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  1. Just called the magic number on the first post....got a $400 CLI on a $500 card. I honestly was prepared to cancel the card, I haven't been on here in a while to update my score and limits, but I'm up to 715 myFico score for ~ 6 months, and have cards over $10k in my wallet. I told her that I qualified for an HSBC platinum card at $5k limit, however since I have this HSBC card (Orchard) in my wallet I could not have the Platinum until October of this year, marking a 2yr age date (apparently you cannot have 2 active HSBC cards within a 2yr age limit). Anyway, she acknowledged I have a good account, and she "was surprised they have not done a review on my account in the past 6 months" according to her, "for an auto-CLI". So she said she would grant me a $400 CLI without pulling a review at all, if it meant I would stay with them. Acct details: Opened Feb 08, called the magic number twice in the past....$100 CLI each time, 2nd time had them refund my annual fee from 08. Last CLI was Feb 09....so pretty much 6 months after my anniversary date and last CLI call to the magic number....got the $400 CLI. This card has a fixed 8.9% APR so I actually do like to have it in my wallet, that is close to (if not) a prime rate, even though it's not a prime card. My Citi Platinum with over a 10k limit is 6.7% APR....so I will keep using this one, now with a $900CL. If you call the # on the back of the card, you will get an Indian worker who can't understand what you want, and you won't make any progress. Call the # on this post, it takes you directly to a US worker, in the retention dept. Thanks again for the #
  2. It's good until tonight at Jan 22, 10 pm CT.
  3. The 29.99% APR sounds like a defualt APR from missing a payment or not paying enough of the minimum payment. I would pay this off ASAP...
  4. It's a long journey....but very rewarding....check the sig This board is a wealth of information, and there is no way I would be at 700 right now if it weren't for CB
  5. Called the magic number listed on the first post. American speaking CSR (which with Orchard, is nearly an impossibility). He refunded my past 2 CLI "fees", and also waived 3 monthly fees for AF (~$5/mo). I told him I wanted a CLI, he did the request but could not grant one. He said it could be because of the most recent CLI back in November, and because I am 2 weeks shy of my 1yr anniversary. I did threaten to close the card on the initial convo with the CSR to get the wheels moving. He did not offer the AF waiver until I continued to press on about it. I carry $0 balance on the card, always PIF. I will call again when I hit my 1yr. If they cannot raise my CL, Orchard will be closed.
  6. Assuming you have the ability to attain an auto loan (not knowing your income, what your CR looks like, or what your budget is), it would look better to have an installment account reporting. Make sure there is no early payoff penalty on the loan. Also, if you're just looking to have a TL added, that's an expensive way to do it....especially if you just want to payoff the loan in 2 lump sums. You need payment history showing, not just an installment TL. As far as a manual UW looking at it, they will see simply that you were extended a line of credit, and now that line is closed in a short period of time. If you don't think you want to age the installment account with payment history, then just pay cash.
  7. Just have her call each of the card issuers and ask that you be added as an AU. Not only do all major issuers do AU (HSBC, Disc, AmEx, Citi, Chase, WaMu, BOA, etc), but also smaller banks (Merrick, Barclays, etc) and even department store and gas cards (usually backed by one of the above banks). There really isn't a "list", but you can expect that most of the cards she has do allow AU. This also includes most bank CC's....even the small ones.
  8. It's not applicable to the scores we pull....and won't be for some time.
  9. There are a couple of topics discussing this on the first page.
  10. Maybe the OP hasn't responded because he's sitting behind bars I smell a troll post!
  11. So what did the letter that they mailed you say for a reason? They likely pulled a hard, and it will list the reason(s) they denied a CLI on there.
  12. The check # doesn't matter. Once they have your ABA/Routing info, they can directly deduct....they don't need a check #. Close the account, and STAY OFF THE PHONE with the CA

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