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  1. Hi, I really need to get rid of this debt collector that's been calling on behalf of deceased family member. They call and leave messages saying they are going to send a courier to deliver a letter at his place of employment and he needs a witness such as HR or supervisor when he signs it.. blah blah. The family member died recently, so the calls can be jarring. I am not responsible for the debt and have told them previously to remove my number from their list. They have told me their company name both is "Cohen and Shapiro" and "Processing and Receivables" at different times. Both may be fake. I tried to get an actual address to mail a letter to but they hung up when I asked. I am thinking about telling them I'm willing to pay the debt so I can at least get a mailing address to send them a letter. Are there any other/better options? Thanks
  2. No BK's. I received an alert from Experian, but didn't check if they also pulled the other two.
  3. Yeah, thought about it (after the excitement of getting a new wore off) and there is no real incentive to get a 2nd card right now. In a couple of months my scores will be higher and if I was going to get one now, I can get one then with a higher starting limit. Thanks. It's not just scores. Hopefully you have also in mind to grow the lines you have now to $10,000-$20,000 range if that's what you are shooting for. Higher credit limits beget higher credit limits. Chase competed with your non credit union CLs. I try with the ones I have. Haven't had much luck with the Capital One and Barclays (though they gave me credit when few would). Any particular strategy?
  4. Yeah, thought about it (after the excitement of getting a new wore off) and there is no real incentive to get a 2nd card right now. In a couple of months my scores will be higher and if I was going to get one now, I can get one then with a higher starting limit. Thanks.
  5. Just apped Chase Freedom. Got a 4000 limit. Questions: For the Freedom, can I call in for a recon for a higher limit? Can I apply for a 2nd Chase card, will it use the same pull and which card should I apply? Should I apply for another type of card and if so which one? Info Ficos all around 690, Tansunion being the lowest at 686. Current Cards: NFCU 8,500 Capital One Platinum 4,500 Barclays 5,000 Thanks for the info.
  6. File a complaint with your states Public Utility Commission - that generally gets their attention, and isn't handled by the run of the Mill CSR's Thanks
  7. How much is the debt ? $295 Who is Reporting ? Verizon on all 3 Was the Military Service the reason you were out of the country ? No, took a project from work. Was anyone using the phone while you were out of the country ? No, the line was supposed to be suspended No, paying would probably not stop the monthly reporting and keep in mind a paid charge off is no better than an unpaid charge off. I thought that if I paid/settled it they would stop updating the balance every month and the impact on my score would start to lessen. You might try writing someone in the corporate office and explain your situation to them. I'll try that route as well. But what I've read from Verizon they generally are no help.
  8. I have a Verizon Charge Off (been out of country for a while and my phone was supposed to be suspended until I got back) on my CR. I've called everyone to try to get it fixed/removed, no luck. I'm actually quite pissed as this is my only negative and it's dinging my score quite a bit. They won't pay for delete and I would leave it put they are reporting monthly and am concerned they may sell it and I'll have a 2nd negative TL. So, my question, would paying it stop the monthly reporting? And if I settled it for less(since they won't be deleting anyway) would that be worse than a full payment? Thanks.
  9. I applied last week Tuesday. Didn't receive any notification. Called in they said they sent me an email saying they require license and proof of residence (did send it in with the application). I told them them I didn't receive the email, they send they would resend it. I didn't receive that either (checked spam). I assume they typed my email in incorrectly. The rep I spoke with said that she can't verify with them what email they have been sending it to and they can't change it. She suggested I reapply. Thoughts?
  10. I submitted the application on Tuesday afternoon around 12:30 PM ET and recieved the welcome e-mail about 20 minutes ago. Thanks. I guess I'll expect to hear on Monday.
  11. How long does it generally take to get a response on an application. Sent one in on Tues. Got the automated response but no reply yet.
  12. Thanks. 30 days, reconned, approved for 2500. Congratulations. My Barclay (old Juniper Carnival Seamiles), is my oldest card now (09/06/2006), & it started at $1500. Periodic increases through the years to $12,300. Just app'd a new card & it is $25k now. Thanks. Was debating on asking for more on the recon call but didn't want to push it. Do they periodically increase it automatically? And do they every decrease the interest rate?
  13. What is the easiest score to get with a low 600 score? I know I'll probably have to recon.

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