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  1. A well made cashmere coat could run that much or more. There's nothing wrong with North Face and at $500, I don't consider it cheap but depending on what you do for a living, sporting outerwear might be too casual. If Pot's kid was heading off to his first year in investment banking, then a $2k coat wouldn't necessarily be an unreasonable purchase. A freshman declaring financial independence? FOH.
  2. Preapproved offer for Bank of the West MC 3% cash back on "qualifying" groceries, dining and gas 1% all other purchases 0% balance transfer 4% fee $150 reward on $1500 "qualifying purchases" in the first 90 days. Fine print gas at 3% is capped at $1500 then 1% preapproved for a cl between $1500 and $20K
  3. US Bank Altitude Rewards card will be the only AF card for a long time even with my piddly $10K cl.
  4. As long as I make a purchase in between, I seem to be on a schedule of a $2K increase every June and December since 2017. My current limit is $15K but it took 4-5 years to get to a $7K.
  5. Hopefully people who came to the board with similar credit backgrounds can chime in to help. I didn't go through the dispute process so I can't offer any advice there. I will recommend not paying attention to credit karma scores just focus on what the bureaus provide. Odds are you're not going to get approved for anything until your scores get above 670 so just work on cleaning your file up in the meantime. Good luck.
  6. My score has been 716 since May 2019 before that it moved between 711-714 for like 3 years. I'm always surprised by how much movement I see in these threads.
  7. Lucky me, I was invited to apply for the Luxury Black Mastercard. For the low price of $495 billed annually, I could be the proud user of the heaviest metal credit card as reported by some online writer with a weed scale. With no SUB and fewer benefits than my US Bank Altitude Reserve card, somehow, the invitation made its way to the shredder.
  8. I made a purchase on my Target MC on Tuesday and received an Experian alert of a CLI from $13K->$15K. I looked through the last few years of alerts and it seems I get a $2k-$3k increase at the end of every June and December.
  9. Good to know. Maybe I should try for a BofA card since I had no direct relationship with them pre bk.
  10. Yes MBNA/FIA which is why I've never tried to get a BofA card. What is the connection to U.S. Bank? Google isn't being helpful. Thanks.
  11. That's what prompted my call. This account has been pif/no lates for the full year I've had it. That goes for all my post bk accounts.
  12. I received a 10 day decision notice for an online CLI request. Declined. Reason: Existing account has/have unsatisfactory performance. They did a soft pull. TU FICO 9 = 798. The letter also says "The consumer reporting agency played no part in our credit decision and is unable to supply specific reasons why the action was taken." I run about 2K a month through this account and the average statement balance is about $600 to keep the utilization low on the $10K line. No late payments. Called underwriting (800-947-1444) to get clarification of the reason and was told that their department couldn't tell me anything because the denial was computer generated. The rep offered to do a hard pull to see if anything else could be done. I was declined when I called in for an increase earlier this year so I'll wait this out.
  13. Did an online CLI request for Best Buy Visa to increase from $15K to $30K. Message to call. 30 minute review later and my new limit is $30K.

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