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  1. Hello, It's been a couple of years since I've applied for a card. I wanted to know if Amex still has a live & current pre-approval link as I've tried to google the prior pre-approval links, but none seem to be working Thank You
  2. Hello, What is the best & easiest of these 2 groups Penfed offers to join in order to be eligible to join Penfed? National Military Family Organization or Voices for America’s Troops Or is there any other group as well they offer to be eligible to joiin? Thank you
  3. No. It was my wife's and we filed joint taxes so it hit my report as well?
  4. Hello fellow members, I wanted to know if anyone has a State Tax Lien dispute sample letter. I have searched the threads, but haven't successfully found any. Thank You
  5. Thanks merkurfan Don't need bump actually Just progressed credit dispute updates. Thanks again.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been away for a few years. I just wanted to ask what is the BEST CURRENT DAILY 3 in 1 credit monitoring report out there right now with best price as well that let's you update your reports daily since CreditCheckTotal only allows once per month. Thank you
  7. Hello everyone. I've been away for a few years. I just wanted to ask what is the BEST 3-1 credit monitoring report out there right now with best price as well? Thank you
  8. So is it completely 110% done via live representative?
  9. Hello, I wanted to know if Capital One stopped processing CLI's via the luv back door number? I called & tried two backdoor numbers that used to work in the past with the representatives processing the CLI, now they say and only offer it Via Online or ther Automated Machine 800-257-1847 So just wanted to get the current status on the best format to request it since via online was usual denials compared to calling. Thank You
  10. DEAD just like Transunion as well? How come I didn't see anything within the exising post from the past indicating so?
  11. Hello, Haven't been here in 5 months since I zero-ed & since didn 6 new Equifax inquiries. I have all 3 CS, MPM and USAA for bumpage which I have pulled for 5 days each and I have been logging in backdoor and no longer see the normal softpulls from each like I have in the past. Is it no longer reflecting via backdoor or did I miss something while I was in hiautus the last 4-5 month since I last Equifax Bumpage. I tried to search if anything has happeed pertaining what I'm asking and I didnd't find anything either. Help?? Thank You
  12. picnn

    Amex backdate

    2003 just like the replacement card they sent me. My mother which is the primary account holder is 1993 and they sent her a replacement card as well with 1993 So it WILLreport, just have to wait 1,2,3 report statements then?
  13. Hello, 4 weeks ago I was able to get Amex to backdate my authorized card to 2003 and they sent me the replaced card with 2003 instead of 2014 which is when I joined my mothers account as authorized user. Had been waiting for American Express to update within my report to see if it would report with 2003 and today they finally updated the monthly and STILL shows 2014. Am I screwed and NOT going to get backdate of 2003 and only just the actual CARD reflecting it or do I need to wait longer then multiple report monthly amex updates for it to reflect 2003. Any insight I would grea
  14. Hello fellow members. I have heard and also emailed 1 month ago when I requested a cLI on my usaa cc i had to wait 6 months but also 180 days from opening . Well today was officially 6 months but its only 169 days. Would requesting CLI tomorrow be declined or I should be good??? Thank You
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