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  1. Toyota really wants me to have their visa. 1. My next car won't be a Toyota and 2. My dealership accepts Apple Pay and US Bank Altitude Reserve offers 3x points for mobile wallet purchases.
  2. My first experience with a dealership finance manager involved a nice man explaining that I could only have the 1.99% rate that I was quoted by the salesman if I purchased the aftermarket warranty for an additional $2K otherwise 2.99%. But "not to worry" because he could do me a favor and keep the payment low by extending the loan a few months. I didn't want the warranty but I did want the 1.99% rate. During that exchange, Mr. Nice Guy pretended to give in only to print the docs including cost of the warranty hoping I wouldn't re-read the new docs. After I pointed out the docs were wrong, his tone became aggressive and he told me that I was "lucky" to get the 2.99% with a bk on my credit. I eventually left with 2.5% dealer financing that was price matched/reduced to 2.25% by my credit union preapproval and no warranty. I knew there would be a sleaze level involved with dealer financing but I didn't realize how much haggling would be involved in getting rid of an option I didn't ask for in the first place and duking it out over the interest rate. I still ended up getting screwed out of an extra $100 or so interest with the higher APR and I like to think I'm literate when it comes to financing. I can see how someone who is less firm on their non negotiables or doesn't understand all the numbers to begin with could end up in a world of financial hurt.
  3. Same cards playing musical chairs. SDFCU Premium Cash Back Plus Visa $30K Discover $28.5K NFCU Visa $24K
  4. I checked my rewards history against purchases. Points for online purchases posted the same day. Points for non BB credit card purchases post on my statement date. The only reason I can think of why your points didn't post is if you used the "flex pay" option which means no points on the purchase. Hope this helps.
  5. My CD matures in December so I switched the option from transferring the balance to my PF savings to my linked Wells Fargo account instead. I'll post an update if it takes 6 days to make it there.
  6. I have two cards that I use all the time because of the rewards and the other dozen or so get used once or twice a year so they don't get closed for inactivity.
  7. I received the same alert. I think we're all going to find out the answer to your question at the same time.
  8. Preapproval Toyota Visa -Comenity product Pass
  9. Hafertepen? Oats and Arteries? Makes as much sense as the rest of the story.
  10. Hopefully the words "political posts will get you banned" are not just there for decoration.
  11. Just to close the loop, I withdrew my application within 48 hours of applying. I received two phone calls within that period and upon withdrawal I received a confirmation of withdrawal email and an invitation to reapply if my needs change.
  12. Who do you primarily bank with? If I ever pry myself away from a 25 year old Wells Fargo account, ELFCU/ Elements would be my primary account. I get $20/month in interest from the checking account.
  13. Has anyone received a retention offer? If so, how much? My annual fee will be hitting soon and I already know that I'm going to keep the card but U.S. Bank does not know that! Year one has paid for itself with the bonus. I'm a little disappointed that with 5 roundtrip airfares this year I haven't had the opportunity to use priority pass and only one go-go pass.
  14. No offense taken. I didn’t print the disclosures but something i bleary eye read about their automatic payment hold process made me decide to give them an account where minimal damage could be done if things went wonky. My bank account being the deciding factor for an unsecured credit product is setting the spidey senses off.

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