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  1. Just out of curiosity...is this a hidden tradeline? I thought I'd read somewhere someone said that it was, but I didn't know if anyone's account had showed up on their CR yet.
  2. I caved and called in to find out the limit....$10k. They didn't match my highest limit but with my TU score around 685 I ain't complaining!
  3. I have a 7 year old BK7 and I applied at the end of September for the Premier, got the 7-15 day message, and received my PIN on Saturday in the mail, so at least with a 7 year old BK they are friendly. The letter was dated 10/11, don't know the limit yet tho, I'm waiting til I receive it in the mail.
  4. I got the same thing in the mail a couple of weeks ago, but don't really understand why they did it? I don't ever carry a balance on the card.
  5. I think it's usually pretty clear when they first speak if the CSR is going to be polite or helpful. Common courtesy on your part is always necessary when speaking to the reps. I used to work in an insurance call center and I can say that if someone that called in was nasty to me from the get-go or if they turned nasty when they heard something they didn't like, then I was a lot more inclined to not want to help them further or take extraordinary steps to try and resolve their issue. However, if they engaged me in polite conversation while I was working on their issue, I would jump through
  6. jdmc1973


    Well shoot...I guess I'll wait it out and see what happens. Seems odd they'd give you an interest rate and all that other stuff and then deny you.
  7. jdmc1973


    HAHA! I already know that's coming, at this point it's expected on every CU post.
  8. jdmc1973


    I was rummaging through Amazon credit card marketplace and saw an offer for a $50 Amazon gift card for applying/getting approved for the SDFCU EMV Visa card. So, after thinking about it for a minute or a day I can't remember which, I applied. I was already a member of the American Consumer Council so that was my way in. This is how it played out...so far. Applied yesterday morning Yesterday afternoon received 3 emails from SDFCU/Docusign that I needed to sign. Opened those up, they included the CC app, membership app, rate disclosure (11.99%), risk disclosure (stating I received this
  9. LOL...I'm getting obsessed with having my INQ at 0. Since I'm currently not on the C* list for EQ and it took since April to get them down to 1, I was trying to avoid having any more than necessary. I had 1 INQ when I applied, then apped for a CLI on NFCU CLOC, approved for both of those, Discover It, declined for that due to my 7yo BK7, so I have 4 now and trying to get it back to 0.
  10. I was approved last week for the Rate Advantage card and was going to try for the AMEX but didn't want another inquiry on EQ since it took so long for me to B* the 28 I had on there off. So, I called them this morning to ask and the guy said any new app would result in another hard inquiry and they couldn't use the pull from last week. Has anyone been able to get them to use a recent pull for a new app instead of pulling EQ again?
  11. I bet they offer 0% when the new iPhone comes out. I'd be surprised if they didn't.
  12. B.-ish Leave enough on the Apple card to use for any potential 0% offers on purchases they may have coming up soon and move the rest to SM.
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