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  1. Congratulations! Your excitement is contagious!
  2. It seems like everyone is getting the deferred message, which just shows a date to come back and enroll in TrustedID Premier.
  3. Any thoughts on the Bama / A&M game this weekend?
  4. Yes, I received this letter as well for the PSL/CC combo. I've only used the PSL once (and that was a small transaction to keep it open), but I'm bummed to see it go.
  5. New discussion thread for the 2016-2017 college football season!
  6. I'm going to start a new thread for 2016-2017, if that is okay with everyone - I look forward to chatting football with y'all!
  7. Congrats!! it sounds like you need a new user name!
  8. Congrats on your impressive score!! This was a fun idea and thread.
  9. Just a heads up if is your first time showing activity on the PSECU LOC, the open date might change to when you first use it. I did what everyone else did -- transfer money for a day or two and then transferred it back.
  10. Amex PRG with no fee for the first year and 50,000 MR
  11. Was that the thread in which a poster would list his/her cards? Hegemony would give the poster's portfolio a letter grade and then offer suggestions on other cards to add? This thread was VERY helpful to me. I also enjoyed reading the posts from the person who used to work for Macy's card underwriting - can't remember his/her user name though, I know it was changed once.
  12. Congrats, your hard work has paid off -- I've enjoyed reading about your progress!
  13. Just saw this thread -- Nice job on the CLI and welcome back!
  14. United Airlines > Supposedly if you buy an Amazon GC through the UA app, you will get credited back the amount. http://therewardboss.com/amex-airline-fee-credit-amazon-gift-cards/

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