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  1. Does your grandfather have the money to pay it? I believe (but an mot positive) that if it's paid, your loan won't be held up. Another option is to e-mail the president of Verizon. If you send a nicely-worded e-mail asking for his/her help, explaining the circumstances, it may get routed to a top-tier executive who will help you work something out... especially if your grandfather is able to help you pay it. A google search should yield you the name of the president and you'll probably need to do more searches to find out their e-mail naming convention, but I think that might be your best bet to get it deleted. BTW, how on earth did she rack up $2,500 in bills without service getting shut down. If you are able to get the funds, be sure your mother pays whomever back. Make her sign a promissory note. Best of luck to you.
  2. Yes, you definitely want to wait to do additional CRA disputes until after the results of your HIPPA disputes come back. As for the T-mobile bill, you'll first want to call T-mobile directly and see if you can get it cleared up over the phone. Find out as much as you can about that bill, i.e., where it was opened, etc. If you never lived in the area where it was opened, it might be pretty easy to get them to pull it back and delete it. Is the SL collection reporing a balance. If so, dispute that with the CRAs once the CRAs using the JackAttack. Be advised, however, that ACCURATE SLs are next to impossible to get deleted because Federal law mandates accurate reporting. For the judgment, contact the attorney for the judgment creditor to try to negotiate withdrawal of the judgment in exchange for payment. Remember, you want a withdrawal... NOT a satisfaction of judgment. The satisfaction will remain on your reports for another seven years if it's reported that way. A withdrawal will be the same as if it never happened.
  3. You are correct... the free annual report gives the CRAs 45 days to complete their investigation. And to the PP's point, when the investigations are complete, the CRAs will send you a copy of the revised report. For your next round of disputes, use the newest report number you have. I don't believe it's a good idea to keep disputing using the same report number.
  4. Thanks, Bob. So it sounds like the answer is no, I can't pull daily on AMEX CS? Uggh. Yes, they will let you upgrade if you keep requesting daily pulls. Cool. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Bob. So it sounds like the answer is no, I can't pull daily on AMEX CS? Uggh.
  6. Uggh.... I'm back on the B* train to get rid of two hards on EQ. I can't figure out when I was last chopped because for a while I wasn't pulling daily, maybe once a week. My softs are listed below, and I currently have Equifax Gold, MPM, and CCT. However, it just occurred to me that I can now get the AMEX product as well, so that will be four daily pullers. Can I do daily pulls on AMEX if I'm in the 30-day trial period? Here's my softs: CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 07/24/12, 07/23/12, 07/21/12, 07/20/12, 07/19/12, 07/18/12, 07/16/12, 06/29/12, 05/30/12, 04/30/12, 03/31/12, 02/29/12 PRM-DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES 07/19/12, 07/13/12, 07/06/12, 06/28/12, 06/22/12, 06/15/12, 06/08/12, 06/01/12 EQUIFAX 03/23/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 09/14/11 EQUIFAX 05/19/12 EQUIFAX 05/11/12 EQUIFAX 02/14/12 ND-EQUIFAX 05/11/12, 05/10/11 ND-EQUIFAX 02/14/12, 10/11/10, 08/06/10 ND-EQUIFAX 02/14/12, 10/11/10, 08/06/10 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 03/24/12, 10/03/11 Equifax Consumer Services 07/24/12, 07/23/12, 07/09/12, 06/19/12, 05/31/12, 04/15/12, 03/31/12 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 07/23/12 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 11/09/10 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 11/09/10 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 05/14/12 FAIR ISAAC 06/01/12, 04/13/12, 02/18/12 AR-HOUSEHOLD BANK 10/21/11 AR-MACYS/DSNB 06/29/12 AR-MACYS/FDSB 08/16/11 AR-NAVY FCU 06/26/12 AR-PENTAGON FEDERAL CREDIT UN 06/12/12 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 07/24/12, 07/23/12, 06/02/12, 05/18/12, 04/13/12, 03/31/12
  7. It's pretty hard to comprehend what's there, i.e., figuring out where one TL ends and the other begins. As the previous poster said, you need to read (the pinned topics above) and triage your reports. Be sure you know and understand the California statutes (Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the and the California credit reporting statutes). For each negative TL, you need to know the DOFD. For the collection accounts, it's best to know if you've recieved a DL and if the first 30 days have passed. For each DL you recieved, it helps to know if it included the required California mini-miranda. Order reports directly from the CRAs; you will need a report number from each to dispute anything. Plus, that's the only way to know how things really are reporting... tri-merge and third-party reports, while generally accurate in terms of the items reporting, don't include a lot of info that is actually on the real reports. Organize your effort by developing a filing system for each report. Keep an unmarked copy of all reports that you receive... you may need them down the road. Create a chart (I used MS Word tables) that includes the name of the OC and the CA (if applicable), DOFD, past-due amount reported, which CRAs they are reporting to, whether the SOL has passed, method of attack, and a section for any notes. Remember there are two halves to credit repair... (1) getting as many old negative accounts as possible deleted and (2) establishing new, positive TLs that will grow with you. To the second point, get in the habit of PIFing your cards every month and learn to HATE paing interest. I believe it's important to know your actual FICO scores at the beginning of the process, so if you can afford it, buy your EQ and TU scores. Once you've organized and triaged, figure out your plan of attack. I would group things together, such as HIPPA (do all of these at one time) and deletions of IIB accounts. As for your SL lates, if they were actually late, you can pretty much forget about any goodwill. Federal law requires these items be reported, and you'd pretty much be spitting into the wind even trying. Best of luck to you.
  8. Thanks Hege and OwNt. I decided to apply for a CLI online. I took a hard on EQ and they gave me a $1,000 CLI. Better than nothing and I plan to B* since I also have a Chase INQ to remove.
  9. They just started reporting on EQ for me, but no changes to EX or TU.
  10. It's probably fake, but can you post a picture of it, redacting any information about account, balance, your name/address and any other personal information. Does it show a court case number? Court name? If so, call that court and ask the clerk if a case was actually filed against you. Is it the proper court? Are you in Oregon? If not, does it show information for an attorney (name and Bar number) for an attorney who is licensed in your state?
  11. My PenFed AMEX celebrated it's first birthday a week ago. I'm wondering if I should request a CLI. I opened a Chase Marriott card last month, but it's not yet reporting. Chase pulled EQ, and I haven't B*ed that INQ off, but it's the only INQ on EQ. I also got a small CLI, at my request, on my BofA Visa last month... they pulled TU; this is the only INQ on TU. For reporting purposes, PenFed is the newest card reporting... I did open an AMEX about seven months ago, but it was backdated, so my report looks like PenFed is the oldest. Does PenFed always pull EQ for CLI's? How generous are they? Is it a hard-pull? I know I can wait until October and see if I get an preapproval, but so far, I haven't had any preapproval luck, and once my Chase card begins reporting, I know that will blow me out of the water for preapprovals for probably the next few offer cycles. Is it worth blowing a hard INQ? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  12. http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/8663911303
  13. No, I believe it begins to run from when the account last became past due, but I'm not 100 percent positive. In any event, I would wait a couple of months just to make certain that it has passed.
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