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  1. Citi Rewards + pre selected Alaska airlines visa pre selected Cap 1 Quicksilver Rewards pre selected
  2. On Family Ties, Mallory's boyfriend Nick made sculptures out of garbage. That's the prop. The joke is that Peter's gift was garbage.
  3. YMMV I found out my BK dropped off my report 3 months before I expected it from CK. They have consistently been the front runner to alert me about changes to my reports which later reported on the once a month cycle of my experian account. I know what the board says. I also know my own experience. CK serves a purpose and if they go off the rails beyond this incident I won't be entertained, I'll just get rid of the account.
  4. I don’t use CK for scores. The alerts from CK are usually spot on and come in advance of the alerts from my free experian account. In 10 years this is the only time CK has been this off the mark for me.
  5. Chase let me back in 6 months after the bk 7 fell off my report and I didn't pay them anything back.
  6. Last month my largest posted balance ($2900) hit the SDFCU 2% Visa. I PIF before the due date. I charged another $2500 this month. After the pmt due date, I received a CLD notice from Credit Karma that my SDFCU limit went from $34K to $30K. SDFCU online showed it at $34K so I called and asked if the CLD was real. Was told someone would call me back. My statement cut 2 days later and reflected a CLI to $39K. This is the second time in a year that Credit Karma incorrectly reported a CLD for SDFCU- same amount.
  7. The eviction and CDC prohibitions are not in dispute. My posts and the responses to them were about children, animals and knowledge of the laws governing those two topics.
  8. I busk at the corner of Lurker Avenue and Infrequent Poster Boulevard.
  9. Fact: Quote from article " “It gets so cold at night, so all I could think about is, ‘Am I going to get charged now with animal cruelty because my dog is going to be outside somewhere?’” It's not a generous assumption that the average single parent, fast food worker facing eviction who couldn't find the right court house on the first try is going to have much insight on animal cruelty law. That's not a knock on intelligence or class, it's taking people where you find them and we find this woman in quite the pickle.
  10. Online CLI request for Barclay Reward MasterCard from $20K to $40K . 10 day message and a call 2 hours later saying they increased the limit from $20K to $24K. EX 823 Util <1%
  11. I use Grubhub and instacart to buy the happiness of not breathing around a bunch of contaminated strangers. I count my blessings that I'm not in the financial position today that I was during 2008. There's never a good time to be broke but natural disasters which I categorize the pandemic seems to be the absolute worst time.
  12. I took a 401K loan to purchase a used car right after my bk 10 years ago. My intention was to pay it all back within a year. The plan charged me a $250 loan fee . Payments could only be made by payroll deduction. Prepayments or increasing the payment amount was not allowed under the plan. The interest that I was "paying myself back" was only paid to the account as a lump sum upon the final payment so there was no compounding. The company I worked for was small and the 401K plan was some off brand company that was later acquired by Voya which wasn't much better. Looking back,
  13. The story says her children's schools moved to virtual learning which means sending them to school wasn't an option. This isn't the 70's, latch key kids under a certain age can get parents arrested. So perhaps, the decision to stay at home was considered more of a necessity than a choice. Granted the ages of the children are not provided but Mom is 31, the math doesn't indicate that her oldest would be of an age to oversee two smaller ones with virtual learning while having to do their own. I'll give the benefit of the doubt that someone who voices worry about being charged wi
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