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  1. Did you pay the charge off in full or settle?
  2. I made my payment a week early. It had nothing to do with my timing. It was a glitch in their system. I have the confirmation code, and I printed out the screen that says it went through.
  3. I actually made the payment 7 days before the due date. There was no indication on my end when I checked my account that it did not go through. It looked as though it was credited. They never contacted me to say there was a problem. I didn't know anything was wrong until after my statement cut. They said they are going to fix it. It was a software error or something on there part that affected payments made on certain dates in November.
  4. Oh and they said its not an isolated event. They have had problems with payments sent electronically through the website on several dates through November, so make sure you check your accounts!
  5. I received an alert yesterday from Credit Secure. It states potentially negative information. I look and see that my Old HSBC Discover Direct Rewards card is reporting over the limit. So I log into my account. They took off on time payment and added two or three late fees. This put me over my limit. I called and they said they were sorry but they know my payment was on time. They said there was a problem on there end with some payments in November. I am upset because now it shows a card over the limit and that I didn't make a payment on it last month. I hope this doesn't hurt me too bad. You would think they would have solved the problem before it starts reporting to the credit agencies. Sorry, just venting!
  6. I can be sued for any debt my DH incurs. So my income is his income. I think.
  7. I heard this from a car salesman when we were looking for a vehicle in June. He said since we live in WI, we could use my husbands application and my income. I don't know if it is true or not. In the end we decided to both be on the loan.
  8. GE must be in the upgrade mood. They upgraded my Old Navy card and WalMart card in the past week.
  9. From what I can gather, it looks like a transunion Fico 8 bankcard score. It shows a three month score history and lists some factors for the score. Does this mean another free monthly fico score!
  10. I just noticed a goscore link on my Merrick account I clicked it and it is showing me a credit score. Is this new? or did I just miss it before? Also it says FICO on it so wondering if it is FICO.
  11. After what period of time did you get graduated and what were your scores like when that happened? Mine graduated after 18 months. I don't remember my exact scores. I was 640ish when I was approved and 690ish when I graduated. This was in 2009. My credit limit was 500. When I graduated, it went to 1000. Wells Fargo was my main bank at that time.
  12. They didn't decrease my limit, when my card graduated. They doubled it.
  13. +1 With Navy's generous limits we were able to put all our debt on a 0% interest balance transfer. We are saving tons on interest and our debt is being paid down a lot faster. I say go for it. There are a lot of posts around here about Navy still approving even with high util.
  14. Transunion did the same thing to me. Kept telling me that the item I disputed was removed. However, it clearly was still there. I gave up. The item is supposed to fall off in September.

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