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  1. Have to start somewhere! That was your first step in your credit journey.
  2. Hello, I am self-employed, finally bought my first home. Put %20 down and paid closing costs up front. I thought I was going to die in this house (meaning, not going to move anywhere else). However, once I started getting into the rehab and such... I realized I am not moving into this house and I am just fixing it up enough to re-sell it. Now, I will make a profit off of it, but I am worried that if I have to pay taxes on my capital gain, that will suck all the excess money I get and ruin my chances of buying a better home that I really WILL want to live the rest of my life in. I read somewhere I have 2 years to either re-invest the money I get from selling but other places I have read that I will be penalized. I am not an investor, I barely make $30k year and after deductions my net is around $20k. I do have excellent credit and around $14k available credit with my social, and about $460k available credit with my EIN. How long will I have to do something with the money after I pay off 1st mortgage and then pay off credit cards I used to rehab this home without being taxed/penalized? If I do find another house and use that money for down payment, etc.., is that acceptable? Will I be taxed? To put my income in perspective... I was turned DOWN for the USDA loan... because I made too little. 😕
  3. I can tell you I am self employed also. However, I make only around what you're depreciated at. lol After my deductions and such, I'm hovering around the $20k ±. I was able to qualify for a $52k mortgage, my credit score is in the lower 700's, I did put %20 down and paid for closing costs. My mortgage lender is/was Howard Hannah... they already sold me to Huntington. Now, my realtor is a family friend... and while she cannot pull strings to get me approved or what not, she may have fought a little harder than she might have for anyone else? I am not certain on that. My point is that if you're clearing that much and even after your deductions and such, if you're only trying to get around $56k, you really shouldn't have any problem whatsoever... Financially, you're qualified (I didn't read all of your posts, so not sure what your debt is or other financial obligations). One thing that I ran into often when talking to people over the phone was that because my loan would have been for so little, I was often hung up on or the person on the other end pretended to not be able to hear me (because they wouldnt make much money off of me). I believe I would have qualified for a max loan amount of $65k .... and remember, that was with my gross around $30k and net in the upper teens/lower 20's (for last 2 years). Good luck and keep trying! I would try local credit unions (just ask them very specific questions, tell them your exact score (or print it out over all 3 bureaus (they'll have to pull it themselves but at least they can give you a better estimate)).
  4. Hello, I applied for the USDA home loan last week. I got notification they pulled my credit this past Tuesday and from talking to the loan officer he said he gave all my info to his supervisor and I should be receiving my certificate by the end of the week. I've never owned a home before, my 3 scores are upper 600's (according to Privacy Guard... not sure what calculation method they're using). The minimum for USDA is 640. I also have made less than $30k the last few years. While reading through the forums here, I saw one individual state he has had a USDA loan for 10 years and still owes the same amount.... I replied to that thread but am wondering how that is even possible? I have been renting where I am at for the last 8 years. I have paid for $50k in rent... which makes me sick but that is another story. I saw another reader who mentioned she was in NJ and referenced a first time home buyer website in NJ, so I looked to see if there was an Ohio version, and there is: https://myohiohome.org/index.aspx. All of that is Greek to me because I have never owned a home and haven't studied it or experienced it. Is it too late for me to qualify for any of those programs? also, I see a lot of people mention to others about USDA loans... but they may not realize there is an income maximum associated with those. In my counties, the max I would be allowed to make to qualify for the program is $35k for 1 person. USDA loans are typically for people who would not qualify for a conventional loan through other sources (unless there are exceptions that I am not aware of which is definitely possible). Thank you all for the wealth of knowledge and experience everyone posts on here. It helps us lurkers. I try to help when I can but there are definitely more qualified people on here than me.
  5. Hello, Could you elaborate on what you mean by that? I applied through the Rural Development office last week and I should be expecting my certificate by the end of this week. You've had the mortgage for 10 years and still owe the same amount?
  6. Thanks! I don't have bad credit, my scores are mid 700's. I have over $200k in available credit. There is a user on this board I am trying to beat. lol
  7. I took a screen shot but I don't know how to post it
  8. Hello, I was just told about this and thought I would see how much I would get. It was a soft pull and they approved me for $4,000. Now to find a phone. lol
  9. I am at $192k. I planned on stopping at $200 ☺
  10. My brother told me about Venture cards and I was bored so I applied, I only got $15k... still, not bad for a sock drawer card.
