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  1. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=512093
  2. Thanks to shifter for bumping the backdoor #’s thread. Called Citi and was able to get the app looked at. Approved for 2600! WooHoo!
  3. App spree yesterday after being mostly credit card dormant for a few years (zero credit card balances and only 1 card active). Discover Chrome - 2k Barclay Apple - 2k Saks store card - 1.5k Barclay Uber - 1.3k Firestone store card - 1.2k Amex Delta Gold - 1k Ollo MC - 0.5k (I may cancel this but its a no AF card). Still waiting to hear from Citi DC. Probably denied since I can't seem to get them to budge on a cli on my only active card which is a Best Buy Visa @ $500 limit w/ 0 balance for 2 months now after paying off a laptop purchase. Time to grow.
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