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  1. A friend of mine confided in me that she consolidated all her bills (about $32k) using a personal loan and thought she was doing the right thing. She got all the money and paid everything off but now realizes that the interest is about 25%. Has anyone ever had any luck with having your interest rate lowered on a personal loan?
  2. I just called and they said I will be able to merge them in October.
  3. Has anyone been able to merge their BOA and MBNA credit cards? If so, how was the process? Did they combine the two credit line?
  4. fallen

    Chase CLI

    Well, let's see. I requested a CLI online and after two dayss: Congratulations! a whopping $700 increase!!! Bastards! I'm so glad I did a BT to MBNA and now they will be sock drawered.
  5. I have a question that I'm hoping you guys can help answer. A co-worker of mine had her car totalled when her neighbor's tree fell on it. Her auto insurance company is willing to give her about 3k but this still won't equate the cost of her loss. She was told she should be able to get the deductible ($500) from her neighbor's home owner's insurance. Is it possible for her to reap more than the deductible of out the neighbor's insurance?
  6. Did anyone else receive this email from "PFB Count Me In!" <countmein@elist.planetfeedback.com>? Is this for real?
  7. Does anyone know if Amex pulls a hard if you already have a card and apply for another?
  8. Keep it up. It becomes very addictive to stare at those scores.
  9. CONGRATS!!! This board has also done wonders for me and I'm glad that it's doing the same for you.
  10. That's a great idea!! I'll take a 'sip' for every baddie removed. *hmm, might want to do this in the safety of my home.*
  11. I can't believe I started here with a messed up credit profile and now I'm baddie-free!! Check out my new scores in my signature. To all the others that are still fighting the fight, keep it up. It works!
  12. fallen

    Nextel Anyone

    The only time they ever called me when we I first received my phone adn that's just to check to make sure I was satisfied. I do, however, get offers from Nextel in the mail for incentives if I sign up for a longer term.
  13. I only have AMEX Blue Cash but it's better than nothing.
  14. Welcome to you all. I lurked for a while before I signed up and had the courage to post. I am soooo glad to have found CB.
  15. fallen

    Credit Approved

    Name of Institution: AMEX Blue Cash Approved/Denied: Approved Scores: 695 Credit Limit: 2,900 Pulled: TU State: MA I only have two other low limit cards right now so there's nothing to match but the rep said to wait 30 days then request a CLI.

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