  11. I hear you on that! Target started me with $300 credit limit years ago... I'm STILL at $300... Just got $15K from Lowes and $13k from Chase and I have other big limits on major prime cards!!! I have my EX frozen also and Kohl's will not touch me!!!! Like you, I WANT THOSE DAMN COUPONS! lol I get pretty lucky with getting banks to pull different bureaus... including Amex which I got to pull EQ. My brother applied in a Kohl's store in WV, they pulled EQ for him..... (that's his worst)... so after about 60 days he applied again but this time they pulled EX...so as most of the reps from all the banks say "it's random". I think I may still keep applying in store.....,although they're usually primarily just that one bureau in each region. If my brother got lucky and Kohl's pulled EQ once, maybe I can get lucky as well. On a bright note, if your EX is frozen, then your app won't be a hard pull (if they revert to EX) (although I could be wrong, but I don't think I am on that one)
  12. You can add this number for chase. Chase: 888-688-6708 (new accounts/app questions(?) I recently opened a new Slate card and wanted to ask about my intro APR and bonuses. Answered almost immediately, so def a direct line.
  13. I have 7 total Synchrony cards because I can have them! If I want Synchrony, capital One, Comenity, Centurian, heck, even First Premier, it is my choice. (and before I get a flood of PM's, I only do prime cards, just using some as examples). Here in NW Ohio, GE/Synch has the 2 biggest (well, they USED to) grocery chains, Wal*Mart and Meijer, which is why I have those two... Sam's is right around the corner, JC Penney is also, Toys-R-Us and TJ Maxx as well as ding-a-ling's are too! There are quite a few more in this geographic region that use Synchrony... and depending on the account opening bonuses or what I happened to be shopping/in the market for that particular day, that is why I have 'so many' Synchrony cards. ( <-- actual reason for my GE selection) Oh, FYI, I am not rebuilding credit, I apply and generally get what I want... which still boggles me about Synchrony pulling EX..... However, if any persons who like me, have their EX frozen and still would like an Amex (which they seem to be primarily EX), I have this bit of news. In a fit of frustration I applied to the Amazon Blue Cash card later that night (night I got the pending notice at TJX) and I got the same pending status... I called today and spoke with a very nice gentleman (he was legimately nice, even if he wasn't able to get me approved) and he spoke with a supervisor and got approval to pull from one of the remaining two bureaus... which he later said was EQ.
  14. I had the unfortunate mispleasure of speaking with this 'person' today. I talked to it earlier this afternoon and I already knew right away she was not very nice... so I called again about 10 minutes 'til 9pm and she was S-T-I-L-L there! I just hung up on her and didn't say anything. Has anyone else ran into this gem before? I applied for a TJX card in a store and got the 30 day letter... I was like, "WHAT?" I have Dillard's Amex, Walmart Discover/MC, Meijer MC (b4 comenity), Sam's Discover/MC, and a few other GE/Sync cards. (ALL of my GE cards were TU pulls). Helen said I got the 30 day because my EXPERIAN is frozen and I needed to give the pin or un-freeze it. I gave her some BS about it and said my TU and EQ were perfect! She said in her pious voice "the system randomly chooses which one it will use"... I said, "so it 'randomly chose Trans Union for every GE card I have?" I continued, "Do you know what those odds are? It would almost be easier to win the mega millions if your system truly chooses a bureau at 'random'." She just spewed forth her over flowing cauldron of despair and foul verbiage... Can I get any suggestions? or a better number to call? The number I was calling ended in xxx-xxx-6441 and seemed to ring directly to her
  15. JPC has a MasterCard? I'm pretty 'astute' with cards and issuers, but that's a new one on me Also, anyone know for sure the max number of Barclays cards? My increases are: Amazon visa - $400 - $800 Chase freedom signature - $6000 - $13,800 Dillard's Amex - ??? (Don't remember) - $3400 Jcp was upped too, forget what it was, it's now $2900 Us bank - $5000 - $9000 Different us bank (I have 3) $1,000 - $5,000 Target, my first store card, opened 4 years ago, started off with $300 and is now...... $300 ....... Effing bastards! Ge bank loves me!!! They're always upping my limits and/or upgrading me to discover card (from Walmart store), from Meijer store to MasterCard. I have 10 or close to 10 ge (synchrony cards) Oh, PayPal upped my limit Discover also upped me ... Think I'm $6000 I don't keep mega track of limits and such like some of you.

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