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  1. neagtive, I only have reports from myfico.com How do I get the hard copies?
  2. Where do I find this date?
  3. coyotesfan

    I want one

    what a waste of a thread
  4. No offense, but why are you in such a hirry to buy another house? why noy just rent for a while and get yourself situated again? Sounds like you may have a LARGE debt to settle first....
  5. coyotesfan


    because it was a repo and I know it was taking in 2002, They are listing it is 2005 so it will probally stay on my record longer and makes it look more recent to keep my score down
  6. coyotesfan


    My report says it is 2.5 years "newer" than it really is it should be in 2002 and it say 2005
  7. coyotesfan


    if you pay that much for your car, get rid of it, even if you lose a grand or two, it will help you in th elong run, ride the bus for a while, lose that payment and insurance payment...I would guess that is $800 plus GAS savings.....
  8. coyotesfan


    What do you do if the Date of Last activity is WRONG???
  9. are you sure it was really a CA and not someone trying to fear you into paying wiht your checking account info over the phone?
  10. Yes there are! Just go to www.creditboards.com and read the novel and then you will know all you need to know.
  11. well, you need to tell us what the money was for...Now I understand your side, but like I sais, it depends on what the reason is, say a wedding ring, then I could understand her side.Now if she wants you to loan her the money for one of those STUPID #4000 purses, then I got your back buddy!
  12. Isnt that part of marriage, taking the good and bad, each other will make mistakes..... OH DAMN, I shouldnt talk, I am single! LOL
  13. HOLY COW!!!! First we got two different threads going and then we got 2 posters "mad" at each other, THAT IS NOT ALLOWED! LOL Well, I have a suggestion, give your husband a pre-paid card and he will never know!

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