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  1. I have never been so close to hauling off and hitting someone as an adult as after a haggle fest I had with a Toyota Finance Manager. After too much time spent with me declining a warranty, this bleeper pretends to agree to move forward, only to print the docs with the warranty cost included hoping I wouldn't read the new docs. When I pointed it out, his tone became aggressive and made some snarky comments about the bk in my credit file. I left with the car I wanted at .25% higher APR than planned and no warranty. I think the experience adds fuel to the design reasons of why I hate my Camry.
  2. The first week I moved to campus, Visa, Mastercard and Amex had tables set up in the commons offering candy, hats and t-shirts. That's how I learned how to apply for credit.
  3. I'm not a car person but this one is a beauty. I'm going to have to rent one of these after the pandemic just to make it go vroom vroom. My Camry only goes putt putt but it's paid off.
  4. Well, the Altitude Reserve Visa and I have officially parted ways. No retention offer and when asked the rep said "I don't have one for you". Well! I would say I never.....but yes, I have. I was also told that I could not down grade to another card, Any new cards would require a new application. As I sit here, having been on hold for 21 minutes and counting to close the worthless checking account connected to the AR before I'm stuck with a $14 fee, I can't imagine what kind of deal it would take to get me to apply for another US Bank product.
  5. 9/29 Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card - Approval email said $5K. The Chase app says the limit is $8700.
  6. This doesn't seem to be a huge breach but Robinhood seems to have a quarterly wtf story for such a "small" brokerage.
  7. The only way I would lease a car is if I owned a profitable incorporated business that I could finance it through to write off part or all of the expense. Besides a winning lottery ticket, that's the only way I'm ever going to drive a current model or luxury car daily. I miss my old Mercedes. I do not miss Mercedes maintenance costs past the warranty.
  8. I accepted a credit card offer in 2018. It's probably been over a year since I've seen the My Offers prompt.
  9. I booked airfare and Uber's last October using the travel credits. Those trips were cancelled and the fare converted to miles. My strategy was always to claw the travel credit back immediately to make the net AF $75. Between the SUB, the mobile purchases, "free wifi" and Global entry, 2 years in, the card paid for itself even if this year was a bust for travel.
  10. Oh the sweet innocence and travel plans from February 2020. This card is getting downgraded to the Go Visa the minute the AF hits.
  11. I called USB regarding downgrading options when my AF hits in October and was told that a retention offer of $10K was available for my account. Last year they told me not to let the door knob hit me where the good lord split me if I wanted to close the card. With the world as it is, I'll be saying goodbye to my first metal card that I haven't pulled out once since I started using Apple Pay.
  12. Either I'm off Chase's Blacklist or it was simply a matter of waiting for the BK to be removed from TU. IIB'ed about $30K possibly more in 2010/BK fell off TU sometime between 4/20-6/20 TU 825 Sapphire Reserve 9/18 - auto decline TU 740's SWA Rapid Rewards 1/19 - auto decline TU 740's Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card - Approved $5K (credit pull updated) I thought the Amazon card was an auto decline because I received a 30 day notice on screen but the approval was sent via email and $100 credit was posted to my account.
  13. I noticed when I scheduled transfers from Wells Fargo to the T-Mobile account using the TM site, it would take 3-5 business days from the send date to the funds being part of the available balance. Anything over $250 took 7 business days. When I switched and initiated transfers using the WF site, the funds were available in 2 business days. When I schedule transfers between WF and Elements (ELFCU) using ELF's site, funds are available next day. I understand different CU's will have different rules just wanted to note the observation.

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