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  1. Stryker, it's actually very strange how it all went down. We disputed online, and then started getting letters from CBCS with the "proof" that we owed the debt. I then sent them our documentation certified mail and they replied back with the same meter readings and a cheesy letter from the elec. company saying they "believe" we are responsible, even though we moved out long before the final reading they took on our house. So there IS a paper trail, but for some reason (not sure why), one of the investigations ended in a deletion before we were able to do anything about it from our end. I honestly don't think it was because the CA didn't reply within the 30 day time frame, because this company isn't like that.
  2. It's reporting as CAP ONE on my credit report, but I keep getting weird calls from Cohen. The last time they called my husband told them the statute of limitations has run out on the debt (he was actually nice to them) and they haven't called since. But it's still on my CRs. Guess I'll just have to wait this one out.
  3. We agreed to pay $50 per month towards the amount that we agree we owe (around $250) until the dispute was settled. Of course, they say they have validated the debt, but apparently the Credit Bureaus didn't think so. All they could send us was the meter readings and a letter from the Electric company that says we owe the money. lol I know it was stupid to agree to pay the $50 and my husband thinks we should stop paying, but I'm afraid they will come back and try to re-report it to the CBs or they will try to sue us if we don't pay. What if the OC won't accept payments from us? What do we do then? Send them the payments anyway and hope they cash the checks?
  4. Ok, I justed posted a new thread on this but realized I already posted this one. We disputed this acct. online by chance and it was deleted from TU and EXP but remains on EQ. YIPPEE! Hopefully it will be removed from EQ soon. I honestly don't know why...but I'm thinking maybe they buckled because they knew they didn't have enough proof. I really don't know why it was deleted...I'm just happy that it was! Should we continue paying on this debt or forget it since it's been removed from the reports? Or will they resubmit it? What do y'all think?
  5. Ok, so we had an old electric bill from last year that we are currently disputing. We are not disputing that we owe part of this debt, just the entire thing (we think we owe about $250...the total debt is $500. Anyway, we made payment arrangments with them to get rid of this thing. No, we did not get a pay for delete - because we couldn't pay it in full and because we know they would try to sue us (they have that rep in town...it's a smaller collection agency). We submitted a DV letter to them and all they could send us were the meter readings. We then sent paperwork to them to further dispute this and to prove that we did not live there during the time they were trying to charge us for (proof of new residence, new elec. bill, etc.). We disputed it online just by chance to see if anything would happen. Well lo and behold, as of today it's dropped of TU and EXP but is hanging on EQ. This is my question: Should we continue to make payments on this account? Or stop all payments? Or can they resubmit the info to the the Credit Bureaus? If we continue to pay will they continue to report to the Credit bureaus and will it reappear later on down the line? I'm thinking we should stop paying them because apparently they weren't able to validate this debt. Or would there be another reason it was removed from 2/3 credit bureaus? I really need some help on this one. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hello! We've been pretty lucky and have had a few collections deleted off my husbands report in the past few weeks (WOOOWWEEEE) but I have a question for y'all. We have the TRUECREDIT.com 3-in-1 monitoring service. I checked it today and collection accounts are slowly dropping off....two accounts in particular have been removed from TU and EXP but have yet to be removed from EQ. Should these drop off soon as well? Any insight will be helpful. Thanks everyone!
  7. I would like to add that the CA sent us a letter today that said they DID receive the fax from me and they had requested that information from the OC. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Ann, I've tried to PM you but it won't let me! Anyone know why?
  9. We moved about a year ago and paid our final electric bill at our old address. Shortly after that, we started receiving another elec bill from our former electric company for $468. My husband remembered paying the company a deposit five years prior (before we got married) to keep his service from being shut off ...the amount of the deposit was around $400! Not only that, but we believed they were billing us for the time AFTER we moved out of our old house. When we first got the bill, my husband called the OC to ask them where that money went and why wasn't it being applied to this balance, and asked for proof that it was actually our electricity they were billing us for. THe amount seemed so high. They said they didn't know of such a deposit and that the amt. was correct. Of course, he has no receipt from the deposit and they say it doesn't exist. Well, shortly after that they sent it to collections. We disputed the account and sent a DV letter. All the collection agency sent us were the meter readings from the last two months of service, no record of the deposit. We faxed them copies of utility bills from our new residence to prove that we weren't even living there. Of course, they said they never received the fax. My husband is going to refax those documents tomorrow, as well as a letter requesting additional proof of the debt. Another thing, we agreed to make $50 per month payments on this account last month because we admit we owe part of the debt (probably half), and now my husband says he wants to stop all payments until this thing is resolved. Should we even pay them? This is a new collection account and I'm afraid they will try to get a judgement against us.
  10. Here's the information from Experian. Transunion says it will drop off Jan. 09 but EXP says June of 09. Status: Account charged off/Past due 180 days. $924 written off. $399 past due as of May 2008. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Jun 2009.
  11. Help! I have an old Cap one account that went to collections way back in 2002. It is scheduled to drop off my report on Jan. 2009. But the CA keeps calling me, even though it is currently being disputed. Are the statute of limitations up on this account? We live in Missouri. How long can they keep reselling this debt? The account is currently with Cohen McNeil and Pappas has been for a few years now. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. We want to monitor our credit scores and reports online but I've only seen the services where you can monitor one at a time. Right now we are both on the MyFico.com 30 day trial but that only watches and monitors the Equifax score. What is the best service/deal to purchase when you want to monitor all three scores and/or reports? Personal experience would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  13. Why Chat, the accounts that are listed on our credit report are valid but I'm wondering if it would be more appropriate to use your letter to the original creditor for medical accounts and include payment for each one. Would this be the best way to go about it? Or would it be faster just to pay the CA? This whole thing is giving me a headache.
  14. We have about ten small medical accounts with NCO...when I say small, I mean $20, $54, $16 on up to $154, $160, etc. Only five of them are showing up on our credit report. The others are six years old from 2002. Our intention is to pay off those five within the next two months and get them cleared from our credit report (or at least showing at a zero balance). NCO is trying to get us to pay off the entire balance, including the really old debts before they will send out a paid in full letter. I asked what they would do if I just paid off the five accounts and they said they would send out receipts for those specific accounts showing as paid. They are treating it as one big account, even though they are listed as separate accounts on our report. Will they report that those accounts were paid off to the credit reporting agencies? Or will I have to file a bunch of disputes to have them fixed once I pay them off? My husband wants to just pay those five off, but I'm afraid if we don't pay the entire balance nothing will be removed from our report. What's worse is that when I call the main NCO numbers they transfer me all over God's green earth...I finally was sent to the Springfield, MO office where the accounts were based, but I think that office is small because they're only there certain hours. It's funny...when you DON'T want to pay, they're all over you. But when you actually want to pay some of it off, they make it more difficult!! Any help or advice is appreciated.
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