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  1. You should be looking for VIEW changes, not MAKE changes. You need to be on the Credit Scores page and then try to update your scores. If it is less than 30 days you will be able to VIEW Changes or see your old report. Click on VIEW changes and there you are.
  2. Andey: Everybody can qualify for Alliant. Not if you included them in a past BK. They won't even talk to me.
  3. All within the past seven days: * Navy FCU * +10,000 (total CL now $20,000) * nRewards Visa * February 19, 2009 * No inquiry, account just over six months old * Navy FCU * +10,000 (total CL now $20,000) * Mastercard * February 19, 2009 * No inquiry, account just over six months old * HSBC * +1,000 (total CL now $3,500) * Amex * February 20, 2009 * Soft inquiry, account just over eight months old, auto-response online, answered within 30 seconds
  4. After six months with them I called and asked for increases on my Visa and MC. Both were $10,000 CL, both are now $20,000 CL each. Not bad for a five minute phone call and no hard pull.
  5. I guess it was my lucky day with my HSBC Amex. I tried their online CLI request and was approved for another $1,000, from $2500 to $3500. I guess increases do happen. I have had the card for six months, never carry a balance and use $0 - $600 a month on the card always PIF.
  6. Nothing in more than 8 years. Opened at $13.5k, still at $13.5k
  7. Was the process similar to mine?
  8. I think the rules at NFCU are a case of what people think they know, what they have heard and what the rules actually are. I read all the rules on their website and followed the process and joined them a while back. My company is a serious DOD contractor but I do not work in that area of the business. When I called to apply the rep asked me how I was eligible, I said "Contractor" and he said "OK" and moved on with the process. Maybe I was lucky, maybe the rep was having a good day. Regardless, I am now a member (and I believe I am in full accordance with the published rules) and I scored the Trifecta of the Visa, MC and LOC. YMMV, but I suggest you call and talk to them.
  9. Why would you take unsecured debt and convert it to secured debt? You never know what will happen in life so this could be important. Just my 2 cents. YMMV
  10. Good timing for this question. In the past three months I have joined: Agriculture Digital Justice NASA Navy Patelco PenFed And so far they have approved: Agriculture - Denied Digital - Visa, $15,000 CL Justice - Visa, $5,000 CL NASA - Visa, $15,000 CL Navy - Visa, 10,000 CL, MC, $10,000 CL, Line of Credit - $15,000 Limit Patelco - MasterCard - $5,000 CL PenFed - Denied (Egyptian) So I have added seven tradelines with a total $75,000 in available credit and been denied by two of the new CU's. I intend to continue to deposit small amounts each month ($50-$75 each) into each of the CU's and then reapply with PenFed and AFCU in 6-12 months and ask for CLI's from the others in six months. None of the CU's I applied with denied me membership. My scores are close to yours and I have over 20 inquires from one of the CRA's. YMMV
  11. PMC

    DCU or Patelco

    4 1/2 years after discharge and I have recently joined both and been approved for credit cards from both. My FICO's are in the 680-700 range and DCU recently gave me $15,000 CL on their Visa card. Patelco gave me $5,000 but they said that was the max for new members and to call back in six months for an increase. YMMV
  12. PMC

    DCU Visa CL Love

    Just a little. NASA, Navy, DCU, Patelco, Agriculture have been good to me. PenFed thinks I'm Egyptian and JFCU just needs some seasoning. May I ask what you got with Agriculture? Actually, I spoke too soon. Agriculture just denied me for a CC. Oh well.
  13. PMC

    DCU Visa CL Love

    Thanks everyone! Does anyone know the upper limit for DCU credit card limits? When should I apply for a CLI?
  14. PMC

    DCU Visa CL Love

    Just a little. NASA, Navy, DCU, Patelco, Agriculture have been good to me. PenFed thinks I'm Egyptian and JFCU just needs some seasoning.
  15. Just joined DCU and they were one of the last things I had to do in my CU/CC app spree. The initial credit limit was $3,000 and that was confirmed by a follow up phone call. Sent in my paycheck stub and one week later that card is showing online as $15,000!! This is the reverse of what some CU's have done for me, usually I get a high instant approval followed by a low final approval. My FICO's are 680-710. That and the online check deposit feature really works for me.

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