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  1. So update on what has happened, I sent the DV's and the followup disputes back in September. The results of the disputes were nothing, they either remained for us both OR was told "not reinvestigating". All med collections are still on EQ and EX for us. The DV's got answered by the CA in the fashion I assumed they would.. They responded to each of us (same CA for both and all accounts) with a letter stating they are assigned by provider AND sent what appears to be screenprints of providers UNIX billing system that shows amounts charged, insurance and remaining after insurance. I do not
  2. Ok so medical DV's were sent and they were delivered on 9/9/19.. the same CA for his & mine so i sent 2 envelopes one for each of us with 2 DV's in each (one for EQ and one for EX) mailed the followup letters to CRA's today.. hope I am on the right track lol
  3. thanks love, will get those prepped and sent out next week
  4. GM Whychat The only update I have to the initial dispute letters that were received by EQ, EX on Aug 15 is that we BOTH received a letter from EX stating they won't investigate blah blah.... the norm for them. I have not heard a peep from EQ. I guess I am just stuck waiting some more to see if anything happens in the next week or two
  5. Just wanted to update that EQ, EX initial dispute letters were delivered today for both of us. Now the wait....
  6. Ok, got the stationary and got everything written out & sent today! Will update again when I know more
  7. So before I even big I have a snag that I wanted to run by you Whychat. I only have a laser printer so no way to print in color. I do not mind writing it outby hand but I would need to get some blue paper. My question is if I got blue paper and handwrote in blue ink would that be OK? I just wanted to verify first
  8. Ok, so I have gathered our reports and wanted to mark down what we are dealing with, this will help you and I from having to scroll up and down all the time lol MINE: EX & EQ #1 - $264 EQ Only #2 - $143 #3 - $61 #4 - $250 #5 - $57 HIS: EX & EQ #1 - $388 EQ Only #2 - $250 #3 - $158 #4 - $75 #5 - $90 *All of his on EQ have the "Consumer disputes" from the first time I sent the dispute in. The ones for me all stem from the emergency surg
  9. Good Morning Whychat! I am back and starting to tackle these this week. Let's just say my previous attempts above, yielded nothing with the CRA's except TU lol I am going through our current reports now to see what remains medical wise. Sorry I left this hanging, I had brain surgery in May then moved end of June to a different state (again!) so now that we are getting settled, I can dig through all this again. I had reordered reports and EQ didn't send them again... so will be trying to get that one AGAIN. for record keeping: 1. I have opted out 2. Old addres
  10. Don't cry yet!!! There will be days, weeks, months where you want to scream and throw things lol When that time comes, I used to just take a break for a bit. Trust me, it will all be fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yup and EQ is the only one I know of that actually shows that date. There are ways to get stuff off early so just takes some reading on here. It will be confusing and a lot of WTF at first but the more you read it will start to click. Reading someone's entire process really helps to see the methods... last time I did this it took me a solid 2 years to get all cleaned up.. but it was worth it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. First question, are any of the lates that are reporting occur after or during the BK? If so, that is going to hammer your score (same as me) until they start to age dramatically. If not, then that is a good thing. It isn't magic to get it all better but it is a process that will take time. I would stop disputing online period and the only time I personally have is with very old accounts that are set to be removed and even then sometimes I just wait for the fall off. Read a lot here and eventually it starts to click.. it took a while for my light bulb to go on years ago Sent from my iP
  13. Holy cow $130K in fees [emoji849][emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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