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  1. Yes, it was my fault, there was no other carrier, there was no other vehicle, my car hydroplaned on a wet section of freeway, went off the road and hit a concrete drain but again, I'm just using my accident as an example, I could of fallen of a roof, had a mishap with a power tool, etc, etc.
  2. It's actually extremely common, seat belts save lives but they tend to break ribs and collarbones. But that is hardly my point, what I have an issue with is this whole game the insurer and or hospital are playing with this in network, out of network business. Is it unreasonable to expect that if you are admitted to a hospital in your network, basic services such as X rays should be in network as well?
  3. My apologies, as this is more a rant than advice or questions, but I feel it is relevant. I have been fortunate in that I have been healthy my entire life, never needed any real medical attention. I have insurance through my work and we had been assured by the insurance rep who visits us once a year that we had “one of the best plans available” and how lucky we were to have a company willing to pay for plan that takes such good care of us. I never really scrutinized it that close (I’m not sure how you can actually) but I knew that my maximum yearly out of pocket was $4500 which seemed reasonable enough. Then it happened I’m in an accident, nothing life threatening but I have a broken clavicle, broken ribs and a punctured lung, I live in a medium sized town with one hospital only, of course I am taken to that hospital. From a medical standpoint I felt I was taken care of, I was in the hospital for 4 days, needed surgery to reconstruct my clavicle, all routine stuff, had a few months of PT and follow up, pretty much fully recovered. But I had no idea the nightmare that was about to begin. although the hospital itself is “in network” virtually nothing else is, the emergency room is actually a separate entity from the hospital itself, out of network, the emergency room technicians, out of network, the anesthesiologist, out of network, the surgeon, out of network, X ray services, X ray technicians on and on down to the occupational therapy team, a team of 2 who did nothing more than tell me I needed to get up and sit in a chair and charged $2000, none of this is covered or covered at a much reduced rate. The next several months was spent fielding phone calls, medical bills, fighting endlessly with the insurance company, they eventually agreed to cover some of the out of network bills, but I still ended up paying much more than the $4500 max I had expected. To me this is nothing but a ploy by greedy insurance companies to shirk their responsibility, pass on expense to consumers who already facing serious medical issues and in no position to be writing check after check. My injuries were about as routine as they come, the typical thing that can be expected in an automobile accident, when you are in the emergency room you really aren’t capable of shopping around to ensure all your services are in fact “in network” and like I mentioned there is only one hospital, where else can you go? At this moment, one and a half years later one of those out of network bills that I thought had been paid has just shown up as a collection, I know I will now be wasting more hours of my time dealing with that. Anyway, the point to all this, it’s small wonder so many of us are buried in medical debt, we are under the impression that our insurance is there to take care of us when in fact that is far from the case.
  4. While there does exist some possibility that an inquiry resulted in a score increase, the following are known facts: It has been provably demonstrated that there exist items that trigger a MyFICO score update without having an effect on your scores. It has been provably demonstated that there exist items that do not trigger a MyFICO score update but have some effect on your scores. Thus, while it is possible that the inquiry itself resulted in a score increase, that update from MyFICO is not proof of such an event. Any of the following could have happened: Something else changed but did not trigger an update. The inquiry then occurred and triggered an update. Your scores were recalculated based on the new information. The inquiry resulted in a change in some other parameter(s) and also triggered the update. Your score increased due to changes in the other parameter(s). EDIT: Formatting Considering that absolutely noting has changed, I'd sure like to know what that new information could be.
  5. I paid off a auto loan in 6/15 that's it. Not sure what a young file is? Oldest acct is 23yrs , I have a bk from 2013 and 2 negatives: my previous mortgage (was sold when bk was dismissed) with a bunch of lates and a paid charge off on a cellphone bill, both from 2013. There has been literally nothing going on in my credit files, just working long hours, paying everything asap, zero balances.
  6. They just gave me another $3500, up to $9000 from $1500 9 months ago
  7. The score increase was definitely associated with the inquiry, other than that my credit activity has been stagnant
  8. So I filled out an online credit application at a local credit union, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union, I had heard on a motorcycling forum that they had a loan program for the purchase of a private party used motorcycle. Anyhow I had been looking for a particular bike for over a year and finally finding the one I wanted at a great price and fearing the deal would slip away before completing the loan process if I was even approved, made the purchase with cash. What I didn't expect was seeing a 12,13,15 point INCREASE in my fico scores for the inquiry, not complaining, but confused, I had always thought an inquiry would lower your score.
  9. what exactly does a Walmart fico score include? one? two bureaus?
  10. I too have a collection with Unique National Collections for a Library fine. The OP of this thread makes the point that they are not licensed to operate in California, I saw in another thread a similar situation in Texas. I live in Washington state and just out of curiosity checked the state licencing site and found this: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/070uQlv8rr8RyeTPHn0tAdOOryvkaYvmEJjp-05D3ME?ref_=cd_share_link_copy_flash ACCOUNT OPENED: 11/30/1994 12:00:00AM ACCOUNT CLOSED 08/03/2013 12:00:00AM FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY So as of 8/3/2013 they are not licensed to operate in the state of Washington either. Has anyone had success using this angle?

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