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  1. It warms my heart when idiots film themselves committing crimes.
  2. Allkindabroke

    NEW PREPAID CARD!!!! (Vegannection)

    I thought that was a good thing. I can't keep track of what the kids are into these days.
  3. Allkindabroke

    NEW CARD!!!! (Sephora Visa)

    A Sephora Visa sounds wonderful and dangerous. I'm going to stick with the Sephora perks on my JCPenny card for now.
  4. Allkindabroke

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    Don't be shy. Tell the class what the requested CLI was for DCU. I want to know what limit I should reserve a kidney based bribe for. And......
  5. Allkindabroke

    Are you a credit card elitist?

    I am still not a credit card elitist as defined by the first post even though I have a rewards card with an AF.
  6. Allkindabroke

    Do Banks Still Need Branches? (The Answer Is No)

    Even in the age of direct deposit, there are lines at the BofA, WF and Union Bank near home and work on the first, second, third and fifteenth of each month. I will be glad when e-Petty Cash becomes a reality.
  7. I'll have to look for his video explaining why the math makes more sense for him to use the Amex Gold over the Platinum.
  8. Note to self. Do not randomly lick reporters. They don't like it.
  9. Allkindabroke

    why do you people need those high credit limits????

    Do you post links because you have an ethical issue with posting articles or is there a CB rule about copyrighted material that I'm too lazy to look up? I recall clicking a link or two that were subscription only content (WSJ?) so I wasn't able to read the outlandish story to go with the attention grabbing thread title.
  10. Allkindabroke

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    The weekly Ollo Credit Card offer.
  11. Allkindabroke

    Golden Girls'-themed cruise to set sail in 2020

    The stuff of nightmares.
  12. Allkindabroke

    Which new wallet should I keep?

    Definitely the penguin wallet. Penguins are good luck. I just made that up.
  13. Allkindabroke

    Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits - A Running Tally

    Will you be closing the card or downgrading to another Chase product?
  14. It is not far fetched that a 7 year old car and a 13 year old car could both be at the point where the cost to keep them driving makes purchasing a newer car more cost effective. I was driving a 2007 model car in 2016 when the game of musical warning lights and the associated costs began to play out. IMO, the issue with the OP is too much of the unknown playing into the fiancé's finances and his bk at the time to make a $30K financial commitment. I would have suggested looking at a 1-3 year low mileage used alternative after consulting the bk attorney.

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