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  1. RIP. Periodically run into him here and there. Empire of talent gone
  2. Citi never used to require a hard for a line merge, that was always a Chase and BofA thing, too bad.
  3. and that lots of people insist that it is an ATM machine
  4. Meanwhile, the male geese are guarding their territories outside my office window along the creek. They have these invisible lines neither may cross that separates the females sitting near egg nests. Lots of drama.
  5. Lots of new Superhero, trekkie and cartoon cards being issued. It's a trend.
  6. This^^^ (for the 10th time) You're not going to find ONE card, that does it all. I have 9 credit cards, and most of them serve a unique purpose. (e.g - low apr, rewards, ongoing BT offers, $3 CA fees @ 8% APR, free fico, etc.) Research & Read. Right. and this explains yet another reason (besides utilization etc) why some of us have several dozen credit cards. Each serves a purpose - or better several purposes. Which card is best for which type of transaction is the best question.
  7. Exactly. I've had months where >50k reports but it is not a revolving balance. ditto. Balances in the form of true "debt" are borrowed and generating an interest charge.
  8. No point in it - they just slide into the sinkholes. oh, wait. you were serious
  9. There she is. We miss you around these parts. When is Ugby #2 coming? right OC!!!??? Is the child wearing you out? I am worn down. I am so tired of her. I am fresh off of a rant from Ugby about me being "mean" and a "grouch". Let me guess, you're not sharing the bowl of cherries
  10. Welcome back cv! Missed reading your posts. Hope your back for a while. Good to see you. I came back for the banter, but I'm staying for the pie. Just no shepherd's pie
  11. Not surprising really. As lots of folks believe all cards that use the amex network are issued by american express centurion bank.
  12. Yeah, we found that out. Netflix + Hulu + Sling Tv and still couldn't get some things we wanted. Nevermind the buffering and stalls when Charter internet went to hell. It was less expensive to pay $45/month to DirecTv. (a price they'll hold for the full 2-year contract if you ask them to) And then there is the Genie...
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