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  1. I owe $1242.00 for a recent surgery. This has recently gone to collections but is not reporting on my CR yet. I can pay the balance in two weeks. I will do this with the HIPPA insert A letter. I know that I need to establish the relationship betweeen the CA and the OC first. Can someone provide the letter I should send for this? Thanks in adavnce!
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    They told me that as well...if you push hard enough, they may let you talk to someone...they did for me Did you get anywhere with them?
  3. wjr1971


    I was just approved for a used auto loan ($20K) with Penfed. I also applied for the Rewards card but I was turned dow for it. I called in to ask for a reconsideration and I was told that I needed to fax my request to them... that they don't take these calls.... is this true? It seems like I've read a lot of stories of people calling in and being bable to talk with someone about this.
  4. I have a small personal loan from a finance company. They are reporting both the principal AND the interest on my credit reports. It was a 36 month term with a 12 month same as cash option. I am 6 months into the agreement and will have it paid off within 2 months. Is it legal for them to be reporting the interest on my CR like this? It's making it look like I owe a lot more than I actually do. Thanks!
  5. Are these guys good about giving a cli? I have a 3k limit with 3 months age... PIF each month.... what has been others experience with them?
  6. I was originally approved for $300 but I was able to get them to bump it to $500 at activation. They gave me another $150 about a month ago. Do you think I could get a Penfed CC? I wouldn't go that far. Get some standard issue prime cards with rewards. Then upgrade to the PenFed and the Amex charge cards. Well, I have the CapOne and the Juniper Sea Miles. I was kinda thinking that if I hold off on more new accounts and increase my Sea Miles CL (I really don't want any more pee-wee trade lines) that I might fare better in a few months when the majority of my inquiries age past a year. This fall all of my accounts except for one will be well over a year old too. Is this not enough to get something going with Penfed? I will not be applying for an Amex.... I've heard too much negative on them.
  7. Do you think I could get a Penfed CC?
  8. One year ago I was in the low 600's on TU and EX and 550 on EQ. Current FICO scores listed in signature. Over the last year I have been able to rid my report of a bunch of medical collections and an old mortgage that was reporting 120 late. I filed a BK back in 1999. This recently fell off of TU and EX and should fall off EQ this fall. Remaining baddies include a 23K released tax lien (EX & EQ), $172 released tax lien that will be 7 years old this fal (EX & EQ), $6000 paid judgment (EX) and a mortgage with four 30's reporting with all CRA's. The 30's are almost 2 years old and the liens and judgments ARE over 2 years old. After my BK back in 99 I avoided credit like the plague. Therefore, I have a short history and a relatively thin file. Here's what I currently have (all in good standing): $5000.00 bank loan recently paid off - 27 months history. First Premier Platinum - $575 limit - 26 months history. First Premier Gold - $450 limit - 19 months history. Credit One Bank - $650 limit - 13 months history. Cap One - $1500 limt - 12 months history. Home Depot - $500 limit - 10 months history Carnival Sea Miles - $3,000 limit - 2 months history. Additionally, I am closing on a refinance for my house next week. I qualified for the best rate (4.875%) and a HELOC ($10,100). This will save me almost $600 per month!!!! Goodbye 9.6% sub-prime mortgage!!!! In the last 12 months I have 2 inquiries reporting on TU, 7 on EX and 7 on EQ. In Sept 2009 it will be down to only 2 inquiries on EQ and EX. I have been getting b* on TU only. I joined Penfed last fall but did not apply for anything as my EQ score was only 630 or so at the time. If you were me what would your strategy be moving forward?
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    A check approval system that some retail stores use THEY USE THE CRYSTAL BALL METHOD TO SEE IF YOUR CHECK IS GOING TO BOUNCE They don't check your available balance (no access) I would DISPUTE THE HARD in a NEW YORK second but that is me (and I will be flamed for saying to do so) If you fear disputing...at least ask for WRITTEN PP They issue no credit cards or loans They have no need for a HARD ever Dispute with the CRA or Certegy??? I already have fraud alerts across all three CRA's so I don't see the harm in disputing this.
  10. wjr1971


    Does any one know who these guys are? What should I do? Thanks!
  11. I Just received a letter form these ya-hoos saying I owed them $7,300.00 for a Sears account. Funny thing is that I have NEVER had a Sears account.... Heck I never even go to Sears. I sent them a DV this week and will report back when I hear.
  12. UPDATE: Equifax deleted this today!!!!!! Thanks again Why Chat!
  13. what are my options??? Isn't this a $1000 violation???
  14. The reporting was removed from all three bureaus today.

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