. Goes by the name Wendy and she is a savage. @Wendys at your own risk.
  10. Allkindabroke

    Does Your Credit Card's Network Matter?

    Well you did @ them. Reminds me it's time to dust off my discover card.
  11. Allkindabroke

    The IRS is coming to take me into custody.

    Don't drop the soap.
  12. Sounds about right.
  13. Allkindabroke

    Denied Amazon - Synchrony recon possible?

  14. Allkindabroke

    Store cards

    Are the double points at Sephora worth more than say 2% back? Trying to find the cut-off point to justify a store card for DW. The financial value is nowhere near 2% back. If beauty products and accessories are a way of earning income, a hobby or a compulsive fixation then the value is ∞%. If none of those apply to your wife then I would recommend sticking with your cash back rewards.
  15. Allkindabroke

    Store cards

    Hindsight being 20/20, I would have only opened four of my nine store cards: Best Buy - 6% back on BB purchased/promotional financing/Bump to the BBRZ benefits with the credit Target - 5% off purchases Walmart - Credit line /Financing JCPenny's -Credit line/Double points at Sephora

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