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  1. Talked to NFCU today. As much as we like them we are not going to be able to go with them. They insist that approving an FHA loan is going to take them 60 days, and we will lose the house in 41. SunTrust says they can do it in 30 days, so NFCU is not an option for us.
  2. We crunched the numbers last night and it looks like NFCU is the best deal. However, the estimate that they gave us shows something like 23,000 in closing costs. We're trying to figure out what that means. The seller has agreed to cover $12000 in closing costs but it's seeming like it could be a LOT more than that. Are we going to have to come up with a lot more cash at closing?
  3. 2009 taxes were $4,528.04 HOA fees are $192 quarterly
  4. So here's the back story, started here a few years back when my credit was crap. Thanks to advice from CB I got an account at Navy FCU and got my FICO scores into the mid-high 600s. Met a girl, proposed, got engaged. Got a new job (actually, my old job but I was carried over when the old contractor left and the new one came in) Since the rates are so low we decided to get a house before getting married. I figured it was going to be a few months before we could get a down payment put together, but we went out and got pre-approved for a $500,000 mortgage, so we started looking. We ar
  5. Well, by Sunday I was feeling a little more comfortable because the new company emailed me in the morning to say they would contact me about an offer on Monday. Breathed a sigh of relief, and that night I proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes. But now Monday has come and gone and I did not hear from them. I'm all nervous again, got that sick feeling down in the pit of my stomach. Nobody in my department has received an offer letter yet. I have a sinking feeling the new company might just bring in all their own people and let all the old contractors go. Either that or they let ever
  6. Thanks Nemeweh. Some good news, the new contractor must be burning the midnight oil, they contacted me again for an updated resume in the middle of the night last night. So I just sent them a copy. Supposed to hear from them Monday, my intuition says they'll be making an offer. Also, will be proposing tomorrow night on a dinner cruise out on the river. At least that should go pretty well. Going to have to remember to ask for three days off the first week the new company is there.. going to San Francisco to meet her family. We had all this planned out before all the job-related drama
  7. Plan for the laptop was pay for it when I get my check for remaining vacation.. about 50 hours. Also was going to sell my current laptop. It's on my card for now.
  8. Well, my GF stb fiancee is out with her girls tonight so I was planning on finding some of my buddies and going into the city for a couple of beers, but I'm sitting here at home trying to chill out, getting nervous. I'm a federal contractor, my employer lost their contract a year ago, it got protested so it kept getting extended, for a whole year. Two weeks ago we ran out of extensions. So the new company came in and had a "job fair" for everyone. That was a week ago.. I interviewed with them then and then had another phone interview with them yesterday. So far I'm the only guy who's had t
  9. The Indian stuff I tried I didn't care much for. Taj Mahal? It wasn't very good. Belgian beer, on the other hand... A lot of the Belgian stuff I drink is 12%. The highest alcohol beer I've ever had was American though. Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA - 18%.
  10. Last baddie was June 2007 on my old BOA card, closed long ago. Everything since then is good, both NFCU cards have zero baddies.
  11. thanks I think it's a better idea to get the house first, prices in our area (Washington DC) are climbing back up, not that they went down a whole lot. Before the crash, even at our incomes, we were priced out of the market here.
  12. Yes, 72k for each. 144k combined income. I might be making a jump to $90k soon. Her issue is a recent 30 day late, like a year ago I think. Also before NFCU she only had a couple of CC accounts with $500 limits on each. I have a whole slew of lates from the days when I did not take good care of my file ( and learned my lesson) but they are all old now and starting to fall off. Also I have a recent CA but it's only for $30.
  13. I don't have any judgments, I don't think she does either. I have one small CA for $30, that's it.
  14. Yes, the current issue is that we don't have a 15% down payment. A decent house in our area runs abour $400,000 so we're looking at about 14000 down. Both of us have about $72k in income, not much debt, so DTI should be good.
  15. GF and I are planning on getting a house in the next 12 months or so, our FICO's are in the mid-upper 600s. Of course, getting a mortgage will get a lot easier once we get over that magic 720. So she got the NFCU account and the nRewards Visa (10000 limit), she didn't want to get the Platinum MC. I have been with NFCU for about 2 years and already have the Visa and MC. If she got the MC and NavCheck could that help raise FICO? And the same goes for me if I get NavCheck. Thanks!!!
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