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  1. The eviction and CDC prohibitions are not in dispute. My posts and the responses to them were about children, animals and knowledge of the laws governing those two topics.
  2. I busk at the corner of Lurker Avenue and Infrequent Poster Boulevard.
  3. Fact: Quote from article " “It gets so cold at night, so all I could think about is, ‘Am I going to get charged now with animal cruelty because my dog is going to be outside somewhere?’” It's not a generous assumption that the average single parent, fast food worker facing eviction who couldn't find the right court house on the first try is going to have much insight on animal cruelty law. That's not a knock on intelligence or class, it's taking people where you find them and we find this woman in quite the pickle.
  4. Online CLI request for Barclay Reward MasterCard from $20K to $40K . 10 day message and a call 2 hours later saying they increased the limit from $20K to $24K. EX 823 Util <1%
  5. I use Grubhub and instacart to buy the happiness of not breathing around a bunch of contaminated strangers. I count my blessings that I'm not in the financial position today that I was during 2008. There's never a good time to be broke but natural disasters which I categorize the pandemic seems to be the absolute worst time.
  6. I took a 401K loan to purchase a used car right after my bk 10 years ago. My intention was to pay it all back within a year. The plan charged me a $250 loan fee . Payments could only be made by payroll deduction. Prepayments or increasing the payment amount was not allowed under the plan. The interest that I was "paying myself back" was only paid to the account as a lump sum upon the final payment so there was no compounding. The company I worked for was small and the 401K plan was some off brand company that was later acquired by Voya which wasn't much better. Looking back, I'm positive that I read the disclosures because I'm the kind of person who reads disclosures but I missed these annoying details. The loan fee did pop up like a shipping and handling/tax fee on the "click here to complete your loan request" page. Moral of the story is if you do take out a 401K loan, get someone on the phone and ask how the 401K loan would work differently than a bank loan. It still seems insane to me that I wasn't allowed to pay myself back early but then they would have paid my pittance of interest back early.
  7. The story says her children's schools moved to virtual learning which means sending them to school wasn't an option. This isn't the 70's, latch key kids under a certain age can get parents arrested. So perhaps, the decision to stay at home was considered more of a necessity than a choice. Granted the ages of the children are not provided but Mom is 31, the math doesn't indicate that her oldest would be of an age to oversee two smaller ones with virtual learning while having to do their own. I'll give the benefit of the doubt that someone who voices worry about being charged with animal cruelty might also worry about being charged with neglecting her children.
  8. Needless to say, the prawnographic video didn’t sit well with Instagram fans
  9. I have never been so close to hauling off and hitting someone as an adult as after a haggle fest I had with a Toyota Finance Manager. After too much time spent with me declining a warranty, this bleeper pretends to agree to move forward, only to print the docs with the warranty cost included hoping I wouldn't read the new docs. When I pointed it out, his tone became aggressive and made some snarky comments about the bk in my credit file. I left with the car I wanted at .25% higher APR than planned and no warranty. I think the experience adds fuel to the design reasons of why I hate my Camry.
  10. The first week I moved to campus, Visa, Mastercard and Amex had tables set up in the commons offering candy, hats and t-shirts. That's how I learned how to apply for credit.
  11. I'm not a car person but this one is a beauty. I'm going to have to rent one of these after the pandemic just to make it go vroom vroom. My Camry only goes putt putt but it's paid off.
  12. Well, the Altitude Reserve Visa and I have officially parted ways. No retention offer and when asked the rep said "I don't have one for you". Well! I would say I never.....but yes, I have. I was also told that I could not down grade to another card, Any new cards would require a new application. As I sit here, having been on hold for 21 minutes and counting to close the worthless checking account connected to the AR before I'm stuck with a $14 fee, I can't imagine what kind of deal it would take to get me to apply for another US Bank product.
  13. 9/29 Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card - Approval email said $5K. The Chase app says the limit is $8700.
  14. This doesn't seem to be a huge breach but Robinhood seems to have a quarterly wtf story for such a "small" brokerage.

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