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  1. It's a pretty good shake. I imagine quite a few of the winners converted those cars into cash.
  2. You could sit your lazy self in a chair and open the account online. That's what I did.
  3. BK was discharged 12/10 and my FICO scores won't budge above the 750's regardless of how clean my reports are otherwise.
  4. There is no CLI option online for me as well. I requested a CLI from $10K -$20K using the Altitude Rewards customer service and was declined because my account was less than a year old (opened 10/18). I asked the rep if it would be a hard pull and was told yes but I just got my three reports and scores from Experian and there are no new inquiries. I called on 6/26 and got the decline letter 2 weeks later. Perhaps it was an internal auto decline due to being less than a year so no soft or hard pull.
  5. Elements Financial (ELFCU) sent me a pre-approved offer for their Cash Rewards Visa. I don't want it.
  6. Target Mastercard auto cli. $11K =>$13K
  7. After sitting at 711 for a year, my score jumped to 716. Guess I've been good or something.
  8. It warms my heart when idiots film themselves committing crimes.
  9. I thought that was a good thing. I can't keep track of what the kids are into these days.
  10. A Sephora Visa sounds wonderful and dangerous. I'm going to stick with the Sephora perks on my JCPenny card for now.
  11. Don't be shy. Tell the class what the requested CLI was for DCU. I want to know what limit I should reserve a kidney based bribe for. And......
  12. I am still not a credit card elitist as defined by the first post even though I have a rewards card with an AF.

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