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  1. I never used Apple Pay before getting the US Bank Altitude Reserve. Now I use it everywhere that it's accepted. My phone is usually in hand hovering range so I find it more a smidge more convenient than using a card.
  2. YouTube has so many of these stories from both young men and women sans the govt shutdown portion. I just find it surprising that the generation that can't fathom how their grandparents were duped by emails from foreign dignitaries needing bank account assistance are falling for a similar scam.
  3. Allkindabroke

    I am sick of paying off my wife’s credit card debts

    It would be helpful to know what she's spending money on. He didn't mention children but a lot of older people who go into debt are usually providing financial help to children and grandchildren. Just by the tone of his question, I can guess which parent someone would be more inclined to lean on. Or she could have just picked up compulsive spending in her sixties.
  4. Allkindabroke

    Need Help With My Credit Portfolio

    Since the OP, I have made plans to visit all 50 states over the next 4-5 years. The last time I was a frequent traveler was 2006 when the majority of my travel was on Northwest Airlines. Until I figure out which airline I prefer all travel purchases will go on the US Bank Altitude Reserve card. I have one trip per month booked with a different airline for the next 6 months. So far the pleasant surprises were that both UA and Alaska allowed upgrades to first class for a nominal markup and I don't have status with either airline. I have been told that first class in both these carriers is the same as coach on AA so I won't get my hopes up. Then again, I read that a member here whose opinion I respect prefers UA to AA so it goes to show that it all comes down to personal preference.
  5. Allkindabroke

    Need Help With My Credit Portfolio

    Updated Data points BK Discharged 11/17/10 - Amex Blacklist & Chase Declined for BK-possibly blacklist Average Account Age 5.6 year(s) Oldest Account 24.1 year(s) FICO TU-742/EQ 738/EX 736 Average utilization 0-1% Visa/MC/Amex US Bank Altitude Reserve $10K New Penfed Pathfinder Amex $5K New for $100 annual travel credit NFCU visa $24K Discover $25K Barclay Rewards MC $20K recent BBRZ Visa $15K Wells Fargo Rewards Visa $12.3K Paypal MC $10K DCU Visa $10K Penfed Plat Rewards Visa $10K Penfed Prem. Travel Rewards Amex $7.5K Target MC $9K USCCU MC $2.5K ELFCU EZ LOC $1K Store Cards JCPenny $10K Walmart $10K Care Credit $20K Ford Credit Card $2.5K recent CLI Catherines $2.35K recent CLI Brylane $1.5K recent CLI USCCU Auto Loan $15K @ 2.25% - $6K balance
  6. Allkindabroke

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Apparently, it was time for the auto CLI on my Target MC $9k=>$$11K
  7. Allkindabroke

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Care Credit $3K ==> $20K
  8. Allkindabroke

    Experian Credit Check Total-what the he**????????

    I signed up for a 3 month introductory offer of $8.97/month with Experian in December 2011. Now it looks like with the upgrade they caught on as it now says the monthly rate of $8.97 expires February 2019. I have only ever had the 90 day pull. It was a good run while it lasted. The new layout is off putting.
  9. Allkindabroke

    Off the AMEX BL

    What was the combined total owed IIB?
  10. The latest scam came crashing down because he ordered prosciutto while posing as a -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin-. The devil is in the details.
  11. Allkindabroke

    Chase Sapphire Reserve

  12. He needs every square inch of his doughy ____ kicked.
  13. Allkindabroke

    Unlimited Data versus High Credit Score

    That is certainly one way of looking at the decision making process. I could take $1K from my DCU savings account and immediately forego $4* monthly interest for 24 months ($96) to purchase a new iPhone. If I signed up for a 0% 24 month payment plan using the same funds, a down payment (including taxes) of $200 has an cost of $0.80 in reduced interest for the first month and an additional monthly reduction of interest $0.15 until the phone is paid off. It's too early in the morning for amortization tables but using a payment plan to finance a phone means that I still earn interest from the source of funding. Opportunity costs are still costs. *approximate dollar/cents figures
  14. Allkindabroke

    August DCU FICO is Up

    711 no change

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